Pruinose scarab Sericesthis geminata, from here.

Belongs within: Melolonthinae.

Sericesthis is an Australian genus of chafers characterised by elytra with striae grouped in pairs so odd-numbered intervals are narrower than adjacent even-numbered intervals.

<==Sericesthis Boisduval 1835 [incl. Anodontonyx Sharp 1890] HW92
    |--*S. geminata Boisduval 1835 HW92
    |--S. accola Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. anepsia Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. antennalis (Blackburn 1907) [=Anodontonyx antennalis] HW92
    |--S. armaticeps (Macleay 1871) [=Scitala armaticeps; incl. Sc. impressa Brenske 1900] HW92
    |--S. bisetosa Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. brooksi Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. calignea Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. carnei Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. cinnamea Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. consanguinea (Blackburn 1907) [=Anodontonyx consanguineus; incl. A. noxius Arrow 1992] HW92
    |--S. coolumensis Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. dispar Blackburn 1890 HW92
    |--S. egens Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. elderi Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. erosa Blackburn 1890 [incl. S. puncticollis Blackburn 1890] HW92
    |--S. fovea Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. harti (Sharp 1890) [=Anodontonyx harti; incl. S. planiceps Blackburn 1890] HW92
    |--S. ignota Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. illawarrae Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. incisa Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. incola Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. ino (Blackburn 1907) [=Scitala ino] HW92
    |--S. insularis (Lea 1919) [=Anodontonyx insularis] HW92
    |--S. iris Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. janetae Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. latens Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. lutea Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. magna Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. major Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. metincisa Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. micans Blackburn 1890 HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. minima Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. miskoi Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. nemoralis (Blackburn 1907) [=Scitala nemoralis; incl. Sc. convexicollis Blackburn 1907] HW92
    |--S. nigra (Lea 1919) [=Anodontonyx niger] HW92
    |--S. nigrolineata Boisduval 1835 HW92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. palumae Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. parallela Blackburn 1890 HW92
    |--S. parvipes Blackburn 1890 HW92
    |--S. propria Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. proxima Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. pullata B35
    |--S. rectangula (Blackburn 1907) [=Andontonyx rectangulus] HW92
    |--S. rufescens Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. serena Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. stipata Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. storeyi Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. suberosa Britton 1987 HW92
    |--S. suturalis (Macleay 1871) [=Scitala suturalis; incl. Sc. pruinosella Brenske 1900] HW92
    |--S. tetrica (Blackburn 1907) [=Anodontonyx tetricus] HW92
    |--S. vera Britton 1987 HW92
    `--S. vigilans (Sharp 1890) [=*Anodontonyx vigilans; incl. A. chalceus Blackburn 1907] HW92

Sericesthis micans Blackburn 1890 HW92 [=Anodontonyx micans L19, Omaloplia micans B35; incl. A. creber Blackburn 1907 HW92, A. gravicollis Blackburn 1907 HW92, A. indignus Blackburn 1907 HW92]

Sericesthis nigrolineata Boisduval 1835 HW92 [=Anodontonyx nigrolineata L19; incl. Scitala languida Erichson 1842 HW92, Melolontha pruinosa Dalman 1823 non Wiedeman 1819 HW92, Sericesthis pruinosa Blanchard 1850 HW92, Scitala rugosula Harold 1869 HW92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B35] Boisduval, J. B. 1835. Voyage de Découvertes de l’Astrolabe. Exécuté par ordre du Roi, pendant les années 1826–1827–1828–1829, sous le commandement de M. J. Dumont d'Urville. Faune entomologique de l'océan Pacifique, avec l'illustration des insectes nouveaux recueillis pendant le voyage vol. 2. Coléoptères et autres ordres. J. Tastu: Paris.

[HW92] Houston, W. W. K., & T. A. Weir. 1992. Melolonthinae. In: Houston, W. W. K. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 9. Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea pp. 174–358. AGPS Press: Canberra.

[L19] Lea, A. M. 1919. Notes on some miscellaneous Coleoptera with descriptions of new species.—Part V. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 43: 166–261, pls 25–27.

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