Acanthina imbricata, copyright Shell

Belongs within: Rapaninae.

Acanthina, unicorn snails, is a genus of predatory gastropods found along the western coast of the Americas (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell ovate, last whorl large; spire rather elevated; aperture semilunar; inner lip wide and flattened, crenulated, with a prominent tooth at the fore part.

<==Acanthina Fischer de Waldheim 1807 (see below for synonymy) RA75
    |  i. s.: A. brevidentata (Wood 1828) S11 [=Monoceros brevidentatum C64]
    |         ‘Monoceros’ cymatum [incl. M. lugubre] C64
    |         ‘Monoceros’ engonatum [incl. M. unicarinatum] C64
    |         ‘Monoceros’ lapilloides [incl. M. brevidens, M. punctatum] C64
    |         A. muricata SF77
    |--A. (Acanthina) O27
    |    |--‘Buccinum’ monodon Pallas 1774 (see below for synonymy) RA75
    |    |--A. (A.) imbricata O27
    |    `--A. (A.) lugubris Sowerby 1822 O27 [=Monoceros lugubre C64; incl. Stramonita petrosa Conrad 1855 C64]
    `--A. (Acanthinucella Cooke 1918) O27
         |--A. (*A.) punctulata (Sowerby 1835) RA75
         |--A. (A.) paucilirata Stearns 1871 O27
         `--A. (A.) spirata Blainville 1832 O27 [=Monoceros spiratum C64]
              |--A. s. spirata O27
              `--A. s. aurantia Dall 1908 O27

Acanthina Fischer de Waldheim 1807 [=Rudolpha Schumacher 1817; incl. Monoceros Lamarck 1822 nec Meusch 1787 nec Bloch & Schneider 1801, Unicornus Montfort 1810] RA75

‘Buccinum’ monodon Pallas 1774 [incl. *Monoceros imbricatum Lamarck 1816, B. monoceros Chemnitz 1788, *Acanthina monoceros, *Rudolpha monoceros, *Unicornus typus Montfort 1810] RA75

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C64] Carpenter, P. P. 1864. Supplementary report on the present state of our knowledge with regard to the Mollusca of the west coast of North America. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science 33: 517–686.

[O27] Oldroyd, I. S. 1927. The Marine Shells of the West Coast of North America vol. 2 pt 2. Stanford University Press: Stanford University (California).

[RA75] Radwin, G. E., & A. D’Attilio. 1975. A catalogue of muricacean generic taxa. Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History 17 (20): 279–292.

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[SF77] Smith, A. G., & A. J. Ferreira. 1977. Chiton fauna of the Gal├ípagos Islands. Veliger 20 (2): 82–97.

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