Dorsal view of female Pneumolaelaps, from Bee Mite ID.

Belongs within: Laelapidae.

Pneumolaelaps is a genus of laelapid mites found in the nests of bumblebees (Evans & Till 1979).

Characters (from Evans & Till 1979): Apotele with two tines; opisthogastric and lateral unsclerotized cuticle hypertrichous; peritreme often broad; genu IV with two ventral setae; female with anal shield free, metasternal setae not situated on sternal shield.

<==Pneumolaelaps Berlese 1920 FH93
    |--*P. bombicolens (Canestrini 1885) ET79 [=Iphis bombicolens FH93, Hypoaspis (*Pneumolaelaps) bombicolens S61]
    |--P. aequalipilus Hunter 1966 FH93
    |--P. arctos (Karg 1984) [=Hypoaspis (Pneumolaelaps) arctos] FH93
    |--P. connieae Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93
    |--P. costai Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93
    |--P. groenlandicus (Trägårdh 1906) [=Hypoaspis bombicolens var. groenlandica] FH93
    |--P. hyatti (Evans & Till 1966) [=Hypoaspis hyatti] FH93
    |--P. karawaiewi (Berlese 1904) [=Laelaps (Androlaelaps) karawaiewi] FH93
    |--P. longanalis Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93
    |--P. longipilus Hunter 1966 FH93
    |--P. lubricus (Voigts & Oudemans 1904) (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--P. mistipilus Hunter 1966 FH93
    |--P. patae Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93
    |--P. richardsi Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93
    |--P. shealsi (Hunter & Costa 1971) [=Gymnolaelaps shealsi] FH93
    `--P. sinhai Hunter & Husband 1973 FH93

Pneumolaelaps lubricus (Voigts & Oudemans 1904) [=Hypoaspis lubrica; incl. H. compressus Hull 1925, H. (Haemolaelaps) inversus Berlese 1918 non Parasitus inversus Banks 1916, H. murinus Strandtmann & Menzies 1948, H. smithii Hughes 1948] FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[ET79] Evans, G. O., & W. M. Till. 1979. Mesostigmatic mites of Britain and Ireland (Chelicerata: Acari-Parasitiformes). An introduction to their external morphology and classification. Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 35: 139–270.

[FH93] Farrier, M. H., & M. K. Hennessey. 1993. Soil-inhabiting and free-living Mesostigmata (Acari-Parasitiformes) from North America: an annotated checklist with bibliography and index. North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State University, Technical Bulletin 302: i–xvi, 1–408.

[S61] Schweizer, J. 1961. Die Landmilben der Schweiz (Mittelland, Jura und Alpen): Parasitiformes Reuter, mit 246 Arten und Varietäten und 268 meist kombinierten Originalzeichnungen. Denkschriften der Schweizerischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft [Mémoires de la Société Helvétique des Sciences Naturelles] 84: i–vii, 1–207.

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