Hexatoma sp., copyright Edna Woodward.

Belongs within: Tipulidae.
Contains: Limnophila, Chioneini.

The Limnophilini are a group of crane flies with glabrous eyes and tibial spurs. Members of the genus Hexatoma have at most ten antennomeres though the antenna overall may be greatly elongated (Alexander & Byers 1981).

Characters (from Alexander & Byers 1981, as Hexatomini): Eyes glabrous. Terminal segment of palpus short; nasus absent. Tibial spurs present. Wings, if present, with Sc1 complete, free tip of Sc2 absent, tip of R1+2 present, R4 and R5 separate, CuA straight.

<==Limnophilini [Hexatominae, Hexatomini, Limnophilinae] G09
    |--Dactylolabis WT11
    |    |--*D. montana WT11
    |    |--D. diluta A40
    |    |--D. gracilistylus Alexander 1926 A40
    |    |--D. mokanica Alexander 1940 A40
    |    |--D. pemetica A40
    |    `--D. (Eudactylolabis) vestigipennis AB81
    `--+--Chioneini WT11
       `--Hexatoma WT11
            |  i. s.: H. megacera AB81
            `--H. (Eriocera) G09
                 |--H. (E.) aequinigra A40
                 |--H. (E.) cantonensis Alexander 1937 A40
                 |--H. (E.) davidi (Alexander 1922) [=Eriocera davidi] A40
                 |--H. (E.) hilpa (Walker 1848) [=Pterocosmus hilpa] A40
                 |--H. (E.) longicornis G09
                 |--H. (E.) pieliana Alexander 1940 A40
                 |--H. (E.) pterotricha Alexander 1940 A40
                 |--H. (E.) rubriceps A40
                 |--H. (E.) spinosa A40
                 `--H. (E.) tuberculata Alexander 1936 A40

Limnophilini incertae sedis:
  Elephantomyia (Elephantomyia) G09
    |--E. (E.) orthorhabda G09
    `--E. (E.) westwoodi G09
  Atarba G09
    |  i. s.: A. australasiae CM91 [=Ischnothrix australasiae CM70]
    |--A. (Atarba) G09
    |    |--A. (A.) bifilosa G09
    |    `--A. (A.) picticornis G09
    `--A. (Ischnothrix) G09
         |--A. (I.) patens G09
         `--A. (I.) voracis G09
  Ulomorpha pilosella AB81, A16
  Paradelphomyia (Oxyrhiza) oaxacensis G09
  Shannonomyia (Shannonomyia) G09
    |--S. (S.) lenta G09
    `--S. (S.) lentoides G09
  Epiphragma (Epiphragma) G09
    |--E. (E.) fasciapenne [=E. fascipennis] G09
    |--E. (E.) gracilicorne G09
    |--E. (E.) imitans G09
    `--E. (E.) solatrix G09
  Phyllolabis encausta AB81
  Polymera G09
    |--P. (Polymera) rogersiana G09
    `--P. (Polymerodes) conjuncta G09
  Prolimnophila areolata AB81
  Austrolimnophila G09
    |--A. (Austrolimnophila) G09
    |    |--A. (A.) microsticta G09
    |    `--A. (A.) toxoneura G09
    `--A. (Limnophilella) G09
         |--A. (L.) schunkeana G09
         |--A. (L.) subvictor G09
         `--A. (L.) victor G09
  Pseudolimnophila G09
    |--P. inconcussa (Alexander 1913) [=Limnophila inconcussa] A40
    |--P. inornata G09
    |--P. (Pseudolimnophila) luteipennis G09
    `--P. noveboracensis AB81
  Pilaria recondita AB81
  Limnophila G09
  Lecteria (Lecteria) G09
    |--L. (L.) acanthosoma G09
    `--L. (L.) armillaris G09
  Sigmatomera G09
    |--S. (Sigmatomera) G09
    |    |--S. (S.) occulta G09
    |    `--S. (S.) seguyi G09
    `--S. (Austrolimnobia) G09
         |--S. (A.) magnifica G09
         `--S. (A.) rufa G09
  Ellipteroides (Progonomyia) G09
    |--E. (P.) nigrobimbo G09
    |--E. (P.) quinqueplagiata G09
    `--E. (P.) slossonae G09
  Neognophomyia G09
    |--N. adara G09
    `--N. hirsuta G09
  Eriopterodes latipleura G09
  Gynoplistia apicalis CM91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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