Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri, photographed by Marco Gaiani.

Belongs within: Psylloidea.

The Psyllinae is a group of plant-lice with the R vein separating in the wing before the M and Cu veins, and an undivided male proctiger (Heslop-Harrison 1961). The Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri is a particularly notorious species, as it acts as a vector of citrus greening disease (Huanglongbing).

Characters (from Heslop-Harrison 1961): Genae normally developed into conical swellings of variable development, only occasionally flat or rounded. When developed into cones, the latter do not obscure the antennal bases, but frequently cover or suppress the frons. Venation with the radial petiole ariaing from the common basal petiole independently of the joint medio-cubital petiole. Latter rarely as long as former, usually much shorter. Male proctiger never bipartite, comprised of an entire segment ten, usually tubular or, more rarely, with short rounded lateral wings. Antennae filiform, medium to quite long (from 1.5 to two or more times as longs as width of head), only occasionally short and stout; ten-segmented. Paired metatarsal spines present except in some Arytainini (in which reduced to one or none). Pronotum not constricted laterally. Propleurites of variable development, dividing pleural suture either vertical or diagonal. Ante-occipital tubercles rarely present.

<==Psyllinae H-H61
    |  i. s.: Retroacizzia Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |           `--*R. antennata Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |         Palaeolindbergiella Heslop-Harrison 1961 (see below for synonymy) H-H61
    |           `--*P. primitiva (Heslop-Harrison 1961) [=Lindbergiella (*Palaeolindbergiella) primitiva] H-H61
    |         Parapsylla Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |           `--*P. relicta Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |         Jenseniella Tuthill 1959 H-H61
    |         Agmapsylla Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |           `--*A. aureus Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |--Psylla S61 [Psyllini H-H61]
    |    |--P. acaciaebaileyanae S61
    |    `--P. juncorum Latreille 1802 L02
    |--Diaphorina Löw 1879 [=Diaphora Löw 1878 (preoc.); Diaphorinini] H-H61
    |    |--*D. putoni (Löw 1878) [=*Diaphora putoni] H-H61
    |    |--D. acokantherae [=Euphalarus acokantherae] H-H61
    |    |--D. brevigena Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |    |--D. carissae [=Euphalarus carissae] H-H61
    |    |--D. citri MHG04
    |    |--D. natalensis [=Euphalarus natalensis] H-H61
    |    |--D. porrigogena Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |    |--D. punctipennis Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |    |--D. punctulatus [=Euphalarus punctulatus] H-H61
    |    |--D. rubra Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    |    `--D. typica Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
    `--Arytainini H-H61
         |--Acizzia Heslop-Harrison 1959 H-H61 [incl. Neopsylla Heslop-Harrison 1946 (preoc.) H-H61; Acizziinae]
         |    |--*A. acaciae (Maskell 1894) [=Psylla acaciae] H-H61
         |    `--A. immaculata Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
         |--Floria Löw 1878 H-H61
         |    |  i. s.: F. pyrenaea H-H61
         |    |         F. spartiisuga H-H61
         |    |--*F. (Floria) spectabilis (Flor 1861) H-H61
         |    `--F. (Brinckitia Heslop-Harrison 1961) H-H61
         |         `--F. (*B.) annosa Heslop-Harrison 1961 H-H61
         `--Arytaina H-H61
              |--A. brevigena H-H61
              |--A. flava H-H61
              |--A. genistae H-H61
              |--A. meridionalis H-H61
              |--A. tuberculata H-H61
              `--A. variabilis H-H61

Palaeolindbergiella Heslop-Harrison 1961 [=Lindbergia Heslop-Harrison 1949 (n. n.) non Riedel 1958, Lindbergiella Heslop-Harrison 1961 (nom. inv.)] H-H61

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H-H61] Heslop-Harrison, G. 1961. Hemiptera (Homoptera): Psyllidae. In: Hanström, B., P. Brinck & G. Rudebeck. South African Animal Life: Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951 vol. 8 pp. 487-532. Almqvist & Wiksell: Uppsala.

[L02] Latreille, P. A. 1802. Histoire Naturelle des Fourmis, et recueil de mémoires et d'observations sur les abeilles, les araignées, les faucheurs, et autres insectes. Théophile Barrois père: Paris.

[MHG04] Maynard, G. V., J. G. Hamilton & J. F. Grimshaw. 2004. Quarantine—phytosanitary, sanitary and incursion management: an Australian entomological perspective. Australian Journal of Entomology 43 (3): 318-328.

[S61] Southcott, R. V. 1961. Studies on the systematics and biology of the Erythraeoidea (Acarina), with a critical revision of the genera and subfamilies. Australian Journal of Zoology 9: 367-610.

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