Pergamasus sp., copyright R. Penttinen.

Belongs within: Parasitidae.

Pergamasus is a genus of predatory mites found primarily in stable habitats such as forest and grassland soils. They are among the most prominent predatory mites in Palaearctic soils, being replaced by the Rhodacaridae in tropical regions (Bhattacharyya 1963). Females of this genus have the peritrematic shield fused with the holodorsal shield and both sexes have the opisthonotal region of the dorsal shield densely setose. The holodorsal shield bears more than thirty pairs of setae in females and more than 45 pairs of setae in males of the subgenus Pergamasus whereas a maximum of 25 pairs are present in females and 35 pairs in males of Paragamasus (Evans & Till 1979).

<==Pergamasus Berlese 1906 FH93
    |--P. (Pergamasus) B63 [incl. Amblygamasus Berlese 1903 B63, FH93, Plesiogamasus Hull 1918 B63]
    |    |--*P. (P.) crassipes (Linnaeus 1758) S61 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Amblygamamasus’ basileus Schweizer 1961 S61
    |    |--P. (P.) decipiens (Berlese 1904) S22, B63 [=Gamasus (P.) decipiens S22, Paragamasus decipiens B63]
    |    |--‘Amblygamasus’ dentipes (Koch 1839) B63
    |    |--P. (P.) hamatus (Koch 1839) B63, D91 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. (P.) hortensis Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
    |    |--P. (P.) longicornis (Berlese 1906) FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. (P.) mirabilis Willmann 1951 B63, FH93 [=Amblygamasus mirabilis S61]
    |    |--P. (P.) noster [=Gamasus (P.) noster] S22
    |    |--‘Plesiogamasus’ paripes (Hull 1918) B63
    |    |--P. (P.) parvulus (Berlese 1903) S22, B63 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. (P.) probsti [=Gamasus (P.) probsti] S22
    |    |--P. (P.) quisquiliarum (Canestrini & Canestrini 1882) S22, FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. (P.) runcatellus (Berlese 1903) FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. (P.) septentrionalis (Oudemans 1902) B63, FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Amblygamamasus’ telluricus Hennessey & Farrier 1989 FH93
    |    |--P. (P.) theseus S22 [=Gamasus (P.) theseus S22; incl. P. theseus var. alpinus S61]
    |    `--P. (P.) tiberinus (Can. 1884) E57, ET79 [=Gamasus tiberinus ET79, Pergamasus (*Amblygamasus) tiberinus E57]
    `--P. (Paragamasus Hull 1918) B63 [incl. Leptogamasus Trägårdh 1936 B63, FH93]
         |--P. (*P.) robustus (Oudemans 1902) S61, ET79 (see below for synonymy)
         |--P. (P.) alpestris (Berlese 1904) (see below for synonymy) B63
         |--P. (P.) alstoni Bhattacharyya 1963 [=Leptogamasus alstoni] FH93
         |--P. (P.) armatus (Halbert 1915) [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) runciger var. armatus] B63
         |--P. (P.) cambriensis Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) cassiteridum Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) celticus Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) conus Karg 1971 D91, S07
         |--P. (P.) diversus (Halbert 1915) [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) diversus] B63
         |--P. (P.) femoratus Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) integer Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) lapponicus Trägårdh 1910 B63 [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) lapponicus S22]
         |--P. (P.) leruthi Cooreman 1951 B63
         |--P. (P.) londonensis Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) longisetosus Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) minimus Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--‘Paragamasus’ minor (Berlese 1892) B63
         |--P. (P.) misellus (Berlese 1904) [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) misellus] B63
         |--P. (P.) nathistmus Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) parrunciger Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) rothamstedensis Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) runciger (Berlese 1904) [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) runciger] B63
         |--P. (P.) schweizeri Bhattacharyya 1963 B63
         |--P. (P.) suecicus (Trägårdh 1936) B63 [=*Leptogamasus suecicus E57]
         |--P. (P.) teutonicus Willmann 1956 [=P. lapponicus var. teutonica] B63
         |--P. (P.) truncus Schweizer 1961 B63
         |--P. (P.) vagabundus (Karg 1968) Koe91, S07
         `--P. (P.) wasmanni (Oudemans 1902) [=Parasitus wasmanni] B63

Pergamasus incertae sedis:
  P. aequicornis Athias-Henriot 1967 FH93
  P. barbarus (Berlese 1905) [=Gamasus barbarus] H98
  P. basileus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. brevicornis K09
  P. cornutus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. crassicornutus D91
  P. cuneatus D91
  P. diessenhofenerus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. digitulus Karg 1963 Koe91
  P. elegantulus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. forazi Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. germanicus D91
  P. helveticus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. homopodoides Athias-Henriot 1967 D91
  P. humusorum Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. johnstoni Oudemans 1936 [=Gamasus marginatus Johnston 1848 non Latr. 1806] B63
  P. lobatus Koh91
  P. neorunciger Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. obesus Koh91
  P. oxygynellus S61
  P. perlongum Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. petrophilus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. pinetum Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. plenuspollex Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. processiferus Halbert 1915 B63
  P. serratulus Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. trupchumi Schweizer 1961 S61
  P. valesianus S61
  P. vargasi Gorirossi 1955 FH93
  P. xerothermus Schweizer 1961 S61

Nomina nuda: Pergamasus arcuatus Dielmann 1991 D91
             Pergamasus carniolus Dielmann 1991 D91
             Pergamasus italicus Dielmann 1991 D91
             Pergamasus minutissimus Dielmann 1991 D91
             Pergamasus turriger Dielmann 1991 D91

Pergamasus (Paragamasus) alpestris (Berlese 1904) [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) alpestris; incl. P. alpestris var. coniger Hull 1916] B63

Pergamasus (*Paragamasus) robustus (Oudemans 1902) S61, ET79 [=Parasitus longulus var. robustus B63, Gamasus (Pergamasus) robustus B63]

*Pergamasus (Pergamasus) crassipes (Linnaeus 1758) S61 [=Acarus crassipes S61, Gamasus (P.) crassipes S22, Siro crassipes G00; incl. Gamasus agilis CF77, Pergamasus crassipes var. alsacienne Dielmann 1991 (n. n.) D91, G. equestris CF77, G. fungorum CF77, G. quinquespinosus CF77, Acarus testudinarius Hermann 1804 CF77, G00, Gamasus testudinarius CF77, Siro testudinarius G00]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) hamatus (Koch 1839) B63, D91 [=Gamasus (Pe.) hamatus S22, P. (*Plesiogamasus) hamatus E57; incl. Gamasus (Pergamasus) hamatus var. gracilis Berlese 1906 B63, Pergamasus hamatus var. longipes Schweizer 1961 S61]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) longicornis (Berlese 1906) FH93 [=Gamasus (Pergamasus) crassipes var. longicornis FH93; incl. Amblygamasus septentrionalis belgicus Cooreman 1943 B63, G. (Pe.) magnicornutus Ewing 1909 FH93, G. (Parasitus) predator Banks 1910 FH93]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) parvulus (Berlese 1903) S22, B63 [=Gamasus (P.) parvulus S22, Plesiogamasus parvulus B63; incl. Pergamasus parvulus var. denticulatus Schweizer 1961 S61, Gamasus (Pergamasus) parvulus var. dilatellus Berlese 1906 S22, B63, Plesiogamasus parvulus var. dilatatellus B63]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) quisquiliarum (Canestrini & Canestrini 1882) S22, FH93 [=Gamasus quisquiliarum FH93; incl. P. crassipes var. australicus Womersley 1942 H98]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) runcatellus (Berlese 1903) FH93 [=Gamasus (P.) runcatellus FH93, Paragamasus runcatellus B63; incl. Pergamasus neoruncatellus Schweizer 1961 FH93]

Pergamasus (Pergamasus) septentrionalis (Oudemans 1902) B63, FH93 [=Gamasus (Amblygamasus) septentrionalis S22; incl. A. septentrionalis var. bodanicus Schweizer 1961 S61, G. attenuipes Banks 1910 FH93, A. septentrionalis var. germanicus S61, A. septentrionalis var. helveticus Schweizer 1961 S61, Gamasus (Amblygamasus) septentrionalis var. norvegicus Berlese 1906 B63, Pergamasus (Thenargamasus) norvegicus FH93, Hologamasus quinquedentatus Ewing 1920 FH93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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