Paraparatrechina glabra, copyright Erin Prado.

Belongs within: Formicinae.
Contains: Lasius, Nylanderia, Prenolepis.

The Lasiini are a clade of formicine ants united by molecular phylogenetic analysis, as well as the possession of a circular or subcircular propodeal spiracle and widely separated hind coxae.

<==Lasiini [Acanthomyopsini, Prenolepidii] WBF16
    |  i. s.: Glaphyromyrmex WBF16
    |--Cladomyrma petalae WBF16
    `--+--+--Lasius BS06
       |  `--Myrmecocystus Wesm. 1838 BS06, B03
       |       |--*M. melligera B03
       |       |--M. albicans G89
       |       |--M. cursor MS01
       |       |--M. flaviceps BS06
       |       |--M. mimicus ES12
       |       |--M. setipes Forel 1894 [=M. viaticus setipes] B03
       |       `--M. viaticus MS01
       `--+--+--Nylanderia WBF16
          |  `--+--Pseudolasius Emery 1887 [incl. Nesolasius Wheeler 1935] LBS10
          |     |    |--*P. familiaris (Smith 1861) [=Formica familiaris] Z01
          |     |    |--P. australis Forel 1915 TB85
          |     |    |--P. cibdelus Z01
          |     |    |--P. emeryi Forel 1911 Z01
          |     |    |--P. risii Forel 1894 Z01
          |     |    |--P. similus Zhou 2001 Z01
          |     |    `--P. typhlops [=P. (*Nesolasius) typhlops] LBS10
          |     `--+--Euprenolepis Emery 1906 [incl. Chapmanella Wheeler 1930] LBS10
          |        |    |--*E. procera [=Prenolepis (*Euprenolepis) procera] LBS10
          |        |    |--E. negrosensis LBS10
          |        |    |--E. varigata N-ZLI11
          |        |    `--E. wittei N-ZLI11
          |        `--Paratrechina Motschoulsky 1863 LBS10, T99
          |             |  i. s.: P. aseta (Forel 1902) [=Prenolepis aseta, Pa. (Nylanderia) aseta] Z01
          |             |         P. opisopthalmos Zhou & Zheng 1998 Z01
          |             |--P. longicornis (Latreille 1802) WBF16, FT08 (see below for synonymy)
          |             `--+--P. antsingy WBF16
          |                `--P. zanjensis WBF16
          `--+--+--Prenolepis WBF16
             |  `--Zatania albimaculata WBF16
             `--+--‘Prenolepis’ albimaculata LBS10
                `--Paraparatrechina Donisthorpe 1947 WBF16, LBS10
                     |  i. s.: *P. pallida (Donisthorpe 1947) T99 [=Paratrechina (*Paraparatrechina) pallida LBS10]
                     |         P. albipes [=Paratrechina albipes] LBS10
                     |         P. bufonus [=Pseudolasius bufonus] LBS10
                     |         P. butteli [=Paratrechina butteli] LBS10
                     |           |--P. b. butteli LBS10
                     |           |--P. b. bryanti [=Paratrechina butteli bryanti] LBS10
                     |           `--P. b. malaccana [=Paratrechina butteli malaccana] LBS10
                     |         P. caledonica [=Paratrechina caledonica] LBS10
                     |         P. dichroa [=Paratrechina dichroa] LBS10
                     |         P. emarginata [=Paratrechina emarginata] LBS10
                     |         P. foreli [=Paratrechina foreli] LBS10
                     |           |--P. f. foreli LBS10
                     |           `--P. f. nigriventris [=Paratrechina nigriventris] LBS10
                     |         P. iridescens [=Paratrechina iridescens] LBS10
                     |         P. koningsbergeri [=Paratrechina koningsbergeri] LBS10
                     |         P. lecamopteridis [=Paratrechina lecamopteridis] LBS10
                     |         P. minutula (Forel 1901) LBS10, FT08 (see below for synonymy)
                     |           |--P. m. minutula LBS10
                     |           `--P. m. buxtoni LBS10
                     |         P. nana (Santschi 1928) LBS10, TB85 [=Paratrechina (Nylanderia) nana LBS10, TB85]
                     |         P. nettae [=Paratrechina nettae] LBS10
                     |         P. opaca [=Paratrechina opaca] LBS10
                     |           |--P. o. opaca LBS10
                     |           `--P. o. metallescens [=Paratrechina opaca metallescens] LBS10
                     |         P. pusillima [=Paratrechina pusillima] LBS10
                     |         P. sauteri (Forel 1913) LBS10, Z01 (see below for synonymy)
                     |         P. subtilis [=Paratrechina subtilis] LBS10
                     |           |--P. s. subtilis LBS10
                     |           `--P. s. termitophila [=Paratrechina subtilis termitophila] LBS10
                     |         P. tapinomoides [=Paratrechina tapinomoides] LBS10
                     |--P. oceanica [=Paratrechina oceanica] LBS10
                     `--+--P. glabra [=Paratrechina glabra] LBS10
                        `--P. weissi [=Pseudolasius weissi] LBS10

Paraparatrechina minutula (Forel 1901) LBS10, FT08 [=Prenolepis minutula TB85, Paratrechina minutula LBS10, Pr. (Nylanderia) minutula E14]

Paraparatrechina sauteri (Forel 1913) LBS10, Z01 [=Prenolepis (Nylanderia) minutula r. sauteri Z01, Paratrechina (N.) sauteri LBS10, Z01]

Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille 1802) WBF16, FT08 [=Formica longicornis B03, Prenolepis (Nylanderia) longicornis E14; incl. *Paratrechina currens Motschoulsky 1863 T99, Formica gracilescens Nylander 1856 Z01, Paratrechina longicornis hagemanni (Forel 1901) LBS10, F. vagans Jerdon 1851 Z01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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