Mangelia costulata, from the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.

Belongs within: Mangeliidae.

Mangelia is a genus of small conoids found in the northeastern Atlantic. They have an ovate to fusiform shell, strongly sculptured with rounded axials (Powell 1966).

<==Mangelia Risso 1826 BK11 (see below for synonymy)
    |--M. attenuata (Montagu 1803) (see below for synonymy) P66
    |--‘Cytharella’ aculea Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. acuticostata C64
    |--M. aleutica Dall 1871 O27
    |--M. althorpi Dall 1919 O27
    |--‘Cytharella’ amatula Dall 1919 P66
    |--‘Mangiliella’ barashi Aartsen & Fehr-de Wal 1978 O96
    |--M. barbarensis Oldroyd 1924 [=M. angulata Carpenter 1865 non Reeve 1846] O27
    |--M. bascauda H22
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ bertrandii Payraudeau 1826 [=Cytharella bertrandii, *Rissomangilia bertrandii] P66
    |--M. brachystoma (Philippi 1844) S11
    |--‘Cytharella’ branneri O27
    |--M. burdigalica Peyrot 1932 [=Mangilia (Mangiliella) burdigalica] P66
    |--M. carlottae Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. cerea C64
    |--M. cesta Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. cetolaca O27
    |--M. constricta (Gabb 1865) [=Clathurella constricta] O27
    |--‘Murex’ costatus Donovan 1803 [=*Cytharella costatus] P66
    |--M. costulata (Blainville 1826) O96
    |--M. dejanira Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. deshayesii Dunker 1860 K92
    |--M. digressa Rolán & Otero-Schmitt 1999 BC01
    |--‘Mangilia’ diotula H22
    |--M. eriopis Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. eriphyle Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. eurybia Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. evadne Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. exquisita Smith 1882 H09
    |--M. goodalli Reeve 1846 H09 [=Cythara goodalli H22]
    |--M. granitica Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. hamata Carpenter 1865 D19
    |--M. harrisoni Tennison Woods 1877 P79
    |--M. hermione Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. hexagona (Gabb 1865) [=Cytharella hexagona] O27
    |--‘Cytharella’ hiradoensis Makiyama 1927 P66
    |--M. inusitata Rolán & Otero-Schmitt 1999 BC01
    |--M. labratula Cossmann 1889 [=Mangilia labratula, Cytharella labratula] P66
    |--M. languida (Reeve 1845) H09 [=Pleurotoma languida H09, Clathurella languida H22]
    |--M. laodice Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. lepidus Peyrot 1938 [=Mangilia (Mangiliella) lepidus] P66
    |--‘Cythara’ limata Olssom 1922 [=Cytharella limata] P66
    |--M. lineorosata Rolán & Otero-Schmitt 1999 BC01
    |--‘Cytharella’ louisa Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. maculata Reeve 1846 H09 [=Cythara maculata H22]
    |--M. marcellinae Hornung 1920 [=Mangilia (Mangiliella) marcellinae] P66
    |--‘Cytharella’ merita Hinds 1843 O27
    |--‘Buccinum’ mitrula Sowerby 1822 [=Cytharella mitrula] P66
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ multilineolata Deshayes 1833 [=*Mangiliella multilineolata] P66
    |--M. nebula L64
    |--M. newcombei Dall 1919 P66 [=Mangilia (Kurtzilla) newcombei O27]
    |--M. nunivakensis Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. nuperrima (Tiberi 1855) (see below for synonymy) BW80
    |--M. oenoa Dall 1919 O27
    |--M. paciniana (Calcara 1839) O96
    |--M. painei Arnold 1903 D19
    |--‘Mangiliella’ pallaryi (Nordsieck 1977) O96
    |--M. patagoniensis Dall 1919 D19
    |--M. perattenuata Dall 1905 O27
    |--M. philodice Dall 1919 O27
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ plicata Lamarck 1804 [=Mangiliella plicata] P66
    |--M. powisiana (Dautzenberg 1887) BK11
    |--M. pulchrior Dall 1919 [=M. nitens Carpenter 1865 (preoc.)] O27
    |--M. rugulosa (Philippi 1844) O96 [=Cytharella rugulosum P66]
    |--M. salinensis Degrange-Touzin 1894 [=Mangilia salinensis, Mangiliella salinensis] P66
    |--‘Mangiliella’ sandrii (Brusina 1865) O96
    |--M. scabrida (Monterosato 1890) O96
    |--M. sculpturata Dall 1886 O27
    |--‘Mangiliella’ secreta Aartsen & Fehr-de Wal 1978 O96
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ semicostulata Deshayes 1865 [=Mangiliella semicostulata] P66
    |--M. serga (Dall 1881) (see below for synonymy) BW80
    |--M. simplex C64
    |--M. simplicior Peyrot 1938 [=Mangelia turonensis simplicior, Cytharella simplicior] P66
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ smithii Forbes 1840 [=Cytharella smithii] P66
    |--M. sulcata C64
    |--‘Pleurotoma’ taeniata Deshayes 1833 [=Mangiliella (*Lyromangelia) taeniata] P66
    |--‘Cytharella’ tenuifilosa Cox 1927 P66
    |--M. turonensis Peyrot 1938 [=Mangelia (Cytharella) turonensis] P66
    |--M. variegata Carpenter 1864 C64
    |--‘Cytharella’ victoriana Dall 1897 O27
    `--M. violacea J64

Mangelia Risso 1826 BK11 [=Mangilia Lovén 1846 BR05; incl. Cyrtocythara Nordsieck 1977 BK11, Cytharella Monterosato 1875 BK11, Citharella (l. c.) P66, Cyharella (l. c.) P66, Lyromangelia Nordsieck 1977 BK11, Mangiliella Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus 1883 BK11, Rissomangelia Monterosato 1917 BK11, Rugocythara Nordsieck 1977 BK11, Villiersia Monterosato 1884 non d’Orbigny 1837 P66, Vielliersia (l. c.) P66, Villiersiella Monterosato 1884 BK11]

Mangelia attenuata (Montagu 1803) [=Murex attenuatus, *Vielliersia (l. c.) attenuata, *Villiersiella attenuata; incl. *Mangelia striolata Risso 1826, Pleurotoma villiersii Michaud 1829] P66

Mangelia nuperrima (Tiberi 1855) [=P. nuperrimum; incl. Raphitoma nuperrima var. corallinoides Sturany 1896, P. decussatum Philippi 1844 non Couthouy 1839, P. lyciaca Forbes 1843 (n. n.), Raphitoma peregrinator Locard 1897, R. nuperrima var. pseudacanthodes Sturany 1896, R. reconditum Locard 1892] BW80

Mangelia serga (Dall 1881) [=Pleurotoma (Drillia) serga; incl. P. (Mangilia) acanthodes Watson 1881, P. (M.) corallina Watson 1881, Mangilia serga var. elongata non Mangelia elongata Gabb 1873, Acmaturris vatovai Nordsieck 1971] BW80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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