Mystery snail Pomacea bridgesii, copyright Stijn Ghesquiere.

Belongs within: Gastropoda.
Contains: Lanistes, Ampullaria.

The Ampullariidae, apple snails, are large freshwater snails characterised by the presence of a lung between the gill and osphradium. Molecular phylogenetic analysis supports division of the family between the Old World Ampullariinae and the New World Pomaceinae.

Characters (from Simone 2011): Shell globose. Operculum with an upper projection. Osphradium pectinate located on a folded stalk. Lung located between gill and osphradium. Heart with ampulla at anterior aorta.

<==Ampullariidae [Ampullariadae, Ampullarioidea, Pilidae] S11
    |  i. s.: Marisa Gray 1824 BM07, RGG06
    |           |--*M. intermedia Gray 1824 [=Ampullaria intermedia] PB27
    |           |--M. cornuarietis (Linné 1767) BM07
    |           `--M. planogyra Pilsbry 1933 S11
    |         Pomella Gray 1847 BM07, RGG06
    |           |--*P. megastoma (Sowerby 1825) PB27, RGG06 [=Ampullaria megastoma PB27]
    |           `--P. americanista (Ihering 1919) RGG06
    |         Surinamia BM07
    |         ‘Valvata’ gregorii Robinson 1915 G88
    |--Ampullariinae [Ampullariini] BR17
    |    |--Lanistes BR05
    |    |--Ampullaria BR05
    |    |--Saulea Gray 1868 [Sauleini] BR05
    |    |    `--*S. vitrea (Born 1778) [=Helix vitrea] BR17
    |    `--Afropomus Pilsbry & Bequaert 1927 BR17, BR05 [Afropomidae, Afropominae]
    |         `--*A. balanoideus (Gould 1850) [=Ampullaria balanoidea] BR17
    `--Pomacea Perry 1810 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: *P. maculata Perry 1810 BR17
         |         ‘Ampullarius’ columellaris [=*Limnopomus columellaris] PB27
         |         P. (Ceratodes) cornuarietis PB27
         |         P. (Limnopomus) crassa (Swainson 1823) [incl. Ampullaria brownii Jay 1839] BC01
         |         P. depressa AS07
         |         P. dolioides PB27
         |         'Ampullarius’ flagellatus PB27
         |         P. gevesensis PB27 [=Ampullarius gevesensis C60]
         |         P. gigas (Spix 1827) RGG06
         |         ‘Ampullarius’ guyanensis [incl. Ampullaria erythrostoma Reeve 1856] PB27
         |         P. insularum (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06
         |         P. luteostoma PB27
         |         P. paludosa KG03
         |         P. patula PB27
         |           |--P. p. patula PB27
         |           `--P. p. catemacensis PB27
         |         ‘Nerita’ urceus [=*Ampullarius urceus, *Conchylium urceus, *Pomus urceus] PB27
         |--P. crosseana (Higalgo 1871) S11
         `--+--Felipponea Dall 1919 S11, RGG06
            |    |--F. elongata (Dall 1921) RGG06
            |    |--F. iheringi (Pilsbry 1933) RGG06
            |    `--F. neritiniformis Dall 1919 S11
            `--+--P. scalaris (Orbigny 1835) S11
               `--+--P. curumim Simone 2004 S11
                  `--+--P. lineata (Spix 1827) S11
                     `--+--+--P. bridgesi (Reeve 1856) S11
                        |  `--P. sordida (Swainson 1823) S11
                        `--+--P. canaliculata Lamark 1804 S11
                           |    |--P. c. canaliculata RGG06
                           |    `--P. c. chaquensis RGG06
                           `--Asolene d’Orbigny 1875 S11, RGG06
                                |--A. megastoma (Sowerby 1825) S11
                                |--A. platae (Maton 1809) RGG06
                                |--A. pulchella (Anton 1839) RGG06
                                `--A. spixii (d’Orbigny 1835) RGG06

Pomacea Perry 1810 BR05 [incl. Ampullarius Denys de Montfort 1810 PB27, Conchylium Cuvier 1816 PB27, Limnopomus Dall 1904 PB27, Pomus Adams & Adams 1856 non Gray 1847 PB27; Pomaceinae BR17]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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