Dicranomyia sp., copyright Martin Cooper.

Belongs within: Tipulidae.

Dicranomyia is a large cosmopolitan genus of moderately-sized crane flies with twelve flagellomeres.

<==Dicranomyia G09
    |  i. s.: D. chorca W01
    |         D. haeretica A16
    |         D. halterata A16
    |         D. liberta A16
    |         D. pubipennis A16
    |         D. pudica A16
    |--D. (Dicranomyia) G09
    |    |--D. (D.) aegrotans [=Limonia (D.) aegrotans] M83
    |    |--D. (D.) divisa G09
    |    |--D. (D.) gloriosa G09
    |    |--D. (D.) knabi G09
    |    `--D. (D.) omisa G09
    |--D. (Caenoglochina) G09
    |    |--D. (C.) apicata [=Limonia apicata] G09
    |    `--D. (C.) paniculata G09
    |--D. (Caenolimonia) G09
    |    |--D. (C.) distantia G09
    |    |--D. (C.) neorepanda [=Limonia neorepanda] G09
    |    `--D. (C.) translucida G09
    |--D. (Idioglochina) marmorata G09 [=Limonia (I.) marmorata AB81]
    |--D. (Neoglochina) G09
    |    |--D. (N.) insularis [=Limonia insularis] G09
    |    `--D. (N.) sciasma G09
    |--D. (Neolimnobia) diva G09
    |--D. (Neolimonia) G09
    |    |--D. (N.) cuzcoensis G09
    |    |--N. (N.) dumetorum G09
    |    `--D. (N.) gurneyi G09
    `--D. (Peripheroptera) G09
         |--D. (P.) arcuata G09
         |--D. (P.) eudorae G09
         `--D. (P.) nitens G09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A16] Alexander, C. P. 1916. New or little-known crane-flies from the United States and Canada: Tipulidae, Diptera, Part 2. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 67 (3): 458–514, pls 16–21.

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