Haemogamasus hirsutus, illustrated by Anthonie Cornelius Oudemans.

Belongs within: Laelapidae.

Haemogamasus is a genus of nest-dwelling mites characterised by two or three denticles in each of the anterior rows of hypognathal denticles. Females have small, subovate metapodal shields and the opisthogenital shield is narrow (Evans & Till 1979).

<==Haemogamasus Berlese 1889 FH93 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*H. hirsutus Berlese 1889 ET79
    |--H. ambulans (Thorell 1872) (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--‘Euhaemogamasus’ arvicolarum KK54
    |--H. dauricus Bregetova 1950 FH93
    |--H. ghanni Williams in Williams, Smiley & Redington 1978 FH93
    |--‘Liponyssus’ gordonensis Hirst 1923 H23
    |--H. harperi Keegan 1951 FH93
    |--H. hermonensis Costa 1969 C69
    |--H. hirsutosimilis K91
    |--H. horridus K91
    |--H. keegani (Jameson 1952) [=Euhaemogamasus keegani] FH93
    |--H. liberiensis Hirst 1916 D60
    |--H. liponyssoides Ewing 1925 FH93
    |    |--H. l. liponyssoides FH93
    |    `--H. l. hesperus Radovsky 1960 FH93
    |--H. mandschricus Vitzthum 1931 FH93
    |--H. nidi Michael 1892 FH93 [incl. H. michaeli WL09]
    |--H. occidentalis (Keegan 1951) [=Euhaemogamasus liponyssoides occidentalis] FH93
    |--H. onychomydis (Ewing 1933) FH93 [=*Euhaemogamasus onychomydis E57]
    |--H. pontiger (Berlese 1904) (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--H. quadrisetatus D60
    |--H. reidi Ewing 1925 (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--‘Liponyssus’ saurarum H23
    |--‘Liponyssus’ sylvarium RN72
    `--H. thomomysi Williams in Williams, Smiley & Redington 1978 FH93

Haemogamasus Berlese 1889 FH93 [incl. Euhaemogamasus Ewing 1933 FH93, Groschaftella Přívora & Samšiňák 1957 FH93, Liponyssus Kolenati 1858 ET79]

Haemogamasus ambulans (Thorell 1872) [=Dermanyssus ambulans; incl. H. alaskensis Ewing 1925, H. avisugus Vitzthum 1931, Gamasus ovalis Koch 1879, H. pavlovskyi Bregetova 1949, H. sternalis Ewing 1933, H. twitchelli Ewing 1925] FH93

Haemogamasus pontiger (Berlese 1904) [=Laelaps (Eulaelaps) pontiger; incl. Eulaelaps mawsoni Womersley 1937, Haemogamasus oudemansi Hirst 1914] FH93

Haemogamasus reidi Ewing 1925 [incl. H. nidiformis Tipton & Saunders 1971, Euhaemogamasus oregonensis Ewing 1933, E. sciuropteri Keegan 1946] FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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