Dorsal (left) and ventral (centre) views of female and dorsal view of male (right) of Parabopyrella richardsonae, from Marilyn Schotte.

Belongs within: Epicaridea.

The Bopyridae are a group of isopods parasitic as adults on decapod crustaceans, while larvae (where known) are parasites of calanoid copepods (Markham 1985).

Characters (from Markham 1985): Female distinctly segmented, slightly to greatly asymmetrical, depressed. Head occasionally fused with first pereomere, sometimes enclosed by frontal lamina; antenna rudimentary; maxilliped of two segments, often with anteromedial palp; posteroventral border of head usually with one or two lateral projections on each side. All seven pereomeres usually distinct; pereopods reduced, usually of seven pairs, though up to six occasionally absent from one side; pereopods prehensile, dorsal to lateral, isomorphic; oostegites of five (rarely seven) pairs often produced into lateral plates resembling pleopodal rami; pleopods generally present on all but final pleomere; pleopods rudimentary or modified for respiration, uniramous or biramous, isomorphic; uropods, when present, terminal, uniramous or biramous, often of same form as pleopods or lateral plates. Male much smaller than female, at least twice as long as wide, symmetrical, distinctly segmented. Head rounded anteriorly, occasionally fused with first pereomere; antennae often prominent. Pereon of seven distinct pereomeres; pair of ventral prehensile pereopods on each pereomere, usually isomorphic except first and sometimes second rarely conspicuously larger than others. Pleon of one to six pleomeres; if unsegmented, usually lacking appendages; if multisegmented, often with sessile to flaplike uniramous or biramous pleopods on each pleomere but last; uropods, if present, uniramous or biramous and terminal.

<==Bopyridae [Bopyrina]
    |  i. s.: Leidya distortus (Leidy 1855) [=Cepon distortus] M85
    |         Munidion parvum H47
    |         Phyllodurus abdominalis H47
    |--Athelginae M85
    |--Ione H47 [Ioninae M85]
    |    `--I. cornuta [incl. I. brevicauda Bonnier 1900] H47
    |--Argeia Dana 1852 [Argeiinae] M85
    |    |--*A. pugettensis Dana 1852 M85
    |    `--A. atlantica Markham 1977 M85
    |--Pseudioninae M85
    |    |--Pontobopyrus Markham 1979 M85
    |    |    `--*P. abyssorum Markham 1979 M85
    |    `--Pseudione Kossmann 1881 M85
    |         |--*P. callianassae Kossmann 1881 M85
    |         |--P. affinis (Sars 1882) [=Pleurocrypta affinis; incl. Palaegyge plesionikae Barnard 1920] M85
    |         |--P. cognata Markham 1985 M85
    |         |--P. elongata M85
    |         |--P. galacanthae H47
    |         |--P. giardi H47
    |         |--P. indica M85
    |         |--P. magna Shiino 1951 M85
    |         `--P. tattersalli M85
    |--Hemiarthrinae [Phrixinae, Phryxinae] M85
    |    |--Allodiplophryxus Markham 1985 M85
    |    |    `--*A. floridanus Markham 1985 M85
    |    |--Loki Markham 1972 M85
    |    |    `--*L. circumsaltanus Markham 1972 M85
    |    |--Azygopleon Markham 1985 M85
    |    |    `--*A. schmitti (Pearse 1932) [=Hemiarthrus schmitti] M85
    |    |--Eophrixus Caroli 1930 [incl. Hypophryxus Shiino 1934] M85
    |    |    |--*E. lysmatae (Caroli 1930) [=Phrixus (Eophrixus) lysmatae] M85
    |    |    `--E. subcaudalis (Hay 1917) (see below for synonymy) M85
    |    |--Dicropleon Markham 1972 M85
    |    |    |--*D. periclimenis Markham 1972 M85
    |    |    `--D. morator Markham 1982 M85
    |    |--Hyperphrixus Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1931 M85
    |    |    |--*H. tattersalli Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1931 M85
    |    |    `--H. castrensis Markham 1985 M85
    |    |--Metaphrixus Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1931 M85
    |    |    |--*M. carolii Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis [=Metaphryxus carolii] M85
    |    |    `--M. intutus Bruce 1965 M85
    |    |--Hemiarthrus Giard & Bonnier 1887 [=Phryxus (preoc.), Phrixus Caroli 1930] M85
    |    |    |--*H. abdominalis (Krøyer 1840-1841) (see below for synonymy) M85
    |    |    |--H. nematocarcini Stebbing 1914 M85
    |    |    `--H. synalphei (Pearse 1950) [=Diplophryxus synalphei] M85
    |    `--Diplophryxus Richardson 1904 M85
    |         |--*D. jordani Richardson 1904 M85
    |         |--D. alphei Shiino 1934 M85
    |         |--D. kempi Chopra 1930 M85
    |         `--D. richardsoni Chopra 1930 M85
    `--Bopyrinae M85
         |--Schizobopyrina M85
         |--Bopyrus Latreille 1802 M85
         |    `--*B. crangorum (Fabricius 1798) [=Monoculus crangorum, B. squillarum Latreille 1802] M85
         |--Bathygyge Hansen 1897 M85
         |    `--*B. grandis Hansen 1897 M85
         |--Probopyrinella Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929 M85
         |    `--*P. latreuticola (Gissler 1882) (see below for synonymy) M85
         |--Urobopyrus Richardson 1904 M85
         |    `--*U. processae Richardson 1904 [=U. processi (l. c.); incl. U. provisorius Rouch & Taberly 1961] M85
         |--Parabopyriscus Markham 1985 M85
         |    `--*P. stellatus Markham 1985 M85
         |--Probopyria Markham 1985 M85
         |    `--*P. alphei (Richardson 1900) (see below for synonymy) M85
         |--Ovobopyrus Markham 1985 M85
         |    `--*O. alphezemiotes Markham 1985 M85
         |--Bopyriscus Richardson 1905 M85
         |    `--*B. calmani Richardson 1905 M85
         |--Bopyroides Stimpson 1864 M85
         |    |--B. hippolytes (Krøyer 1838) (see below for synonymy) M85
         |    `--B. cluthae M85
         |--Bopyrinella Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1925 M85
         |    |--B. thorii (Richardson 1904) (see below for synonymy) M85
         |    |--B. albida Shiino 1958 M85
         |    `--B. nipponica Shiino 1936 [=B. antillensis var. nipponica] M85
         |--Probopyrus Giard & Bonnier 1888 [incl. Palaegyge Giard & Bonnier 1888, Palegyge] M85
         |    |--*P. ascendens (Semper 1881) [=Bopyrus ascendens] M85
         |    |--‘*Palaegyge’ borrei Giard & Bonnier 1888 M85
         |    |--P. palaemoni Lemos de Castro & Brasil Lima 1974 M85
         |    `--P. pandalicola (Packard 1879) (see below for synonymy) M85
         |--Bopyrione Bourdon & Markham 1980 M85
         |    |--*B. synalphei Bourdon & Markham 1980 M85
         |    |--B. longicapitata Markham 1982 M85
         |    |--B. toloensis Markham 1982 M85
         |    `--B. woodmasoni (Chopra 1923) M85
         |--Synsynella Hay 1917 [incl. Bopyro Pearse 1932, Prosynsynella Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929] M85
         |    |--*S. deformans Hay 1917 [=Bopyrella deformans] M85
         |    |--*Prosynsynella’ hayi Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929 (see below for synonymy) M85
         |    |--‘Bopyrella’ inoi Shiino 1949 M85
         |    `--S. integra Bourdon 1981 M85
         |--Bopyrella Bonnier 1900 M85
         |    |--*B. thomsoni Bonnier 1900 M85
         |    |--B. harmopleon Bowman 1956 M85
         |    |--B. macginitiei M85
         |    `--B. malensis M85
         |--Bopyrina Kossmann 1881 M85
         |    |--*B. ocellata (Czerniavsky 1869) [=Bopyrus ocellatus; incl. Bopyrina giardi] M85
         |    |--B. abbreviata Richardson 1904 M85
         |    |--B. choprae M85
         |    |--B. crangona Pearse 1953 S69
         |    |--B. gigas M85
         |    |--B. pleurocephala M85
         |    `--B. sewelli M85
         `--Parabopyrella Markham 1985 M85
              |--*P. mortenseni (Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929) [=Bopyrella mortenseni] M85
              |--P. delagoae (Bourdon 1982) [=Bopyrella delagoae] M85
              |--P. incisa (Bourdon 1982) [=Bopyrella incisa] M85
              |--P. lata (Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929) [=Bopyrella lata] M85
              |--‘Bopyrella’ nierstraszi M85
              |--P. richardsonae (Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929) [=Bopyrella richardsonae] M85
              |--P. saronae (Bourdon & Bruce 1979) [=Bopyrella saronae] M85
              `--P. thomasi (Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929) [=Bopyrella thomasi] M85

Bopyrinella thorii (Richardson 1904) [=Bopyrina thorii; incl. *Bopyrinella antillensis Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1925]

Bopyroides hippolytes (Krøyer 1838) [=Bopyrus hippolytes, Bobyroides (l. c.) hippolytes, Gyge hippolytes, Pleurocrypta hippolytes; incl. *Bopyroides acutimarginatus Stimpson 1864] M85

Eophrixus subcaudalis (Hay 1917) [=Phryxus subcaudalis, Hemiarthrus subcaudalis, Phrixus (Paraphrixus) subcaudalis] M85

*Hemiarthrus abdominalis (Krøyer 1840-1841) [=Bopyrus abdominalis, *Phrixus abdominalis, *Phryxus abdominalis; incl. Phryxus hippolytes Rathke 1843] M85

*Probopyria alphei (Richardson 1900) [=Bopyrus alphei, Bopyrella alphei, Probopyrus alphei; incl. Capitetragonia asperotibialis Pearse 1953] M85

*Probopyrinella latreuticola (Gissler 1882) [=Bopyroides latreuticola, Bopyrina latreuticola, Probopyrus latreuticola; incl. Bopyrella asymmetrica Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929, Bopyrus latreutis Bate 1888] M85

Probopyrus pandalicola (Packard 1879) [=Bopyrus pandalicola, Pr. pandicola (l. c.); incl. Pr. bithynis Richardson 1904, Pr. bythinis (l. c.), Pr. creaseri Pearse 1936, Pr. floridensis Richardson 1904, Pr. bithynis var. gigas Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929, Pr. floridensis var. gigas, Bopyrus manhattensis Gissler 1881, Palaegyge meeki Richardson 1912, Probopyrus meeki, Pr. oviformis Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929, Pa. oviformis, Bopyrus palaemoneticola Gissler 1882, Probopyrus palaemoneticola, Pr. panamensis Richardson 1912, Pr. papaloapanensis Rioja 1949, Pr. papaloanensis (l. c.)] M85

*Prosynsynella’ hayi Nierstrasz & Brender à Brandis 1929 [incl. *Bopyro choprae Pearse 1932, Bopyrina choprae, Bopyrus chopre (l. c.)] M85

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H47] Hatch, M. H. 1947. The Chelifera and Isopoda of Washington and adjacent regions. University of Washington Publications in Biology 10 (5): 155–274.

[M85] Markham, J. C. 1985. A review of the bopyrid isopods infesting caridean shrimps in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, with special reference to those collected during the Hourglass Cruises in the Gulf of Mexico. Memoirs of the Hourglass Cruises 7 (3): 1–156.

S69] Steyskal, G. C. 1969. The mistreatment of the Latin genitive case in forming names of parasites. Systematic Zoology 18 (3): 339–342.

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