Checkered nerites Nerita tessellata, copyright James St. John.

Belongs within: Neritidae.

Nerita, the nerites, is a cosmopolitan genus of marine snails with an ovate to hemispherical solid shell bearing spiral ribs (Bandel 2001).

Characters (from Bandel 2001): Shell ovate to hemispherical, solid, with low spire, enveloping body whorl with aperture usually bearing denticulate columellar septum and crenulated interior on outer lip; ornament of spiral ribs. Inner walls resorbed. Flat callus of inner lip extending over much of base, commonly bearing teeth, folds or pimples. Operculum calcareous, usually with hinge as a flattened projection on inner side next to columellar lip inserting into muscle, supported by basal thickening and connected to a lateral ridge; patterned muscle scar present below lateral ridge. Protoconch globose, smooth, consisting of several, strongly involute whorls.

<==Nerita Linnaeus 1758 VC88 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*N. (Nerita) peloronta Linnaeus 1758 VC88 [=*Neritarius peloronta KC60, *Tenare peloronta KC60]
    |--N. (Amphinerita Martens 1887) B01 [=Odontostoma Mörch 1852 nec Turton 1829 nec d’Orbigny 1841 KC60]
    |    |--N. (*A.) umlaasiana Krauss 1848 B01 [=N. (Puperita) polita umlaasiana F27, *Odontostoma umlaasianum KC60]
    |    `--N. (A.) articulata B01
    |--N. (Chingua Clark & Durham 1946) KC60
    |    `--N. (*C.) chinguensis Clark & Durham 1946 KC60
    |--N. (Cymostyla von Martens 1887) VC88
    |    `--N. (*C.) undata Linnaeus 1758 B01
    |         |--N. u. undata B01
    |         `--N. u. pseudoplicata Strausz 1960 B01
    |--N. (Heminerita Martens 1887) B01
    |    |--N. (H.) japonica Dunker 1859 [incl. N. (*H.) pica Gould 1850 non Gmelin 1791] B01
    |    |--N. (H.) guamensis Quoy & Gaimard 1834 B01
    |    |--N. (H.) insculpta Récluz 1841 B01
    |    `--N. (H.) morio Sowerby 1833 B01
    |--N. (Ilynerita von Martens 1887) VC88
    |    |--N. (*I.) planospira Anton 1839 VC88
    |    `--N. (I.) listrota Woodring 1973 VC88
    |--N. (Melanerita Martens 1887) B01
    |    |--N. (M.) atramentosa Reeve 1855 [incl. N. (*M.) nigra Martens 1889] B01
    |    |--N. (M.) melanotragus (Smith 1884) B01, WG71 [=N. (Puperita) melanostragus F27]
    |    `--N. (M.) ocellata Le Guillou 1841 B01
    |--N. (Pila Klein 1758) B01
    |--N. (Ritena Gray 1858) VC88
    |    `--N. (*R.) plicata Linnaeus 1758 B01
    `--N. (Theliostyla Mörch 1852) VC88 [=Natere Gray 1858 KC60]
         |--N. (*T.) albicilla Linnaeus 1758 VC88 [=*Natere albicilla KC60]
         |--N. (T.) ascensionensis Gmelin 1791 VC88
         |--N. (T.) exuvia Linnaeus 1758 VC88
         |--N. (T.) exuvioides Trechmann 1935 VC88
         |--N. (T.) fortidentata Vermeij & Collins 1988 VC88
         |--N. (T.) fulgurans Gmelin 1791 VC88
         |--N. (T.) funiculata Menke 1851 VC88
         |--N. (T.) senegalensis Gmelin 1791 B01
         |--N. (T.) tampaensis Dall 1892 VC88
         `--N. (T.) tessellata Gmelin 1791 VC88

Nerita incertae sedis:
  N. antillarum [incl. N. praecognita] G79
  N. antiquata Récluz 1853 B01
  N. bergadana Vidal 1921 BK03
  N. bernhardi C64
  N. bidens Linnaeus 1758 L58
  N. chamaeleon Linnaeus 1758 WG71
  N. cingulata Reuss 1854 BK03
  N. conoidea O75
  N. costata Gmelin 1791 WG71
  N. dainellii Cossmann 1925 B01
  N. doreyana Quoy & Gaimard 1834 B01
  N. gemmata Pethö 1906 BK03
  N. gigantea Bellardi & Michelotti 1840 B01
  N. glaucina Linnaeus 1758 L58
  N. grossa Linnaeus 1758 H09
  N. guillouana F66
  N. hadra Woodring 1973 VC88
  N. heberti (Szöts 1953) [=Neritina heberti] B01
  N. jayanca Olsson 1944 BK03
  N. kaffraria Woods 1906 BK03
  N. lacustris Linnaeus 1758 L58
  N. lineata Gmelin 1791 WG71
  N. littoralis Linnaeus 1758 L58
  N. oligopleura Dall & Ochsner 1928 VC88
  N. olivaria Le Gillou 1841 B01
  N. orbignyana Récluz 1841 B01
  N. pentastoma Deshayes 1866 B01
  ‘Neritina’ plutonis Basterot 1825 B01
  N. polita Linnaeus 1758 BK03, B01 [=*Dontostoma polita B01, N. (*Linnerita) polita B01]
  N. reticulata Karsten 1789 [incl. N. signata Lamarck 1822] B01
  N. sanguinolenta Menke 1829 (see below for synonymy) BD86
  N. scabricosta [incl. N. ornata] C64
  N. sharonae (Squires & Saul 2001) [=Otostoma sharonae] BK03
  N. squamulata B01
  N. squiresi Bandel & Kiel 2003 BK03
  N. subcompacta Trechmann 1927 BK03
  N. tricarinata B01
  N. umzambiensis Wood 1906 BK03
  N. versicolor Gmelin 1791 [incl. N. versicolor f. nigrocincta Usticke 1959] BC01
  N. yoldii F66

Nerita Linnaeus 1758 VC88 [=Neritarius Duméril 1806 KC60, Tenare Gray 1858 KC60; incl. Dontostoma Herrmannsen 1847 BK03, Linnerita Vermaij 1984 B01]

Nerita sanguinolenta Menke 1829 [incl. N. crassilabrum Smith 1885, N. forskalii Recluz 1841, N. kinzelbachi Nordsieck 1973] BD86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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