White-footed ant Technomyrmex albipes, copyright Scot Nelson.

Belongs within: Dolichoderinae.

Technomyrmex is a genus of smaller, mostly arboreal ants found in warmer regions of the Old World.

Characters (from Bingham 1903): Worker with head more or less cordate, occiput emarginate, generally broader than anterior margin of head; mandibles broad, triangular, masticatory margin equal in length to outer margin, the former armed with numerous small teeth; clypeus broad, convex in the middle, extending angularly up between antennal carinae; frontal area indistinct; antennal carinae short, wide apart, parallel; scape moderately long, flagellum thickening slightly towards apex; eyes comparatively large, placed in front of transverse middle line of head. Thorax moderately broad, viewed in profile deeply emarginate at meso-metanotal suture; pro-mesonotal suture distinct but not incised; mesonotum convex, raised slightly above pronotum, the two together forming a convex gibbosity; metanotum convex, basal portion slightly sloping forward, apical portion much longer and sloping backwards; legs comparatively short and stout, calcaria pectinate, claws simple. Pedicel without a proper elevated node, simply with an oval flat thickening in the middle; abdomen at base very much produced, raised and gibbous, overhanging pedicel, posteriorly conical, with an apical cloacal aperture. Queen closely resembling worker except head proportionately broader posteriorly; ocelli present and distinct though small; thorax more massive; mesonotum and scutellum nearly flat, very slightly convex; slight constriction present behind wings; fore wing with a radial and one cubital cell; metanotum broad, sloping obliquely back to apex, only slightly convex, nearly flat; pedicel very short, together with abdomen as in worker.

<==Technomyrmex Mayr 1872 FT08 [incl. Aphantolepis Wheeler 1930 Z01, Engramma Forel 1905 Z01]
    |--*T. strenuus Mayr 1872 TB85
    |--T. albipes (Smith 1861) (see below for synonymy) Z01
    |    |--T. a. albipes TB85
    |    `--T. a. cedarensis Forel 1915 TB85
    |--T. antennus Zhou 2001 Z01
    |--T. bicolor Emery 1893 TB85
    |    |--T. b. bicolor TB85
    |    `--T. b. antonii Forel 1902 TB85
    |--T. brunneus Forel 1895 [=T. albipes brunneus] B03
    |--T. difficilis BS06
    |--T. elatior Forel 1902 [=T. mogdiliani elatior] B03
    |--T. horni N-ZLI11
    |--T. jocosus Forel 1910 TB85
    |--T. kraepelini N-ZLI11
    |--T. modiglianii N-ZLI11
    |--T. quadricolor (Wheeler 1930) [=*Aphantolepis quadricolor] TB85
    |--T. sophiae Forel 1902 TB85
    `--T. vitiensis Mann 1921 FT08

Technomyrmex albipes (Smith 1861) [=Formica (Tapinoma) albipes; incl. Tapinoma albitarse Motschulsky 1863, Ta. nigrum Mayr 1862, Technomyrmex albipes st. rufescens Santschi 1928, Te. albipes var. vitiensis Mann 1921] Z01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[Z01] Zhou, S. 2001. Ants of Guangxi. Guangxi Normal University Press: Guilin (China).

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