Allodiscus godeti, from here.

Belongs within: Punctoidea.

Allodiscus is an Australasian genus of land snails with a discoidal to globose shell bearing a sculpture of prominent primary axial ribs.

Allodiscus Pilsbry 1892 P61
    |--*A. dimorphus (Pfeiffer 1853) [=Helix dimorpha] P61
    |--A. adriana (Hutton 1883) P61
    |--A. austrodimorphus Dell 1955 P61
    |--A. cassandra (Hutton 1883) P61
    |--A. chion (Sykes 1896) P61
    |--A. cooperi Suter 1907 P61
    |--A. fallax Powell 1952 P61
    |--A. fectoloides Dell 1955 P61
    |--A. godeti (Suter 1891) P61
    |--A. granum (Pfeiffer 1857) P61
    |--A. mossi (Murdoch 1897) P61
    |    |--A. m. mossi P61
    |    `--A. m. stewartensis David 1934 P61
    |--A. planulatus (Hutton 1883) P61
    |--A. rusticus Suter 1894 P61
    |--A. smithi Suter 1894 P61
    |--A. spiritus Powell 1952 P61
    |--A. tessellatus Powell 1941 P61
    |--A. tholoides (Suter 1907) P61
    |--A. tullia (Gray 1850) P61
    |--A. turbotti Powell 1948 P61
    |--A. urquharti Suter 1894 P61
    |--A. venulatus (Pfeiffer 1857) P61
    `--A. wairoaensis Suter 1894 P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


Powell, A. W. B. 1961. Shells of New Zealand: An illustrated handbook 4th ed. Whitcombe and Tombs Limited: Christchurch.

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