Pink wax flower Eriostemon australasius, copyright Geoff Derrin.

Belongs within: Zanthoxyleae.
Contains: Boronia.

The Boronieae are a group of mostly small to medium-sized shrubs that are usually found growing in open woodlands.

<==Boronieae [Eriostemoninae]
    |  i. s.: Boronia B12
    |         Zieria S87
    |           |--Z. arborescens WB-P93
    |           |--Z. laevigata C08
    |           |--Z. pilosa H87a
    |           `--Z. smithii H87a
    |                |--Z. s. var. smithii S87
    |                `--Z. s. var. macrophylla S87
    |--Eriostemon MS06
    |    |--E. alpinus [=Phebalium squamulosum var. alpinum] S87
    |    |--E. australasius [incl. E. lanceolatus] TW07
    |    |--E. brevifolius MS06
    |    |--E. buxifolius H87a
    |    |--E. correifolius [=Asterolasia correifolia; incl. A. muellerii] S87
    |    |--E. crowei [=Crowea saligna] S87
    |    |    |--E. s. var. saligna S87
    |    |    `--‘Crowea’ s. var. exalata S87
    |    |--E. falcatus M93
    |    |--E. nodiflorus GK00
    |    |    |--E. n. ssp. nodiflorus GK00
    |    |    `--E. n. ssp. lasiocalyx GK00
    |    |--E. ovatifolius [=Phebalium ovatifolium] S87
    |    |--E. ozothamnoides [=Phebalium ozothamnoides] S87
    |    |--E. phylicifolius [=Phebalium phylicifolium] S87
    |    |--E. trachyphyllus S87
    |    `--E. trymalioides [=Asterolasia trymalioides] S87
    `--+--Correa [Correinae] MS06
       |    |--C. aemula S87
       |    |--C. alba H87a
       |    |--C. lawrenciana S87
       |    |--C. pulchella MS06
       |    `--C. speciosa C08
       |         |--C. s. var. speciosa S87
       |         |--C. s. var. cardinalis S87
       |         `--C. s. var. mormalis TW07
       `--+--Chorilaena [Nematolepidinae] MS06
          |    `--C. quercifolia MS06
          `--+--Diplolaena [Diplolaeninae] MS06
             |    |--D. dampieri MS06
             |    `--D. grandiflora KM08
             `--Phebalium Vent. 1804 MS06, A61
                  |--P. ambiguum G04
                  |--P. brachycalyx G04
                  |--P. canaliculatum G04
                  |--P. denticulatum H87b
                  |--P. filifolium G04
                  |--P. glandulosum C08
                  |--P. nudum Hook. 1843 A61
                  |--P. rotundifolium C08
                  |--P. squameum SN08
                  |--P. tuberculosum M93
                  `--P. woombye MS06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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