Hastula strigilata, photographed by Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Terebridae.

Hastula is a genus of auger shells in which the feeding apparatus includes a long and eversible labial tube, a relatively large buccal cavity, and a long and retractile buccal tube, together with a poison gland and bulb and a radular sac containing two rows of harpoon-like teeth (Auffenberg & Lee 1988).

Hastula Adams & Adams 1853 [incl. Acuminia Dall 1908, Egentelaria Rehder 1980, Hastulina Oyama 1961] BK11
    |--H. aciculina (Lamarck 1822) AL88
    |--H. alboflava Bratcher 1988 BC01
    |--H. albula Menke 1843 BW09
    |--‘Terebra’ bicorona Hutton 1885 [=Acuminia bicorona] F27
    |--‘Terebra’ biplex Hutton 1885 [=Acuminia biplex] F27
    |--H. brazieri Angas 1871 [=Acuminia brazieri] WG71
    |--H. cinerea (Born 1780) BD12
    |--H. colorata Bratcher 1988 BC01
    |--H. hastata (Gmelin 1791) S11
    |--H. inconstans (Hinds 1844) AL88
    |--H. lanceata (Linnaeus 1767) [=*Acuminia lanceata] WG71
    |--H. lauta Pease 1869 WG71
    |--H. nitida Hinds 1844 WG71
    |--‘Terebra’ orycta Suter 1913 [=Acuminia orycta] F27
    |--‘Terebra’ pareoraensis (Suter 1917) [=Acuminia pareoraensis] F27
    |--H. (Terebrellina) plicatula (Lamarck 1805) TTE93
    |--H. rufopunctata Smith 1877 WG71
    |--H. salleana (Deshayes 1859) AL88
    |--H. strigilata Linnaeus 1758 WG71
    |--‘Terebra’ sulcata Marshall 1919 [=Acuminia sulcata] F27
    `--‘Acuminia’ venosa [incl. Terebra flexicostata] F27

*Type species of generic name indicated


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