Reconstruction of Paleuthygramma tenuicornis, from Grimaldi & Engel (2005).

Belongs within: Orthopteroidea.

The Caloneurodea are an extinct group of cursorial insects known from the Late Carboniferous and Permian (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

Characters (from Grimaldi & Engel 2005): Antennae long, multisegmented; fore and hind wings with similar shape, venation and texture; wing veins strongly convex and concave, CuA and CuP unbranched and nearly parallel (occasionally fused) in both wing pairs; hind wing with anal area absent; tarsi five-segmented; cerci (where known) unsegmented.

<==Caloneurodea [Caloneurida]
    |  i. s.: Sypharoptera R02
    |         Protokollaria R02
    |         Sthenarocera R02
    |         Eohymen R02
    |         Tshecalculus R02
    |         Paoliola gourlei R02
    |         Geroneura wilsoni R02
    |         Pruvostiella R02
    |         Boltonaloneura Rasnitsyn 2002 R02
    |           `--*B. subtilis (Bolton 1925) [=Caloneura subtilis] R02
    |--Pseudobiella [Permobiellidae] R02
    |--Anomalogrammatidae R02
    |--Amboneuridae R02
    |--Plesiogrammatidae R02
    |--Caloneura [Caloneuridae] R02
    |    `--*C. dawnsoni Brongniart 1885 BN02
    |--Paleuthygramma [Paleuthygrammatidae] GE05
    |    |--P. acutum R02
    |    `--P. tenuicornis GE05
    |--Euthygrammatidae [Gelastopteridae] R02
    |    |--Gelastopteron gracile R02
    |    `--Euthygramma parallelum Martynov 1938 BN02
    `--Apsidoneuridae R02
         |--Homaloptila similis (Meunier 1911) R02, BN02
         `--Apsidoneura R02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BN02] BĂ©thoux, O., & A. Nel. 2002. Venation pattern and revision of Orthoptera sensu nov. and sister groups. Phylogeny of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Orthoptera sensu nov. Zootaxa 96: 1-88.

[GE05] Grimaldi, D., & M. S. Engel. 2005. Evolution of the Insects. Cambridge University Press: New York.

[R02] Rasnitsyn, A. P. 2002. Cohors Cimiciformes Laicharting, 1781. In History of Insects (A. P. Rasnitsyn & D. L. J. Quicke, eds) pp. 104-115. Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht.

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