Painted keyhole limpet Fissurella picta, photographed by Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Fissurellidae.

Fissurella is a genus of keyhole limpets with the apex of the shell nearly central and the inner margin of shell smooth or weakly crenulate (Knight et al. 1960).

See also: Peering through a limpet's keyhole.

<==Fissurella Bruguière 1789 BR05 [=Fissurellus deMontfort 1810 KC60]
    |--*F. (Fissurella) nimbosa (Linnaeus 1758) [=Patella nimbosa] KC60
    |--F. (Balboaina Perez-Farfante 1943) [=Balboina (l. c.), Balvoina (l. c.)] KC60
    |    `--F. (*B.) picta (Gmelin 1791) [=Patella picta] KC60
    |--F. (Carcellesia Perez-Farfante 1952) KC60
    |    `--F. (*C.) doellojuradoi Perez-Farfante 1952 KC60
    |--F. (Clypidella Swainson 1840) KC60
    |    `--F. (C.) punctata Fischer 1857 KC60 (see below for synonymy)
    `--F. (Cremides Adams & Adams 1854) KC60
         |--F. (*C.) alabastrites Reeve 1849 KC60
         |--F. (C.) clenchi Pérez Farfante 1943 BC01
         `--F. (C.) deroyae McLean 1970 BC01

Fissurella incertae sedis:
  F. alba C64
  F. alta C64
  F. calyculata Sowerby 1823 H09
  F. elongata Philippi 1845 H09
  F. excelsa [incl. F. panamensis] C64
  F. gibberula BBB-S95
  F. lanceolata Sowerby 1862 H09
  F. latimarginata M84
  F. macrotrema C64
  F. mesoatlantica Simone 2008 S11
  F. mexicana C64
  F. microtrema C64
  F. minuta Lamarck 1822 H09
  F. mus C64
  F. nigrocincta C64
  F. nigropunctata C64
  F. nubecula (Linnaeus 1758) APB17
  F. obscura C64
  F. octagona Reeve 1850 H09
  F. peruviana C64
  F. radiata G79
  F. rosea (Gmelin 1791) [=Patella rosea] BC01
  F. rubropicta M84
  F. rugosa C64
  F. tenebrosa C64
  F. virescens C64
  F. volcano Reeve 1849 O27 [incl. F. ornata C64]
    |--F. v. volcano O27
    `--F. v. crucifera Dall 1908 O27

Fissurella (Clypidella) punctata Fischer 1857 KC60 [incl. Patella pustula Gmelin 1791 non Linnaeus 1758 KC60, *Clypidella pustula KC60, Fissurella punctata var. rosea Usticke 1969 non Patella rosea Gmelin 1791 BC01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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