Dorsal (left) and ventral views of female Discourella modesta, from Bal & Özkan (2003).

Belongs within: Uropodoidea.

Discourella is a genus of uropodoid mites with short corniculi, no pedofossae, and females with an epigynial shield extending to the anterior margin of the sternal shield.

<==Discourella Berlese 1910 FH93
    |--D. foraminosa Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979 FH93
    |--D. hirschmanni Hiramatsu 1983 H98
    |--D. illustris Hiramatsu 1983 FH93
    |--D. lindquisti Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979 FH93
    |--D. longipilosa Hiramatsu 1980 FH93
    |--D. mexicana Hirschmann 1979 FH93
    |--D. modesta (Leonardi 1899) (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--D. modestasimilis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979 FH93
    |--D. porosa VKC07
    |--D. sellnicki Hirschmann & Zirngiebl-Nicol 1969 FH93
    `--D. torpida Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979 FH93

Discourella modesta (Leonardi 1899) [=Celaeno modesta; incl. Trachyuropoda (Ianetiella) bella Berlese 1905, Discourella discopomoides Berlese 1910, Trichodinychura eucoma Willmann 1951, Discopoma puella Berlese 1910] FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FH93] Farrier, M. H., & M. K. Hennessey. 1993. Soil-inhabiting and free-living Mesostigmata (Acari-Parasitiformes) from North America: an annotated checklist with bibliography and index. North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State University, Technical Bulletin 302: i–xvi, 1–408.

[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

[VKC07] Vázquez, M. M., H. Klompen & C. I. Chargoy. 2007. Study of the Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata) in tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and Belize. In: Morales-Malacara, J. B., V. M. Behan-Pelletier, E. Ueckermann, T. M. Pérez, E. G. Estrada-Venegas & M. Badii (eds) Acarology XI: Proceedings of the International Congress pp. 43–50. Instituto de Biología and Faculdad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Sociedad Latinoamericana de Acarología: México.

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