Plagiolepis alluaudi, copyright Brian Heterick.

Belongs within: Plagiolepidini.

Plagiolepis is an Old World genus of minute predatory ants.

Characters (from Heterick 2009): Antenna 11-segmented; palps long, palpal formula 6-4; propodeum smooth, unarmed; acidipore present.

Plagiolepis Mayr 1861 [incl. Anacantholepis Santschi 1914, Aporomyrmex Faber 1969, Paraplagiolepis Faber 1969] Z01
    |--*P. pygmaea (Latreille 1798) [=Formica pygmaea] TB85
    |--P. alluaudi Forel 1894 FT08
    |--P. custodiens A61
    |--P. dichroa Forel 1902 B03
    |--P. exigua Forel 1894 FT08
    |    |--P. e. exigua TB85
    |    `--P. exigua quadrimaculata Forel 1902 TB85
    |--P. jerdoni Forel 1894 B03
    |--P. lucidula Wheeler 1934 TB85
    |--P. moelleri Bingham 1903 B03
    |--P. pissina Roger 1863 B03
    |--P. rogeri Forel 1894 B03
    |--P. rothneyi Forel 1894 [=Acantholepis (Lepisiota) rothneyi] Z01
    |--P. squamosula Wheeler 1934 TB85 [incl. P. clarki Wheeler 1934 H09, TB85, P. nynganensis McAreavey 1949 H09, TB85]
    |    |--P. s. squamosula TB85
    |    `--P. ‘clarki’ impasta Wheeler 1934 TB85
    |--P. taurica ES12
    |--P. vindobonensis ES12
    |--P. watsoni Forel 1894 [=P. rothneyi watsoni] B03
    `--P. wroughtoni Forel 1902 [=P. rothneyi wroughtoni] B03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[Z01] Zhou, S. 2001. Ants of Guangxi. Guangxi Normal University Press: Guilin (China).

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