Dinetus pictus, copyright Sarah Gregg.

Belongs within: Apoidea.
Contains: Sericophorus, Bothynostethini, Solierella, Miscophus, Oxybelini, Crabronini, Palarus, Plenoculus, Paranysson, Larrini, Lyroda, Sphodrotes, Trypoxylini, Nitela.

The Crabronidae are a group of apoid wasps restricted by Sann et al. (2018) on the basis of molecular data to a clade including members of the genus Dinetus together with the subfamilies Crabroninae and Larrinae as recognised by Bohart & Menke (1976). Members of this clade usually have antennal sockets low on the face, often contiguous with the frontoclypeal suture, and have a relatively short jugal lobe on the hind wing. Dinetus is a Palaearctic genus of small, colourful wasps in which the males have distinctively rolled and twisted antennae (Bohart & Menke 1976).

    |--Dinetus Panzer 1806 PK17, BM76 [Dinetinae, Dinetini]
    |    |--*D. pictus (Fabricius 1793) BM76 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--D. arenarius Kazenas 1973 BM76
    |    |--D. cereolus Morice 1897 BM76
    |    |    |--D. c. cereolus BM76
    |    |    `--D. c. politus Turner 1917 BM76
    |    |--D. dentipes Saunders 1910 [incl. D. gracilis Giner Marí 1945] BM76
    |    |--D. nabataeus Beaumont 1960 BM76
    |    |--D. pulawskii Beaumont 1960 BM76
    |    |--D. simplicipes Saunders 1910 [incl. D. perezi Ferton 1914] BM76
    |    `--D. venustus Beaumont 1956 BM76
    `--Crabroninae [Larridae, Larrinae, Miscophini] SN18
         |  i. s.: Sericophorini [Sericophorinae] LP10
         |           |--Sericophorus LP10
         |           `--Larrisson Menke 1967 LP10
         |                |--*L. abnormis (Turner 1914) C85 [=Sericophorus abnormis LP10]
         |                |--L. azyx Menke 1979 C85
         |                |--L. nedymus Menke 1979 C85
         |                `--L. rieki Menke 1979 C85
         |         Aha Menke 1977 LP10, C85
         |           |--*A. ha Menke 1977 C85
         |           `--A. evansi Menke 1977 C85
         |         0--Bothynostethini BM76
         |         `--Scapheutini BM76
         |              |--Bohartella Menke 1968 BM76
         |              |    `--*B. scapheutoides Menke 1968 BM76
         |              `--Scapheutes Handlirsch 1887 BM76
         |                   |--*S. mocsaryi Handlirsch 1887 BM76
         |                   |--S. brasilianus Handlirsch 1895 BM76
         |                   |--S. flavopictus (Smith 1860) [=Pison flavopictus] BM76
         |                   |--S. friburgensis Brèthes 1913 BM76
         |                   `--S. laetus (Smith 1860) [=Pison laetus] BM76
         |         0--Solierella BM76
         |         `--+--+--Miscophus BM76
         |            |  `--Saliostethus Brauns in Kohl 1896 [incl. Mutillonitela Bridwell 1920] BM76
         |            |       |--*S. lentifrons Braun 1896 BM76
         |            |       |--S. capicola Arnold 1923 BM76
         |            |       |--S. lounsburyi (Bridwell 1920) [=Mutillonitela lounsburyi] BM76
         |            |       |--S. mimicus (Bridwell 1920) [=*Mutillonitela mimica] BM76
         |            |       `--S. rhodesianus Arnold 1929 BM76
         |            `--+--Saliostethoides Arnold 1924 BM76
         |               |    `--*S. saltator Arnold 1924 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |               `--Miscophoides Brauns in Kohl 1896 BM76
         |                    |--*M. (Miscophoides) handlirschii Brauns 1896 BM76
         |                    `--M. (Miscophoidellus Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976) BM76
         |                         |--M. (*M.) formosus Arnold 1924 BM76
         |                         `--M. (M.) minutus Arnold 1952 BM76
         |--+--Oxybelini PK17
         |  `--Crabronini PK17
         `--+--+--Palarus SN18
            |  `--+--Mesopalarus Brauns 1899 BM76
            |     |    |--*M. mayri Brauns 1899 BM76
            |     |    `--M. turneri Arnold 1931 BM76
            |     `--+--Plenoculus BM76
            |        `--Paranysson SN18
            `--+--+--Larrini SN18
               |  `--+--Lyroda SN18
               |     `--Sphodrotes SN18
               `--+--Trypoxylini SN18
                  `--+--Nitela SN18
                     `--Auchenophorus Turner 1907 BM76
                          |--*A. coruscans Turner 1907 C85
                          |--A. aeneus Turner 1907 C85
                          `--A. fulvicornis Turner 1907 C85

Crabronidae incertae sedis:
  ‘Vespa’ argyrostoma Gmelin 1790 [=V. argurostoma (l. c.)] BM76
  ‘Vespa’ braccata Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ canescens Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ chrysogona Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ chrysopus Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ chrysostoma Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ clavata Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ cylindrica Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ dichroa Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ ferruginea Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ flavicans Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ flavipes Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ immaculata Gmelin 1790 [=V. immacula (l. c.)] BM76
  ‘Vespa’ leskii Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ lutea Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ marginata Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ melanostoma Gmelin 1790 [=V. melanops (l. c.)] BM76
  ‘Vespa’ nigerrima Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ ochropus Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ punctulata Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ tibialis Gmelin 1790 BM76
  ‘Vespa’ unifasciata Gmelin 1790 BM76

*Dinetus pictus (Fabricius 1793) BM76 [=Crabro pictus BM76, Larra (Dinetus) picta G20; incl. C. ceraunius Rossi 1794 BM76, Sphex guttatus Fabricius 1793 non Gmelin 1790 BM76]

*Saliostethoides saltator Arnold 1924 [=Saliostethus saltator; incl. Miscophus reptans Arnold 1962] BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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[PK17] Peters, R. S., L. Krogmann, C. Mayer, A. Donath, S. Gunkel, K. Meusemann, A. Kozlov, L. Podsiadlowski, M. Petersen, R. Lanfear, P. A. Diez, J. Heraty, K. M. Kjer, S. Klopfstein, R. Meier, C. Polidori, T. Schmitt, S. Liu, X. Zhou, T. Wappler, J. Rust, B. Misof & O. Niehuis. 2017. Evolutionary history of the Hymenoptera. Current Biology 27 (7): 1013–1018.

[SN18] Sann, M., O. Niehuis, R. S. Peters, C. Mayer, A. Kozlov, L. Podsiadlowski, S. Bank, K. Meusemann, B. Misof, C. Bleidorn & M. Ohl. 2018. Phylogenomic analysis of Apoidea sheds new light on the sister group of bees. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18: 71.

Last updated: 27 August 2020.

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