Mystery snail Pomacea bridgesi, copyright Stijn Ghesquiere.

Belongs within: Gastropoda.
Contains: Lanistes, Ampullaria.

The Ampullariidae, apple snails, are large freshwater snails characterised by the presence of a lung between the gill and osphradium. Molecular phylogenetic analysis supports division of the family between the Old World Ampullariinae and the New World Pomaceinae. Certain species of Pomacea, such as the golden apple snail P. canaliculata and the mystery snail P. bridgesii, are cultivated for the ornamental aquarium trade and have become introduced outside their native ranges.

Characters (from Simone 2011): Shell globose. Operculum with an upper projection. Osphradium pectinate located on a folded stalk. Lung located between gill and osphradium. Heart with ampulla at anterior aorta.

<==Ampullariidae [Ampullariadae, Ampullarioidea, Pilidae] S11
    |  i. s.: Marisa Gray 1824 BM07, RGG06
    |           |--*M. intermedia Gray 1824 [=Ampullaria intermedia] PB27
    |           |--M. cornuarietis (Linné 1767) BM07
    |           `--M. planogyra Pilsbry 1933 S11
    |         Pomella Gray 1847 BM07, RGG06
    |           |--*P. megastoma (Sowerby 1825) PB27, RGG06 [=Ampullaria megastoma PB27]
    |           `--P. americanista (Ihering 1919) RGG06
    |         Surinamia BM07
    |         ‘Valvata’ gregorii Robinson 1915 G88
    |--Ampullariinae [Ampullariini] BR17
    |    |--Lanistes BR05
    |    |--Ampullaria BR05
    |    |--Saulea Gray 1868 [Sauleini] BR05
    |    |    `--*S. vitrea (Born 1778) [=Helix vitrea] BR17
    |    `--Afropomus Pilsbry & Bequaert 1927 BR17, BR05 [Afropomidae, Afropominae]
    |         `--*A. balanoideus (Gould 1850) [=Ampullaria balanoidea] BR17
    `--Pomacea Perry 1810 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: *P. maculata Perry 1810 BR17
         |         ‘Ampullarius’ columellaris [=*Limnopomus columellaris] PB27
         |         P. (Ceratodes) cornuarietis PB27
         |         P. (Limnopomus) crassa (Swainson 1823) [incl. Ampullaria brownii Jay 1839] BC01
         |         P. depressa AS07
         |         P. dolioides PB27
         |         'Ampullarius’ flagellatus PB27
         |         P. gevesensis PB27 [=Ampullarius gevesensis C60]
         |         P. gigas (Spix 1827) RGG06
         |         ‘Ampullarius’ guyanensis [incl. Ampullaria erythrostoma Reeve 1856] PB27
         |         P. insularum (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
         |         P. luteostoma PB27
         |         P. paludosa KG03
         |         P. patula PB27
         |           |--P. p. patula PB27
         |           `--P. p. catemacensis PB27
         |         ‘Nerita’ urceus [=*Ampullarius urceus, *Conchylium urceus, *Pomus urceus] PB27
         |--P. crosseana (Higalgo 1871) S11
         `--+--Felipponea Dall 1919 S11, RGG06
            |    |--F. elongata (Dall 1921) RGG06
            |    |--F. iheringi (Pilsbry 1933) RGG06
            |    `--F. neritiniformis Dall 1919 S11
            `--+--P. scalaris (Orbigny 1835) S11
               `--+--P. curumim Simone 2004 S11
                  `--+--P. lineata (Spix 1827) S11
                     `--+--+--P. bridgesi (Reeve 1856) S11
                        |  `--P. sordida (Swainson 1823) S11
                        `--+--P. canaliculata Lamark 1804 S11
                           |    |--P. c. canaliculata RGG06
                           |    `--P. c. chaquensis RGG06
                           `--Asolene d’Orbigny 1875 S11, RGG06
                                |--A. megastoma (Sowerby 1825) S11
                                |--A. platae (Maton 1809) RGG06
                                |--A. pulchella (Anton 1839) RGG06
                                `--A. spixii (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06

Pomacea Perry 1810 BR05 [incl. Ampullarius Denys de Montfort 1810 PB27, Conchylium Cuvier 1816 PB27, Limnopomus Dall 1904 PB27, Pomus Adams & Adams 1856 non Gray 1847 PB27; Pomaceinae BR17]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 24 February 2022.

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