Counterpart, part and interpretive diagram of holotype of Saxonagrion minutus, from Nel et al. (1999).

Belongs within: Pandiscoidalia.
Contains: Zygoptera, Euepiproctophora, Isophlebioptera.

The Euodonata is the crown group of dragonflies and damselflies. Synapomorphies of this clade include the formation of the posterior arculus at the separation of veins RP and MA, and the presence of the subdiscoidal vein (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). The earliest record of this clade is from the Late Permian, with the stem-damselfly Saxonagrion minutus being found in the Salagou Formation of France (Nel et al. 1999).

    |--+--Zygoptera FB03
    |  `--Saxonagrion NB01 [Saxonagrionidae GE05]
    |       `--S. minutus Nel et al. 1999 NB01
    `--Epiprocta [Epiproctophora] GE05
         |  i. s.: Oreopteridae GE05
         |         Turanothemistidae GE05
         |--Euepiproctophora FB03
         `--+--Steleopteridae RP02
            `--Isophlebioptera FB03

Euodonata incertae sedis:
  Shurabiola Pritykina 1980 FN02
  Mortonagrion hirosei Asahina 1972 I92
  Rhipidolestes I92
    |--R. aculeata I92
    |    |--R. a. aculeata I92
    |    |--R. a. hiraoi I92
    |    `--R. a. yakusimensis I92
    `--R. okinawanus Asahina 1951 I92
  Boninthemis insularis (Matsumura 1913) I92
  Lyriothemis I92
    |--L. elegantissima I92
    `--L. tricolor Ris 1916 I92
  Bayadera brevicauda I92
    |--B. b. brevicauda I92
    `--B. b. ishigakiana Asahina 1964 I92
  Matrona basilaris I92
    |--M. b. basilaris I92
    |--M. b. japonica Foerster 1897 I92
    `--M. b. nigripectus I92
  Asiagomphus I92
    |--A. amamiensis (Asahina 1962) I92
    |    |--A. a. amamiensis I92
    |    `--A. a. okinawanus (Asahina 1964) I92
    `--A. yayeyamensis (Oguma 1926) I92
  Leptogomphus I92
    |--L. sauteri I92
    |    |--L. s. sauteri I92
    |    `--L. s. formosanus I92
    `--L. yayeyamensis Oguma 1926 I92
  Macromidia ishidai Asahina 1964 I92
  Cercion calamorum I92
  Boninagrion ezoin Asahina 1952 I92
  Stylogomphus I92
    |--S. ryukyuanus I92
    |    |--S. r. ryukyuanus I92
    |    `--S. r. asatoi Asahina 1972 I92
    `--S. shirozui I92
         |--S. s. shirozui I92
         `--S. s. watanabei Asahina 1984 I92
  Planaeschna I92
    |--P. ishigakiana Asahina 1951 I92
    |    |--P. i. ishigakiana I92
    |    `--P. i. nagaminei Asahina 1988 I92
    `--P. risi I92
         |--P. r. risi I92
         `--P. r. sakishimana Asahina 1964 I92
  Trapezostigma loewii TDC06
  Argiolestes minimus ASD05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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