Tiger quolls Dasyurus maculatus, copyright J.-L. Klein & M.-L. Hubert.

Belongs within: Dasyuridae.

The Dasyurinae is a group of carnivorous marsupials including the quolls (marsupial cats), mulgaras and related taxa. Members of this group include the largest living carnivorous marsupials.

    |--+--Dasykaluta rosamondae CB-E04
    |  `--Parantechinus Tate 1947 CB-E04, R64
    |       `--*P. apicalis [=Phascogale apicalis] R64
    |--+--‘Pseudantechinus’ ningbing CB-E04
    |  `--Myoictis Gray 1858 CB-E04, LA02
    |       `--*M. melas (Müller 1840) LA02
    `--+--Pseudantechinus Tate 1947 CB-E04, R64
       |    |--*P. macdonnellensis [=Phascogale macdonnellensis] R64
       |    |--P. roryi CWS05
       |    `--P. woolleyae CB-E04
       |--Dasycercus Peters 1875 CB-E04, LA02
       |    |--*D. cristicauda (Krefft 1867) LA02
       |    |--D. blythi TL70
       |    |--D. byrnei CB-E04
       |    |--D. hillieri LA02
       |    `--D. worboysi Dawson, Muirhead & Wroe 1999 LA02
       `--+--‘Antechinus’ bilarni Johnson 1954 R64 [=Parantechinus bilarni CB-E04]
          `--+--+--Neophascogale lorentzi CB-E04
             |  `--Phascolosorex CB-E04
             |       |--P. doriae CB-E04
             |       `--P. dorsalis CB-E04
             `--+--Sarcophilus Cuvier 1837 CB-E04, LA02 [Sarcophilini]
                |    |--*S. laniarius (Owen 1838) LA02
                |    |--S. harrisii (Boitard 1841) K92 [incl. S. ursinus S61]
                |    `--S. moornaensis Crabb 1982 LA02
                `--Dasyurus Geoffroy 1796 CB-E04, LA02
                     |  i. s.: D. bowlingi A14
                     |--D. hallucatus CB-E04 [=Satanellus hallucatus TL70]
                     `--+--+--*D. maculatus (Kerr 1792) LA02, CB-E04, LA02 [=Viverra maculata G91]
                        |  `--D. dunmalli Bartholomai 1971 LA02
                        `--+--D. viverrinus (Shaw 1800) CB-E04, R64 (see below for synonymy)
                           `--+--D. albopunctatus CB-E04
                              `--+--D. geoffroii Gould 1841 CB-E04, BD-D09
                                 `--D. spartacus CB-E04

Dasyurinae incertae sedis:
  Dasyurops D02
  Dasyurinus D02
  Archerium Wroe & Mackness 2000 LA02
    `--*A. chinchillaensis Wroe & Mackness 2000 LA02
  Dasyuroides Spencer 1896 LA02
    |--*D. byrnei Spencer 1896 LA02
    `--D. achilpatna Archer 1982 LA02
  Ganbulanyi Wroe 1998 LA02
    `--*G. djadjinguli Wroe 1998 LA02
  Glaucodon Stirton 1957 LA02
    `--*G. ballaratensis Stirton 1957 LA02

Dasyurus viverrinus (Shaw 1800) CB-E04, R64 [=Didelphis viverrina R64; incl. Mustela quoll Zimmermann 1777 (nom. inv.) R64, Dasyurus quoll R64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[BD-D09] Beveridge, I. & M.-C. Durette-Desset. 2009. A new species of the nematode genus Copemania (Nematoda: Trichostrongylida), parasitic in the western quoll, Dasyurus geoffroii and short-nosed bandicoot, Isoodon obesulus from south-western Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 25 (3): 345-349.

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