Interpretive diagram of holotype abdomen of Siberiogenites mongolicus, from Sinitshenkova (2002).

Belongs within: Pisciformia.

The Siphlonuroidea is a group of mayflies whose members are united by symplesiomorphies only, with unmodified wings and nymphs usually with a plesiomorphic swimming mode (Kluge & Sinitshenkova 2002).

Characters (from Kluge & Sinitshenkova 2002): Wings anteritornal. Nymphs usually with legs able to be pressed to body being stretched posteriorly, abdomen capable of undulating dorsoventral swimming movement, cerci and paracercus much shorter than in imago, with swimming setae (each cercus with row of setae on inner side only, paracercus with pair of such rows on lateral sides), so cerci and paracercus functioning as horizontal caudal flipper.

    |  i. s.: Cretoneta KS02
    |         Promirara KS02
    |         Australurus KS02
    |         Dulcimanna KS02
    |         Siphlurites explanatus D70c
    |--Ametropodidae KS02
    |    |--Ametropus KS02
    |    `--Siphloplecton Clemens 1915 [Metretopodinae] D70a
    |         |--S. jaegeri Demoulin 1968 D70a
    |         `--S. macrops (Pictet 1856) D70a
    |--Siphlonuridae [Ameletopsidae] D70b
    |    |--Stackelbergisca sibirica KS02
    |    |--Proameletus caudatus KS02
    |    |--Siphlonurus KS02
    |    |--Mesobaetis mandalensis S02a
    |    |--Mogzonurella S02a
    |    |--Mogzonurus S02a
    |    |--Albisca tracheata S02b
    |    |--Oniscigaster distans PC66
    |    |--Nesameletus ornatus PC66
    |    |--Ameletopsis perscitus PC66
    |    |--Ameletus punctatus Takahashi 1931 TYM08
    |    |--Mirawara aapta ZS10, K-P83
    |    `--Olgisca Demoulin 1970 D70b
    |         `--*O. schwertschlageri (Handlirsch 1908) [=Paedephemera schwertschlageri] D70b
    `--Hexagenitidae [Paedephemeridea, Stenodicranidae] D70b
         |--Mongologenites laqueatus S02a
         |--Protoligoneuria limai S02a
         |--Hexameropsis selini S02a
         |--Cratogenites corradiniae S02a
         |--Hexagenites Scudder 1880 [incl. Paedephemera Handlirsch 1908; Hexagenitinae, Paedephemeridae] D70b
         |    `--H. cellulosus (Hagen 1862) (see below for synonymy) D70b
         |--Ephemeropsis [Ephemeropsidae] D70b
         |    |--E. melanurus KS02
         |    `--E. trisetalis S02a
         |--Palaeobaetodes S02a
         |    |--P. britoi S02a
         |    `--P. costalimai S02a
         `--Siberiogenites Sinitshenkova 1985 S02b
              |--S. medius S02b
              |--S. mongolicus Sinitshenkova 2002 S02b
              `--S. rotundatus S02b

Hexagenites cellulosus (Hagen 1862) [=Ephemera cellulosa, Mesemphera cellulosa; incl. E. mortua Hagen 1862, Paedephemera mortua, E. multinervosa Oppenheim 1888, *P. multinervosa, P. oppenheimi Handlirsch 1908, *Hexagenites weyenberghi Scudder 1880] D70b

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D70a] Demoulin, G. 1970a. Troisieme contribution a la connaisance des ephemeropteres d l'ambre Oligocene de la Baltique. Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 46 (2): 1-11.

[D70b] Demoulin, G. 1970b. Contribution a l'etude morphologique, systematique et phylogenique de ephemeropteres Jurassiques d'Europe centrale. V. Hexagenitidae = Paedephemeridae (syn. nov.) Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 46 (4): 1-8.

[D70c] Demoulin, G. 1970c. Contribution a la connaisance de ephemeropteres du Miocene. I. Siphlurites explanatus Cockerell. Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique 46 (5): 1-4.

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[S02b] Sinitshenkova, N. D. 2002b. New late Mesozoic mayflies from the Shar-Teeg locality, Mongolia (Insecta, Ephemerida = Ephemeroptera). Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal 2002 (3): 43-48 (transl. Paleontological Journal 36 (3): 270-276).

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