Winter ants Prenolepis imparis, photographed by Alex Wild.

Belongs within: Formicinae.

Prenolepis, the false honey ants, is a cosmopolitan genus of ants with twelve-segmented antennae, triangular mandibles, and antennal toruli close to the clypeal margin.

    |  i. s.: P. albimaculata BS06
    |         P. imparis BS06
    `--P. (Nylanderia) E14
         |--P. (N.) albipes E14
         |--P. (N.) amblyops E14
         |--P. (N.) asela E14
         |--P. (N.) bourbonica E14
         |--P. (N.) braueri E14
         |--P. (N.) bruesi E14
         |--P. (N.) caledonica For. 1902 E14
         |--P. (N.) comorensis E14
         |--P. (N.) dugasi E14
         |--P. (N.) elhoti E14
         |--P. (N.) flavipes E14
         |--P. (N.) foreli Emery 1914 [incl. P. foreli var. nigriventris Emery 1914] E14
         |--P. (N.) fulva E14
         |--P. (N.) glabra E14
         |--P. (N.) guatemalensis E14
         |--P. (N.) jaegerskioeldi E14
         |--P. (N.) kraepelini E14
         |--P. (N.) longicornis E14
         |--P. (N.) madagascariensis E14
         |--P. (N.) melanderi E14
         |--P. (N.) minutula E14
         |--P. (N.) obscura E14
         |--P. (N.) opaca E14
         |--P. (N.) silvestrii [incl. P. vividula var. kuenzleri] E14
         |--P. (N.) steinheili E14
         |--P. (N.) taylori E14
         |--P. (N.) vaga E14
         `--P. (N.) vividula E14

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BS06] Brady, S. G., T. R. Schultz, B. L. Fisher & P. S. Ward. 2006. Evaluating alternative hypotheses for the early evolution and diversification of ants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 103 (48): 18172-18177.

[E14] Emery, C. 1914. Les fourmis de la Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie & des ├«les Loyalty. In Nova Caledonia: Forschungen in Neu-Caledonian und auf den Loyalty-Inseln. A. Zoologie vol. 1, Heft IV (F. Sarasin & J. Roux, eds) pp. 393-436, pl. 12. C. W. Kreidels Verlag: Wiesbaden.

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