Ammonicera minortalis, copyright Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.
Contains: Orbitestellidae.

The Prionoglossa are a group of minute, low-spired or planispiral marine molluscs. Members of the Prionoglossa are simultaneous hermaphrodites that perform internal fertilisation despite the absence of a true penis. They include the Omalogyridae which have a greatly reduced radula consisting of only a single rachidian tooth per row.

<==Prionoglossa GS75
    |--Omalogyroidea S11
    |    |--Stuoraxidae BR17
    |    |    |--Alexogyra Bandel 1996 B02
    |    |    `--Stuoraxis Bandel 1994 BR05
    |    |         |--*S. lehmanni Bandel 1996 NPE02
    |    |         |--S. panhuazhangi Bandel 2002 B02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |         `--S. parvula Gründel 1998 B02
    |    `--Omalogyridae [Homalogyridae] S11
    |         |--Omalogyra Jeffreys 1859 [=Homalogyra Jeffreys 1867] BR17
    |         |    |--*O. atomus (Philippi 1841) [=Truncatella atomus] BR17
    |         |    |--O. fusca Suter 1908 P61
    |         |    |--O. fuscopardalis Rolán 1992 BC01
    |         |    |--O. nitidissima P61
    |         |    |--‘Homalogyra’ rota N79
    |         |    `--O. zebrina Rolán 1992 BC01
    |         `--Ammonicera S11
    |              |--A. albospeciosa Rolán 1992 BC01
    |              |--A. burnayi Rolán 1991 BC01
    |              |--A. circumcincta Rolán 1992 BC01
    |              |--A. familiaris Rolán 1992 BC01
    |              |--A. lineofuscata Rolán 1992 BC01
    |              |--A. minortalis Rolán 1992 BC01
    |              |--A. oteroi Rolán 1991 BC01
    |              |--A. plana Simone 1997 S11
    |              `--A. sculpturata Rolán 1992 BC01
    `--Orbitestelloidea BR17
         |--Orbitestellidae S11
         `--Xylodiscula Marshall 1988 BR05 [Xylodisculidae BR17]
              `--*X. vitrea Marshall 1988 BR17

Stuoraxis panhuazhangi Bandel 2002 B02 [=Straparollus minutus Pan & Erwin 2002 (preoc.) B02, Stu. minutus FB04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 12 August 2021.

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