Mt Lassen draba Draba aureola, copyright John Game.

Belongs within: Brassicaceae.

Draba is a genus of often cushion- or mat-forming herbs found in the Northern Hemisphere and mountains of South America (Hickman 1993).

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual to perennia, often cushion- or mat-forming; hairs often branched. Leaves basal and sometimes cauline, entire or shallowly toothed. Flowers with sepal bases equal; petals <10 mm, yellow or white, claw and limb generally distinct. Fruit <30 mm, generally lanceolate to ovate, generally flat parallel to septum, less often partially inflated, sometimes twisted or wavy. Seeds in two rows per chamber; wing generally absent.

    |--D. affghanica O88
    |--D. albertina [incl. D. stenoloba var. nana, D. stenoloba var. ramosa] H93
    |--D. altaica O88
    |--D. amoena O88
    |--D. asterophora H93
    |    |--D. a. var. asterophora H93
    |    `--D. a. var. macrocarpa H93
    |--D. aureola H93
    |--D. breweri H93
    |--D. californica [=D. cuneifolia var. californica] H93
    |--D. cana H93
    |--D. carnosula [=D. howellii var. carnosula] H93
    |--D. cholaensis O88
    |    |--D. c. var. cholaensis O88
    |    `--D. c. var. leiocarpa O88
    |--D. corrugata H93
    |    |--D. c. var. corrugata H93
    |    `--D. c. var. saxosa H93
    |--D. crassifolia H93
    |    |--D. c. var. crassifolia H93
    |    `--D. c. var. nevadensis H93
    |--D. cruciata H93
    |--D. cuneifolia (see below for synonymy) H93
    |--D. densifolia H93
    |--D. elata O88
    |--D. ellipsoidea O88
    |--D. glomerata O88
    |--D. gracillima O88
    |--D. haynaldii H09
    |--D. howellii H93
    |--D. incrassata [=D. lemmonii var. incrassata] H93
    |--D. lasiophylla O88
    |    |--D. l. var. lasiophylla O88
    |    `--D. l. var. leiocarpa O88
    |--D. lemmonii H93
    |--D. lonchocarpa [incl. D. nivalis var. elongata] H93
    |--D. magellanica D03
    |--D. monoensis H93
    |--D. nemorosa H93
    |--D. oligosperma [incl. D. oligosperma var. subsessilis] H93
    |--D. oreades O88
    |--D. paysonii H93
    |    |--D. p. var. paysonii H93
    |    `--D. p. var. treleasei H93
    |--D. praealta H93
    |--D. pterosperma H93
    |--D. reptans [incl. D. micrantha] H93
    |--D. sharsmithii [incl. D. cruciata var. integrifolia] H93
    |--D. sierrae H93
    |--D. staintonii O88
    |--D. subumbellata H93
    |--D. verna [incl. D. verna var. aestivalis] H93
    `--D. williamsii O88

Draba cuneifolia [incl. D. cuneifolia var. integrifolia non D. cruciata var. integrifolia, D. cuneifolia var. sonorae] H93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D03] Dusén, P. 1903. The vegetation of western Patagonia. In: Scott, W. B. (ed.) Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896–1899 vol. 8. Botany pp. 1–34. The University: Princeton (New Jersey).

[H09] Heltmann, H. 2009. Der Königstein (Piatra Craiului), die Perle der Burzenländer Gebirge. Mauritiana 20 (3): 515–527.

[H93] Hickman, J. C. (ed.) 1993. The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. University of California Press: Berkeley (California).

[O88] Ohba, H. 1988. The alpine flora of the Nepal Himalayas: an introductory note. In: Ohba, H., & S. B. Malla (eds) The Himalayan Plants vol. 1. The University Museum, University of Tokyo, Bulletin 31: 19–46.

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