Female (left) and male Spinturnix myoti, copyright François Biollaz.

Belongs within: Gamasina.

The Spinturnicidae are a group of mites parasitic on bats. They are most commonly found on the bare wing and tail membranes of the host (Estrada-Peña & Sánchez 1991). The larval stage of the life cycle has been suppressed with the viviparous females giving birth directly to protonymphs (Evans & Till 1979).

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Male chelicera with spermatodactyl. Tritosternum absent or represented by tritosternal base remnant. Sternal setae inserted at margins of reduced sternal shield or in integument bordering it; epigynal shield narrowed or otherwise reduced, with or without setae. Tibia and genu I each with two anterolateral setae.

<==Spinturnicidae [Spinturnicinae]
    |--Paraspinturnix globosus WP99
    |--Eyndhovenia Rudnick 1960 ET79
    |    `--*E. euryalis (Canestrini 1884) ET79 [=Pteroptus euryalis ET79, Spinturnix euryalis H98]
    |--Paraperiglischrus Rudnick 1960 ET79
    |    `--*P. rhinolophinus (Koch 1841) [=Pteroptus rhinolophinus] ET79
    |--Mesoperiglischrus Dusbábek 1968 M-M01
    |    |--*M. nyctiellinus Dusbábek 1968 M-M01
    |    `--M. natali (Furman 1966) [=Periglischrus natali] M-M01
    |--Ancystropus E-PS91
    |    |--A. aethiopicus Hirst 1923 H23
    |    |--A. mulleri H23
    |    `--A. zelebori Kolenati 1856 H23
    |--Cameronieta E-PS91
    |    |--C. elongatus M-M96
    |    |--C. strandtmanni M-M96
    |    `--C. thomasi E-PS91
    |--Meristaspis Kolenati 1857 H98
    |    |--M. calcarata (Hirst 1923) H98 [=Ancystropus (Meristaspis) calcaratus H23, Spinturnix calcaratus H98]
    |    |--M. jordani E-PS91
    |    |--M. lateralis (Kolenati 1856) [=Pteropus lateralis, Ancystropus (Meristaspis) lateralis] H23
    |    |--M. macroglossi (Hirst 1923) H98 [=Ancystropus (Meristaspis) macroglossi H23, Spinturnix macroglossi H98]
    |    `--M. mindanaoensis Delfinado & Baker 1963 H98
    |--Spinturnix von Heyden 1826 H98 [incl. Diplostaspis Kolenati 1857 ET79, Pteroptus Dufour 1832 ET79]
    |    |--*S. myoti (Kolenati 1856) [=Pteroptus myoti] ET79
    |    |--S. americanus M-M96
    |    |--S. eptesici Domrow 1972 H98
    |    |--S. kolenatii E-PS91
    |    |--S. loricata Domrow 1972 H98
    |    |--S. mexicanus M-M96
    |    |--S. nepalensis E-PS91
    |    |--S. novaehollandiae Hirst 1931 [=S. novaehollandae (l. c.); incl. S. antipodianus Hirst 1931] H98
    |    |--S. orri M-M96
    |    |--S. paracuminatus E-PS91
    |    |--S. plecotinus E-PS91
    |    |--S. psi (Kolenati 1856) [=Pteroptus psi] H98
    |    |--S. queenslandicus Prasad 1969 E-PS91, H98
    |    |--S. vespertilionis KK54
    |    `--S. wilssoni E-PS91
    `--Periglischrus Kolenati 1857 E57
         |  i. s.: P. interruptus (Kolenati 1856) (see below for synonymy) H23
         |         P. leptosternus Morales-Malacara & López-Ortega 2001 L-MJ-GM-M07
         |--+--*P. caligus Kolenati 1857 E57, M-M01
         |  |--P. cubanus Dusbábek 1968 M-M01
         |  |--P. herrerai Machado-Allison 1965 M-M01
         |  |--P. hopkinsi Machado-Allison 1965 M-M01
         |  |--P. iheringi Oudemans 1902 M-M01
         |  |--P. ojastii Machado-Allison 1964 M-M01
         |  |--P. paracaligus Herrin & Tipton 1975 M-M01
         |  |--P. paravargasi Herrin & Tipton 1975 M-M01
         |  `--P. vargasi Hoffmann 1944 M-M01
         `--+--P. acutisternus Machado-Allison 1964 M-M01
            |--P. delfinadoae Dusbábek 1968 M-M01
            |--P. dusbabeki Machado-Allison & Antequera 1971 M-M01
            |--P. gameroi Machado-Allison & Antequera 1971 M-M01
            |--P. grandisoma Herrin & Tipton 1975 M-M01
            |--P. micronycteridis Furman 1966 M-M01
            |--P. paracutisternus Machado-Allison & Antequera 1971 M-M01
            |--P. paratorrealbai Herrin & Tipton 1975 M-M01
            |--P. parvus Machado-Allison 1964 M-M01
            |--P. ramirezi Machado-Allison & Antequera 1971 M-M01
            |--P. tonatii Herrin & Tipton 1975 M-M01
            `--P. torrealbai Machado-Allison 1965 M-M01

Periglischrus interruptus (Kolenati 1856) [=Pteroptus interruptus; incl. Pe. glutinimargo Kolenati 1858, Pt. hipposideros Kolenati 1856, Pe. hipposideros] H23

*Type species of generic name indicated


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