Ramose murex Chicoreus ramosus, copyright Ria Tan.

Belongs within: Muricidae.

Chicoreus is a genus of muricid gastropods with shells bearing three frondose varices and a long, dorsally deflected siphon.

<==Chicoreus Montfort 1810 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. (Chicoreus) BC01
    |    |--*C. (C.) ramosus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex ramosus; incl. *Frondosaria inflata (Lamarck 1822)] RA75
    |    |--C. (C.) anguliferus [=Murex (C.) anguliferus] P71
    |    `--C. (C.) brevifrons (Lamarck 1822) BC01 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. (Chicomurex Arakawa 1964) BC01
    |    |--*Chicomurex’ superbus (Sowerby 1889) [=Murex superbus] RA75
    |    `--C. (C.) turschi Houart 1981 BC01
    `--C. (Triplex Perry 1810) BC01
         |--‘Murex’ palmarosae Lamarck 1822 [incl. *Triplex foliatus Perry 1810 (nom. rej.)] RA75
         |--C. (T.) cosmani Abbott & Finlay 1979 BC01
         |--C. (T.) forsterorum Houart 1989 BC01
         `--C. (T.) subpalmatus Houart 1988 BC01

Chicoreus incertae sedis:
  C. asianus ZLK11
  C. axicornis Lamarck 1822 WG71
  C. banksii Sowerby 1840 WG71
  C. brunneus (Link 1807) WG71
  C. carolinae (Vokes 1990) S11 [=Chicoreus (Siratus) carolynae V90]
  C. cervicornis (Lamarck 1822) WG71
  C. coltrorum (Vokes 1991) S11
  C. cornucervi (Röding 1798) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
  C. damicornis Hedley 1903 WG71
  C. denudatus (Perry 1811) WG71 (see below for synonymy)
  C. dilectus (Adams 1855) BC01 [=C. florifer dilectus D88; incl. C. rachelcarsonae Petuch 1987 BC01]
  C. florifer D88
  C. huttoniae Wright 1879 WG71
  C. microphyllus (Lamarck 1822) BW09
  C. palmarosae W01
  C. perelegans Vokes 1965 V90
  C. recticornis von Martens 1880 WG71
  C. rubiginosus Reeve 1845 WG71
  C. spectrum (Reeve 1846) S11
  C. steeriae Reeve 1845 WG71
  C. territus Reeve 1845 WG71
  C. torrefactus Sowerby 1841 WG71

Chicoreus Montfort 1810 BR05 [=Chicoracea Griffith & Pidgeon 1834 BR05; incl. Euphyllon Jousseaume 1880 RA75, Frondosaria Schlüter 1838 RA75, Torvamurex Iredale 1936 RA75; Varicosa]

Chicoreus cornucervi (Röding 1798) WG71 [=Murex cornucervi RA75, Purpura cornucervi H09; incl. M. calcitrapa G79, M. elongatus G79, M. monodon Sowerby 1825 WG71, *Euphyllon monodon RA75, M. purpuratus G79]

Chicoreus denudatus (Perry 1811) WG71 [=Triplex denudatus RA75, Murex denudatus H09, *Torvamurex denudatus RA75; incl. C. extraneus Iredale 1936 WG71]

Chicoreus (Chicoreus) brevifrons (Lamarck 1822) BC01 [=Murex brevifrons G79; incl. M. spectrum var. incertum Usticke 1969 BC01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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