Aeolidia loui, copyright A Nudibranch Mom.

Belongs within: Aeolidacea.

The Aeolidiidae are a group of nudibranchs characterised by a uniseriate radula with pectinate teeth, and a diet of sea anemones.

<==Aeolidiidae [Eolidae, Eolididae, Eolidinae, Serratae, Triseriatae, Uniseriatae]
    |--Aeolidiella Bergh 1867 KM17, BR05 [Aeolidiellidae]
    |    |--A. alderi (Cocks 1852) H01
    |    |--A. glauca (Alder & Hancock 1845) H01
    |    `--A. indica Bergh 1888 HS01
    `--+--Spurilla Bergh 1864 KM17, BR05 [Spurillidae, Spurillinae]
       |    |--*S. neapolitana (delle Chiaje 1841) [=Eolis neapolitana] BR17
       |    `--S. chromosoma Cockerell & Eliot 1905 PP78
       `--Aeolidia Cuvier 1798 KM17 [=Eolis (l. c.) BR05]
            |--*A. papillosa (Linnaeus 1761) P61, H01 (see below for synonymy)
            |--‘Eolis’ adelaidae M01
            |--‘Eolis’ auriculata N79
            |--‘Eolis’ despecta N79
            |--‘Eolis’ farrani M01
            |--‘Eolis’ flavescens N79
            |--A. gracilis (Kirk 1883) P61
            |--A. leptosoma (Hutton 1884) P61 [=Eolis leptosoma F27]
            |--A. loui Kienberger, Carmona et al. 2016 KM17
            |--‘Eolis’ olivacea M01
            `--‘Eolis’ viridis M01

Aeolidiidae incertae sedis:
  Dolicheolis Finlay 1927 P61
    `--*D. longicauda (Quoy & Gaimard 1832) P61 [=Eolidia longicauda F27]
  Glaucilla Bergh 1867 P61
    |--*G. marginata P61
    `--G. briareus [incl. G. atlantica] P61
  Hervia Bergh 1871 P61
    |--*H. modesta P61
    |--H. corfei (Hutton 1881) P61
    `--H. costai Haefelfinger 1961 H01
  Eolidina Quatrefages 1843 [Eolidininae] BR05
    |--*E. paradoxa Quatrefages 1843 BR17
    |--E. drusilla (Bergh 1900) P61 [=Aeolidiella drusilla F27]
    |--E. faustina (Bergh 1900) P61 [=Aeolidiella faustina F27]
    `--E. sommeringii P61
  Cerberilla Bergh 1873 [Cerberillidae] KM17
  Antaeolidiella Miller 2001 KM17
  Baeolidia Bergh 1888 KM17
  Berghia Trinchese 1877 KM17
  Bulbaeolidia Carmona, Pola et al. 2013 KM17
  Limenandra Haefelfinger & Stamm 1958 KM17
  Zeusia Korshunova, Zimina & Martynov 2017 KM17

*Aeolidia papillosa (Linnaeus 1761) P61, H01 [=Limax papillosus BR17; incl. A. papillosa var. serotina Bergh 1873 H01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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