Female spoonwing Chasmoptera hutti, copyright Jean & Fred Hort.

Belongs within: Neuroptera.
Contains: Ascalaphidae, Myrmeleontidae, Kalligrammatidae.

The Myrmeleontiformia are a lineage of lacewings including the ant-lions, owlflies and related taxa, united by the presence in larvae of a modified prementum resembling a labial palp segment, and by features of the adult genitalia (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

<==Myrmeleontiformia [Myrmeleontoidea] GE05
    |--+--Nymphitidae GE05
    |  |--Solenoptilidae GE05
    |  |--Brongniartiellidae GE05
    |  |--Petropsychops [Osmylopsychopidae] GE05
    |  |    `--P. superba GE05
    |  `--+--+--Babinskaiidae GE05
    |     |  |--Ascalaphidae GE05
    |     |  `--Myrmeleontidae GE05
    |     `--Nymphidae GE05
    |          |--Mesonymphes rohdendorfi P02
    |          |--Nymphes GE05
    |          |--Myiodactylus [Myiodactylidae] GE05
    |          `--Osmylops GE05
    `--+--Kalligrammatidae GE05
       `--+--Psychopsidae GE05
          |    |--Calopsychops extinctus P02
          |    |--Kagapsychops continentalis P02
          |    |--Notopsychops zebra (Brauer 1889) (see below for synonymy) HM55
          |    `--Psychopsis insolens ZS10
          `--Nemopteridae GE05
               |  i. s.: Marquettia americana GE05
               |         Nemopistha imperatrix (Westwood 1867) (see below for synonymy) HM55
               |--Laurhervasia [Crocinae] GE05
               |    `--L. setacea GE05
               `--Nemopterinae GE05
                    |--Nemoptera bipennis GE05
                    `--Chasmoptera Kirby 1900 K67
                         |--*C. hutti (Westwood 1848) [=Nemoptera huttii] K67
                         |--C. mathewsi Koch 1967 K67
                         `--C. superba Tillyard 1925 K67

Myrmeleontiformia incertae sedis:
  Siniphes Ren & Yin 2002 RY02
    `--*S. delicatus Ren & Yin 2002 RY02
  Panfilovia Makarkin 1980 [Panfilovidae] R02
  Grammolingiidae R02
    |--Grammolingia Ren 2002 R02
    |    `--*G. boi Ren 2002 R02
    |--Leptolingia Ren 2002 R02
    |    |--*L. jurassica Ren 2002 R02
    |    `--L. tianyiensis Ren 2002 R02
    `--Litholingia Ren 2002 R02
         |--*L. rhora Ren 2002 R02
         |--L. eumorpha Ren 2002 R02
         `--L. polychotoma Ren 2002 R02

Nemopistha imperatrix (Westwood 1867) [=Nemoptera imperatrix; incl. Halter remipennis Kirby 1900] HM55

Notopsychops zebra (Brauer 1889) [=Psychopsis zebra, Psychomorphe zebra, Zygophlebius zebra; incl. P. felina Navas 1912, Z. leoninus Navas 1910] HM55

*Type species of generic name indicated


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