Ceratognathus niger, copyright Dash Huang.

Belongs within: Scarabaeoidea.

Ceratognathus is a genus of stag beetles found in Australasia and South America in which males often bear an erect dorsal cusp on the mandibles.

<==Ceratognathus Westwood 1838 MC92
    |--*C. niger Westwood 1838 [incl. Platycerus furcatus Castelnau 1840] MC92
    |--C. abdominalis Parry 1870 MC92
    |--C. bitumulatus Carter 1925 MC92
    |--C. flabellatus Boileau 1905 MC92
    |--C. frenchi Blackburn 1897 MC92
    |--C. froggatti Blackburn 1894 MC92
    |--C. gilesi Blackburn 1895 MC92
    |--C. irroratus M83
    |--C. macrognathus Boileau 1905 MC92
    |--C. mentiferus Westwood 1863 [=C. mentifer (l. c.)] MC92
    |--C. minutus Lea 1929 MC92
    |--C. ocularis Carter 1925 MC92
    |--C. rufipennis Westwood 1872 MC92
    |--C. tasmanus Benesh 1943 MC92
    `--C. westwoodi Thomson 1862 [incl. C. punctatissimus Westwood 1863] MC92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M83] Martin, N. A. 1983. Miscellaneous observations on a pasture fauna: an annotated species list. DSIR Entomology Division Report 3: 1–98.

[MC92] Moore, B. P., & G. Cassis. 1992. Lucanidae. In: Houston, W. W. K. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 9. Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea pp. 4–19. AGPS Press: Canberra.

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