Elegant conch Canarium erythrinum, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Stromboidea.
Contains: Lambis, Strombus.

The Strombidae are a group of marine herbivorous gastropods characterised by a flared or thickened outer lip on the adult shell, and a sickle-shaped operculum that is used as a lever by the animal when moving (Wilson & Gillett 1971).

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell bearing a flaring or thickened outer lip when mature, with deep U-shaped notch near anterior end. Columella smooth. Eyes large, located on short branches near end of usually long eye stalks; right eye extended through anterior notch on lip. Operculum long, sharp, sickle-shaped, usually serrated on one side; located on posterior protuberance of foot.

<==Strombidae [Alatidae, Strombeae, Strombia, Strombina, Strombusidae]
    |  i. s.: Pyramis Röding 1798 BR05
    |         Laevistrombus Kira 1955 WG71
    |           |--L. canarium (Linnaeus 1758) [=Strombus canarium] WG71
    |           `--L. guidoi (Man in’t Veld & De Turck 1998) PK11
    |         Pterocera Lamarck 1799 [Pteroceridae] BR17
    |           |--*P. lambis (Linnaeus 1758) [=Strombus lambis] BR17
    |           `--P. bryonia (Gmelin 1791) [=Strombus bryonius] H09
    |         Dientomochilus stueri Cossmann 1904 TTE93
    |--Canarium Schumacher 1817 S11, WG71 [Canariini]
    |    |--*C. ustulatum Schumacher 1817 BR17 [=Strombus ustulatus H09]
    |    |--C. erythrinum (Dillwyn 1817) [=Strombus (Canarium) erythrinus] WG71
    |    |--C. labiatum (Röding 1798) [=Strombus (Canarium) labiatus] WG71
    |    |--C. mutabile (Swainson 1821) WG71 [=Strombus (Canarium) mutabilis BC01]
    |    |    |--C. m. mutabile BC01
    |    |    `--C. m. ochroglottis (Abbott 1960) [=Strombus (Canarium) mutabilis ochroglottis] BC01
    |    `--C. urceus (Linnaeus 1758) S11 [=Strombus urceus BC01]
    |         |--C. u. urceus BC01
    |         `--C. u. orrae (Abbott 1960) [=Strombus (Canarium) urceus orrae] BC01
    `--+--Conomurex Fischer 1884 S11, WG71
       |    `--C. luhuanus (Linnaeus 1758) S11 [=Strombus luhuanus WG71]
       `--+--Tricornis Jousseaume 1886 S11, WG71
          |    |--T. oldi (Emerson 1965) [=Strombus (Tricornis) oldi] BC01
          |    |--T. raninus (Gmelin 1791) S11
          |    `--T. sinuatus (Humphrey 1786) [=Strombus (Tricornis) sinuatus] WG71
          `--+--Lambis S11
             `--+--Strombus S11
                `--+--Aliger S11
                   |    |--A. costatus (Gmelin 1791) S11
                   |    `--A. gallus (Linné 1758) S11
                   `--Eustrombus S11
                        |--E. gigas (Schröter 1805) S11
                        |--E. goliath (Schroter 1805) S11
                        `--E. mayacensis (Tucker & Wilson 1933) [=Strombus (Eustrombus) macayensis] P89

*Type species of generic name indicated


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