Glossocratus foveolatus, photographed by Gernot Kunz.

Belongs within: Cicadellidae.

The Hecalini are a group of grass-feeding leafhoppers with an expanded crown.

Characters (from Zahniser & Dietrich 2013): Medium sized to large, somewhat to strongly dorsoventrally flattened, stramineous, yellow, green, or brown leafhoppers, sometimes with bright orange or reddish markings. Head produced and parabolically, body dorsoventrally flattened, lateral margin of pronotum as long as or longer than the basal width of the eye, ocelli closer to they eyes than the laterofrontal sutures, apodemes of male sternite I long and relatively narrow, apodemes of male sternite II broad and well-developed, male pygofer often produced or pointed posterodorsally, segment X withdrawn into the pygofer, ventral margins of the male pygofer often lobate, aedeagus often with one or two pairs of apical processes, first valvula dorsal sculpturing granulose to maculose and submarginal, first valvula often with distinctly delimited ventroapical sculpturing, second valvula usually without teeth, humpbacked dorsally, and concave ventrally.

<==Hecalini L61
    |--Gcaleka laticephala Naudé 1926 L61
    |--Parabolitus L61
    |    |--P. anceps L61
    |    `--P. foliaticeps Linnavuori 1961 L61
    |--Hecalus Stål 1864 [incl. Parabolocratus Fieber 1866] L61
    |    |--*H. paykulli ([=Petalocephala paykulli] L61
    |    |--*Parabolocratus’ glaucescens L61
    |    `--H. virescens (Distant 1910) [=Parabolocratus virescens] L61
    `--Glossocratus Fieber 1866 L61
         |--*G. foveolatus L61
         |--G. afzelii L61
         |--G. durbanensis (Distant 1910) (see below for synonymy) L61
         `--G. major L61

Glossocratus durbanensis (Distant 1910) [=Hecalus durbanensis; incl. H. alienus Melichar 1907-1908, H. scutellatus Distant 1910] L61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L61] Linnavuori, R. 1961. Hemiptera (Homoptera): Cicadellidae. In: Hanström, B., P. Brinck & G. Rudebeck. South African Animal Life: Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951 vol. 8 pp. 452-486. Almqvist & Wiksell: Uppsala.

Zahniser, J. N., & C. H. Dietrich. 2013. A review of the tribes of Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Cicadellidae). European Journal of Taxonomy 45: 1-211.

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