Holotype of Reisia gelasii, from Museum Terra Triassica.

Belongs within: Odonatoptera.
Contains: Triadophlebiomorpha, Euodonata.

The Pandiscoidalia is a clade of odonatopterans including the living damselflies and dragonflies, as well as a number of closely related stem taxa.

Synapomorphies (from Nel et al. 2001): Wings with highly developed nodus with kink in ScP; nodal furrow present; nodal and subnodal crossveins aligned; primary antenodal crossvein Ax1 present.

<==Pandiscoidalia [Triadophlebioptera]
    |--Triadotypidae [Reisiidae, Triadotypomorpha] NB01
    |    |--Triadotypus Grauvogel & Laurentiaux 1952 NB01
    |    |    |--*T. guillaumei Grauvogel & Laurentiaux 1952 [=Reisia guillaumei] NB01
    |    |    `--T. nana Bechly 1997 [=T. guillaumei var. nana] NB01
    |    `--Reisia Handlirsch 1912 NB01
    |         |--*R. gelasii (Reis 1909) [=Handlirschia gelasii] NB01
    |         `--R. sodgianus (Pritykina 1981) [=Triadotypus sodgianus, T. sodiques (l. c.)] NB01
    `--Discoidalia NB01
         |--Triadophlebiomorpha RP02
         `--Odonata [Stigmoptera] GE05
              |  i. s.: Epallagoidea PN04
              |           |--Epallage [Epallagidae] P74
              |           |--Litheuphaea carpenteri Fraser 1955 PN04
              |           |--Parazacallites aquisextana Nel 1988 PN04
              |           `--Zacallites balli Cockerell 1928 PN04
              |         Telebasis salva P74
              |--Panodonata [Anisozygoptera, Libellulina] RP02
              |    |--Euodonata RP02
              |    `--Tarsophlebioptera FB03
              |         |--Turanophlebia GE05
              |         `--Tarsophlebia FB03 [Tarsophlebiidae RP02]
              |              `--*T. eximia (Hagen 1862) FB03
              `--Protomyrmeleontoidea [Archizygoptera, Protozygoptera] RP02
                   |  i. s.: Lodevia longialata Nel et al. 1999 BN02
                   |--Kennedyidae RP02
                   |--Permolestidae RP02
                   |--Permepallage BN02 [Permepallagidae RP02]
                   |    `--P. augustissima Martynov 1938 BN02
                   |--Permagrionidae RP02
                   |--Protomyrmeleontidae RP02
                   `--Batkeniidae RP02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BN02] Béthoux, O., A. Nel, J. Lapeyrie, G. Gand & J. Galtier. 2002. Raphogla rubra gen. n., sp. n., the oldest representative of the clade of modern Ensifera (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidea, Gryllidea). European Journal of Entomology 99: 111-116.

[FB03] Fleck, G., G. Bechly, X. Martínez-Delclòs, E. Jarzembowski, R. Coram & A. Nel. 2003. Phylogeny and classification of the Stenophlebioptera (Odonata: Epiproctophora). Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France 39 (1): 55-93.

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