Female Chaoborus flavicans, copyright Erick Adams.

Belongs within: Culicomorpha.

The Chaoboridae, phantom midges, are a cosmopolitan group of small, delicate flies with aquatic larvae found in standing freshwater habitats. The Nearctic Eucorethra underwoodi possesses a long clypeus, nearly as long as the rest of the head capsule, whereas the clypeus is shorter in the remaining Chaoborinae (Cook 1981).

Characters (from Cook 1981, as Chaoborinae): Clypeus with numerous setae, shorter than two-thirds height of rest of head capsule. Lateral lobes of postpronotum separated medially by scutum and antepronotum. R1 terminating in C near wing apex, nearer to R2 than Sc. Larva with thorax rounded laterally; anal segment with longitudinal fan-like row of bristles; siphon absent or as long as anal segment, with pointed apex.

<==Chaoboridae [Chironomapteridae, Mesotendipedidae] B09
    |--Eucorethra [Eucorethrinae] C81
    |    `--E. underwoodi C81
    `--Chaoborinae C81
         |--Mochlonyx Loew 1844 C81, H02
         |    `--M. cinctipes C81
         `--Chaoborus Lichtenstein 1800 H02
              |--C. (Chaoborus) americanus C81
              |--C. braziliensis B09
              |--C. edulis P09
              |--C. exita C81
              |--C. festivus B09
              |--C. flavicans WP99
              |--C. flavidulus O98
              |--C. indicus O98
              |--C. magnificus B09
              |--C. (Sayomyia) punctipennis C81
              |--C. queenslandensis O98
              |--C. souzai B09
              |--C. tertiarius C81
              `--C. trivittatus B09

Chaoboridae incertae sedis:
  Hypsocorethra Kalugina 1985 H02
    `--H. toficola BLM02
  Chachotosha probatus BLM02
  Mesocorethra S02
  Baleiomyia S02
  Manlayamyia litorina S02
  Astrocorethra gurvanica S02
  Praechaoborus Kalugina 1985 H02
    `--P. tugnuicus Kalugina in Kalugina & Kovalev 1985 RJ93
  Promochlonyx CM91
  Australomochlonyx CM91
  Chironomaptera BLM02
    |--C. collessi S02
    `--C. gregaria Grabau 1923 ZG05
  Eochaoborites Hong 2002 H02
    `--*E. xui Hong 2002 H02
  Iyaiyai Evenhuis 1994 (see below for synonymy) H02
    `--I. gracilis (Hong 1981) [=Trichia gracilis, *Fushunotrichia gracilis] H02
  Eucorethrina Kalugina 1985 H02
  Helokrenia Kalugina 1985 H02
  Chaoborites Kalugina 1985 H02
  Corethra Scudder 1877 H02
    `--C. plumicornis [=Chironomus (Corethra) plumicornis] G20

Iyaiyai Evenhuis 1994 [incl. Fushunotrichia Hong 2002, Trichia Hong 1981 nec Haller 1768 nec de Haan 1839 nec Hartmann 1840] H02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 27 December 2020.

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