Ammophila ferrugineipes, copyright Mark Jones.

Belongs within: Sphecidae.
Contains: Parapsammophila, Podalonia.

The Ammophilinae are a group of rather large wasps with a long, slender gaster and usually a long petiole (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976, as Ammophilini): Sockets near middle of face and usually separated from frontoclypeal suture; male antenna without placoids; scape ovate to slender and parallel-sided; flagellomere I nearly always longer than II. Clypeus large, broader than long to longer than broad; labrum variable but usually broader than long. Mandible with one to three inner teeth, rarely simple; mandible socket commonly closed by paramandibular process of hypostoma. Maxillary palpal segment III symmetrical; hypostomal carina complete; occipital carina incomplete below, ending just short of hypostomal carina, or meeting hypostomal carina at or near its apex. Collar short to long. Propodeal enclosure usually present and defined by differential sculpture rather than a sulcus; spiracular groove absent; episternal sulcus usually long, extending to or nearly to anteroventral margin of pleuron; lower metapleural area usually present, defined by ridge or sulcus between upper and lower metapleural pits. Marginal cell apex variable; three submarginal cells usually present (rarely one or two); both recurrent veins usually received by submarginal cell II. Female with psammophore; midcoxae contiguous or nearly so; two apicoventral setae of hindtarsomere V setiform to moderately broad, blade-like, usually separated by three or more setal widths; inner margin of claw simple or with one or two basal teeth; tarsi usually without plantulae. Petiole usually consisting of sternum I only (tergum I occasionally part of petiole); tergum VIII without cerci; volsella with articulating digitus.

<==Ammophilinae [Ammophilini] SN18
    |--+--Eremnophila Menke 1964 SN18, BM76
    |  |    |--*E. opulenta (Guérin-Méneville 1838) [=Ammophila opulenta; incl. A. bimaculigera Strand 1910] BM76
    |  |    |--E. asperata (Fox 1897) [=Ammophila asperata] BM76
    |  |    |--E. aureonotata (Cameron 1888) [=Ammophila aureonotata] BM76
    |  |    |--E. auromaculata (Pérez 1891) [=Ammophila auromaculata; incl. A. giacomellii Schrottky 1910] BM76
    |  |    |--E. binodis (Fabricius 1798) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |  |    |--E. catamarcensis (Schrottky 1910) [=Ammophila catamarcensis] BM76
    |  |    |--E. eximia (Lepeletier 1845) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |  |    |--E. melanaria (Dahlbom 1843) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |  |    `--E. willinki (Menke 1964) [=Ammophila willinki] BM76
    |  `--Podalonia SN18
    `--Ammophila Kirby 1798 SN18, C85 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*A. sabulosa (Linnaeus 1758) C85 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. s. sabulosa BM76
         |    |--A. s. kamtschatica Gussakovskij 1933 BM76
         |    |--A. s. nipponica Tsuneki 1967 BM76
         |    `--A. s. touareg André 1886 [incl. A. oraniensis Roth 1928] BM76
         |--A. aberti Haldeman 1852 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. acuta (Fernald 1934) [=Sphex acutus] BM76
         |--A. adelpha Kohl 1901 BM76
         |--A. aellos Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. afghanica Balthasar 1957 BM76
         |--A. airensis Berland 1950 BM76
         |--A. albotomentosa Morice 1900 BM76
         |--A. altigena Gussakovskij 1930 BM76
         |--A. antenniferruginea WB17
         |--A. antiquella Cockerell 1906 BM76
         |--A. aphrodite Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. apicalis Guérin-Méneville 1835 [incl. A. guerinii Dalla Torre 1897] BM76
         |--A. arabica Kirby 1900 BM76
         |--A. ardens Smith 1868 C85
         |--A. areolata Walker 1871 BM76
         |--A. argyrocephala Arnold 1951 BM76
         |--A. ‘arvensis’ Lepeletier 1845 non Dahlbom 1843 BM76
         |--A. asiatica Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--A. assimilis Kohl 1901 BM76
         |--A. atlantica Roth 1928 BM76
         |--A. atripes Smith 1852 C85 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. a. atripes BM76
         |    |--A. a. formosana Strand 1913 [incl. A. taiwana Tsuneki 1967] BM76
         |    |--A. a. japonica Kohl 1906 BM76
         |    `--A. a. taschenbergi Cameron 1890 [incl. A. erythropus Taschenberg 1869 non Smith 1856] BM76
         |--A. aucella Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. aurifera Turner 1908 C85
         |--A. azteca Cameron 1888 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--A. a. azteca BM76
         |    `--A. a. clemente Menke 1967 BM76
         |--A. barbara (Lepeletier 1845) [=*Coloptera barbara] BM76
         |    |--A. b. barbara BM76
         |    `--A. b. semota Beaumont 1967 BM76
         |--A. barbarorum Arnold 1951 BM76
         |--A. basalis Smith 1856 [incl. A. nigripes Smith 1856, A. orientalis Cameron 1889] BM76
         |--A. bechuana (Turner 1929) [=Sphex bechuanus] BM76
         |--A. bella Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. bellula Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. beniniensis (Palisot de Beauvois 1806) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--A. b. beniniensis BM76
         |    |--A. b. imerinae Saussure 1892 BM76
         |    `--A. b. ‘tomentosa’ (Arnold 1920) [=Sphex tomentosus nec Fabricius 1787 nec Gmelin 1790] BM76
         |--A. boharti Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. bonaespei Lepeletier 1845 [incl. A. rubriceps Taschenberg 1869] BM76
         |--A. borealis WB17
         |--A. braunsi (Turner 1919) [=Sphex braunsi] BM76
         |--A. breviceps Smith 1856 BM76
         |--A. brevipennis Bingham 1897 BM76
         |--A. californica Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. calva (Arnold 1920) [=Sphex calvus] BM76
         |--A. campestris Latreille 1809 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. caprella Arnold 1951 BM76
         |--A. cellularis Gussakovskij 1930 BM76
         |--A. centralis Cameron 1888 [incl. A. consors Cameron 1888, A. nigrocaerulea Cameron 1888] BM76
         |--A. clavus (Fabricius 1775) [=Sphex clavus] C85
         |--A. cleopatra Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. clypeola Li & Yang 1990 WB17
         |--A. coachella Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. conditor Smith 1856 BM76
         |--A. confusa Costa 1864 BM76
         |--A. conifera (Arnold 1920) [=Sphex conifer] BM76
         |--A. cora Cameron 1888 BM76
         |--A. coronata Costa 1864 [incl. A. superciliaris Saussure 1867] BM76
         |--A. crassifemoralis (Turner 1919) [=Sphex crassifemoralis] BM76
         |--A. cybele Menke 1970 BM76
         |--A. dantani Roth 1933 BM76
         |--A. dejecta Cameron 1888 BM76
         |--A. dentigera Gussakovskij 1928 BM76
         |--A. deserticola Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--A. djaouak Beaumont 1956 BM76
         |--A. dolichocephala Cameron 1910 BM76
         |--A. dolichodera Kohl 1884 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. dubia Kohl 1901 BM76
         |--A. dysmica Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. elongata Fischer-Waldheim 1843 BM76
         |--A. evansi Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. exsecta Kohl 1906 BM76
         |--A. extremitata Cresson 1865 BM76
         |--A. eyrensis Turner 1908 C85
         |--A. femurrubra Fox 1894 BM76
         |--A. fernaldi (Murray 1938) [=Sphex fernaldi] BM76
         |--A. ferrugineipes Lepeletier 1845 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. ferruginosa Cresson 1865 [incl. A. collaris Cresson 1865, Sphex cressoni Smith 1908] BM76
         |--A. filata Walker 1871 BM76
         |--A. formicoides Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. formosensis Tsuneki 1971 [incl. A. formosana Tsuneki 1967 non Strand 1913] BM76
         |--A. ganquana WB17
         |--A. gaumeri Cameron 1888 [incl. A. micans Cameron 1888] BM76
         |--A. gegen Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--A. globifrontalis WB17
         |--A. globiverticalis Wang, Bashir et al. 2017 WB17
         |--A. gracilis Lepeletier 1845 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. gracillima Taschenberg 1869 [incl. A. debilis Morawitz 1889, A. longicollis Kohl 1884] BM76
         |--A. grandis Gistel 1857 BM76
         |--A. guichardi Beaumont 1956 BM76
         |--A. haimatosoma Kohl 1884 BM76
         |    |--A. h. haimatosoma BM76
         |    `--A. h. sinaitica Alfieri 1946 BM76
         |--A. harti (Fernald 1931) [=Sphex harti; incl. A. argentata Hart 1907 non Lepeletier 1845] BM76
         |--A. hemilauta Kohl 1906 BM76
         |--A. hermosa Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. heteroclypeola WB17
         |--A. heydeni Dahlbom 1845 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--A. h. heydeni BM76
         |    |--A. h. rubriventris Costa 1864 BM76
         |    `--A. h. sarda Kohl 1906 BM76
         |--A. hirsuta R13
         |--A. holosericea (Fabricius 1793) [=Sphex holosericeus; incl. A. sericea Lepeletier & Serville 1828] BM76
         |--A. honorei Alfieri 1946 BM76
         |--A. horni Schulthess 1927 BM76
         |--A. hungarica Mocsáry 1883 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. hurdi Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. imitator Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. induta Kohl 1901 [=*Argyrammophila induta] BM76
         |--A. inferna Heer 1865 BM76
         |--A. infesta Smith 1873 [=A. sabulosa infesta; incl. A. marginalis Pérez 1905] BM76
         |--A. insignis Smith 1856 [incl. Sphex promontorii Arnold 1920, A. transvaalensis Cameron 1910] BM76
         |    |--A. i. insignis BM76
         |    |--A. i. egregia Mocsáry 1881 BM76
         |    `--A. i. litoralis (Arnold 1920) [=Sphex litoralis; incl. A. nigricollis Arnold 1920] BM76
         |--A. insolita Smith 1858 BM76
         |    |--A. i. insolita BM76
         |    |--A. i. argyropleura van der Vecht 1957 BM76
         |    |--A. i. auricollis van der Vecht 1957 BM76
         |    `--A. i. ruficoxa van der Vecht 1957 BM76
         |--A. instabilis Smith 1856 [incl. A. impatiens Smith 1868] C85
         |--A. judaeorum Kohl 1901 BM76
         |--A. juncea Cresson 1865 [incl. A. montezuma Cameron 1888] BM76
         |--A. kalaharica (Arnold 1935) [=Sphex kalaharicus] BM76
         |--A. karenae Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. kennedyi (Murray 1938) [=Sphex kennedyi; incl. A. vulgaris Cresson 1865 non Kirby 1798] BM76
         |--A. koppenfelsii Taschenberg 1880 BM76
         |--A. laeviceps Smith 1873 [incl. A. chilensis Reed 1894, A. ruficollis Reed 1894 non Morawitz 1890] BM76
         |--A. laevicollis André 1886 BM76
         |--A. laevigata Smith 1856 [incl. A. bicellulalis Strand 1915] BM76
         |--A. laminituberalis Wang, Bashir et al. 2017 WB17
         |--A. lampei Strand 1910 [incl. A. nigripes Reed 1894 non Smith 1856, Sphex peruvianus Rohwer 1913] BM76
         |--A. laticeps (Arnold 1928) [=Sphex laticeps] BM76
         |--A. lativalvis Gussakovskij 1928 BM76
         |--A. leclercqi Menke 1964 [incl. A. yarrowi Leclercq 1961 non Cresson 1875] BM76
         |--A. leoparda (Fernald 1934) [=Sphex leopardus] BM76
         |--A. macra Cresson 1865 BM76
         |--A. marshi Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. mcclayi Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. mediata Cresson 1865 BM76
         |--A. menghaiana WB17
         |--A. mescalero Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. mimica Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. minor Lepeletier 1845 BM76
         |--A. mitlaensis Alfieri 1961 BM76
         |--A. modesta Mocsáry 1883 BM76
         |--A. moenkopi Menke 1967 BM76
         |--A. monachi Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. mongolensis Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--A. murrayi Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. nasalis Provancher 1895 [incl. Sphex craspedotus Fernald 1934] BM76
         |--A. nasuta Lepeletier 1845 BM76
         |--A. nearctica Kohl 1889 BM76
         |--A. nefertiti Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. nigricans Dahlbom 1843 [incl. A. intercepta Lepeletier 1845] BM76
         |--A. nigrina Morawitz 1888 BW17, BM76
         |--A. nitida Fischer-Waldheim 1843 BM76
         |--A. novita (Fernald 1934) [=Sphex novitus] BM76
         |--A. obliquestriolae WB17
         |--A. obscura Bischoff 1911 [=A. rufipes obscura] BM76
         |--A. occipitalis Morawitz 1890 BM76
         |--A. pachythoracalis WB17
         |--A. parapolita (Fernald 1934) [=Sphex parapolitus] BM76
         |--A. parkeri Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. peckhami (Fernald 1934) [=Sphex peckhami; incl. S. willistoni Fernald 1934] BM76
         |--A. peringueyi (Arnold 1928) [=Sphex peringueyi] BM76
         |--A. pevtsovi BW17
         |--A. philomela Nurse 1903 BM76
         |--A. picipes Cameron 1888 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. pictipennis Walsh 1869 [incl. A. anomala Taschenberg 1869, Sphex nigropilosus Rohwer 1912] BM76
         |--A. pilimarginata Cameron 1912 BM76
         |--A. placida Smith 1856 BM76
         |--A. platensis Brèthes 1909 BM76
         |--A. poecilocnemis Morice 1900 BM76
         |--A. polita Cresson 1865 BM76
         |--A. procera Dahlbom 1843 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. producticollis Morice 1900 [incl. A. argentina Gussakovskij 1930, A. divina Kohl 1901] BM76
         |--A. proxima (Smith 1856) [=Coloptera proxima] BM76
         |--A. pruinosa Cresson 1865 BM76
         |--A. pseudoheydeni WB17
         |--A. pseudonasuta Bytinski-Salz 1955 BM76
         |--A. pubescens Curtis 1836 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. pulawskii Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--A. punctata Smith 1856 BM76
         |--A. punctaticeps (Arnold 1920) [=Sphex punctaticeps] BM76
         |--A. quadraticollis Costa 1893 BM76
         |--A. regina Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. roborovskyi Kohl 1906 BM76
         |--A. rubigegen WB17
         |--A. rubiginosa Lepeletier 1845 BM76
         |--A. rubripes Spinola 1838 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. ruficollis Morawitz 1890 BM76
         |--A. ruficosta Spinola 1851 BM76
         |--A. rufipes Guérin-Méneville 1831 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. ‘rugicollis’ Gussakovskij 1930 non Lepeletier 1845 BM76
         |--A. sarekandana Balthasar 1957 BM76
         |--A. sareptana Kohl 1884 BM76
         |--A. saussurei (du Buysson 1897) [=Coloptera saussurei] BM76
         |--A. shoshone Menke 1967 BM76
         |--A. sickmanni Kohl 1901 BM76
         |    |--A. s. sickmanni BM76
         |    `--A. s. wusheensis Tsuneki 1967 BM76
         |--A. sinensis Sickmann 1894 BM76
         |--A. ‘sjoestedti’ Gussakovskij 1935 non Cameron 1910 BM76
         |--A. slovaca Zavadil 1937 BM76
         |--A. smithii Smith 1856 BM76
         |--A. solowiyofkae Matsumura 1911 BM76
         |--A. stangei Menke 1964 BM76
         |--A. strenua Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--A. striata Mocsáry 1878 BM76
         |    |--A. s. striata BM76
         |    `--A. s. nadigi Roth 1932 BM76
         |--A. striaticollis Morawitz 1888 BW17, BM76
         |--A. strumosa Kohl 1906 BM76
         |--A. subassimilis Strand 1913 BM76
         |--A. tekkensis Gussakovskij 1930 BM76
         |--A. terminata Smith 1856 [incl. A. apicalis Brullé 1839 non Guérin-Méneville 1835] BM76
         |    |--A. t. terminata BM76
         |    |--A. t. electa Kohl 1901 BM76
         |    |--A. t. mocsaryi Frivaldsky 1876 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    `--A. t. turkestana Kohl 1906 [incl. A. turcestanica Kohl 1906 non Dalla Torre 1897] BM76
         |--A. theryi (Gribodo 1894) [=Coloptera theryi] BM76
         |--A. tsunekii Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=A. tomentosa Tsuneki 1971 non Sphex tomentosus Arnold 1920] BM76
         |--A. tuberculiscutis (Turner 1919) [=Sphex tuberculiscutis] BM76
         |--A. tyrannica Cameron 1890 BM76
         |--A. unita Menke 1966 BM76
         |--A. untumoris WB17
         |--A. urnaria Dahlbom 1843 [incl. Sphex floridensis Fernald 1934, A. inepta Cresson 1872] BM76
         |--A. vagabunda Smith 1856 BW17, BM76 [=A. sabulosa vagabunda BM76]
         |--A. varipes Cresson 1865 [incl. A. comanche Cameron 1888] BM76
         |--A. vetuberosa BW17
         |--A. vulcania du Buysson 1897 BM76
         |--A. wahlbergi Dahlbom 1845 BM76
         |--A. wrightii (Cresson 1868) [=Coloptera wrightii] BM76
         |--A. xinjiangana WB17
         `--A. zanthoptera Cameron 1888 [incl. A. trichiosoma Cameron 1888, A. xanthoptera Cameron 1900] BM76

Ammophilinae incertae sedis:
  Hoplammophila Beaumont 1960 [incl. Micadophila Tsuneki 1962] BM76
    |--*H. armata (Illiger 1807) [=Sphex armatus, Ammophila armata] BM76
    |--H. aemulans (Kohl 1901) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--H. anatolica (Beaumont 1960) [=Ammophila anatolica] BM76
    `--H. clypeata (Mocsáry 1883) [=Ammophila clypeata] BM76
  Eremochares Gribodo 1883 BM76
    |--E. dives (Brullé 1833) (see below for synonymy) BM76
    |--E. ferghanica (Gussakovskij 1930) [=Ammophila ferghanica] BM76
    |--E. kohlii (Gussakovskij 1928) [=Ammophila kohlii] BM76
    |--E. lutea (Taschenberg 1869) [=Parapsammophila lutea] BM76
    `--E. mirabilis (Gussakovskij 1928) [=Ammophila mirabilis] BM76
  Parapsammophila BM76

Nomina nuda: Ammophila annosa Heer 1865 BM76
             Ammophila gigantea Schöberlin 1888 non Kohl 1901 BM76
             Ammophila minima Schöberlin 1888 BM76

Ammophila Kirby 1798 SN18, C85 [=Ammophilus (l. c.) non Perty 1833 BM76, Ammophylus Latreille 1802-1803 BM76; incl. Apycnemia Leclercq 1961 BM76, Argyrammophila Gussakovskij 1928 BM76, Coloptera Lepeletier 1845 BM76, Miscus Jurine 1807 BM76]

Ammophila aberti Haldeman 1852 [incl. A. tarsata Smith 1856, Sphex transversus Fernald 1934, A. urnaria Lepeletier 1845 non Dahlbom 1843, A. yarrowi Cresson 1875] BM76

Ammophila atripes Smith 1852 C85 [incl. A. buddha Cameron 1889 BM76, A. dimidiata Smith 1856 non Sphex dimidiatus Christ 1791 BM76, A. humbertiana Saussure 1867 BM76, A. longiventris Saussure 1867 BM76, A. pulchella Smith 1856 BM76, A. simillima Smith 1856 BM76, A. spinosa Smith 1873 BM76]

Ammophila azteca Cameron 1888 [incl. Sphex aculeatus Fernald 1934, A. brevisericea Murray 1951, S. nudus Murray 1938 non Fernald 1903, S. pilosus Fernald 1934] BM76

Ammophila beniniensis (Palisot de Beauvois 1806) [=Sphex beniniensis; incl. A. coeruleornata Cameron 1910, A. cyaniventris Guérin-Méneville 1843, A. guineensis Ritsema 1874, A. lugubris Gerstaecker 1857, A. maculifrons Cameron 1910, A. massaica Cameron 1910, A. rugicollis Lepeletier 1845, A. sjoestedti Cameron 1910, Sphex tenuis Palisot de Beauvois 1806] BM76

Ammophila campestris Latreille 1809 [=*Miscus campestris; incl. A. neoxena Smith 1856, A. retusa Gistel 1848, A. separanda Morawitz 1890] BM76

Ammophila dolichodera Kohl 1884 [incl. A. lukombensis Cameron 1912, A. macrocola Kohl 1884, A. pulchricollis Cameron 1910] BM76

Ammophila ferrugineipes Lepeletier 1845 [incl. A. curvistriata Cameron 1910, A. dunbrodyensis Cameron 1905, A. erythrospila Cameron 1905, A. meruensis Cameron 1910] BM76

Ammophila gracilis Lepeletier 1845 [incl. A. arechavaletai Brèthes 1909, A. fragilis Smith 1856, A. moneta Smith 1856, A. mutica Dahlbom 1845, A. sauvis Burmeister 1872] BM76

Ammophila heydeni Dahlbom 1845 [incl. Sphex attenuatus Christ 1791, A. iberica André 1886, A. rubra Radoszkowski 1876, A. rubra Radoszkowski 1877 non Radoszkowski 1876] BM76

Ammophila hungarica Mocsáry 1883 [incl. Am. fallax Kohl 1884, *Apycnemia fallax, Am. hispanica Mocsáry 1883, Am. turcica Mocsáry 1883] BM76

Ammophila picipes Cameron 1888 [incl. A. alticola Cameron 1888, A. chiriquensis Cameron 1888, A. volcanica Cameron 1888] BM76

Ammophila procera Dahlbom 1843 [incl. A. barbata Smith 1856, A. ceres Cameron 1888, A. championi Cameron 1888, A. gryphus Smith 1856, A. procera Lepeletier 1845 non Dahlbom 1843, A. saeva Smith 1856, A. striolata Cameron 1888] BM76

Ammophila pubescens Curtis 1836 [incl. A. adriaansei Wilcke 1945, A. alpicola Beaumont 1945, Miscus arvensis Dahlbom 1843, A. susterai Snoflak 1943] BM76

Ammophila rubripes Spinola 1838 [incl. A. erminea Kohl 1901, A. propinqua Taschenberg 1869, A. syriaca Mocsáry 1883] BM76

Ammophila rufipes Guérin-Méneville 1831 [=Ammophilus (l. c.) rufipes; incl. Ammophila variolosa Giner Marí 1944] BM76

*Ammophila sabulosa (Linnaeus 1758) C85 [=Sphex sabulosus WB17; incl. A. cyanescens Dahlbom 1845 BM76, S. dimidiatus Christ 1791 non De Geer 1773 BM76, Ichneumon frischii Fourcroy 1785 BM76, S. hortensis Poda 1761 BM76, S. mucronatus Jurine 1807 BM76, Ammophila pulvillata Sowerby 1805 BM76, A. vischu Cameron 1889 BM76, A. vulgaris Kirby 1798 BM76]

Ammophila strenua Cresson 1865 [incl. A. denningi Murray 1951, Sphex dubius Fernald 1934 non A. dubia Kohl 1901] BM76

Ammophila terminata mocsaryi Frivaldsky 1876 [=A. moksari (l. c.); incl. A. julii Fabre 1879, A. kirgisica Morawitz 1890, A. minuta Frivaldsky 1876, A. rhaetica Kohl 1879] BM76

Eremnophila binodis (Fabricius 1798) [=Sphex binodis; incl. Pelopoeus abbreviatus Fabricius 1804, Ammophila brasiliana Brèthes 1909, A. guiana Cameron 1912, A. oxystoma Cameron 1912] BM76

Eremnophila eximia (Lepeletier 1845) [=Ammophila eximia; incl. A. eugenia Smith 1856, A. friedrichi Schrottky 1909, Sphex nigrocinctus Fernald 1907, A. trimaculigera Strand 1910] BM76

Eremnophila melanaria (Dahlbom 1843) [=Ammophila melanaria; incl. A. iridipennis Cameron 1888, A. lobicollis Cameron 1912, A. miliaris Cameron 1888, A. velutina Schrottky 1910] BM76

Eremochares dives (Brullé 1833) [=Ammophila dives; incl. *Eremochares doriae Gribodo 1883; incl. A. elegans Smith 1856, A. festiva Smith 1856, A. limbata Kriechbaumer 1869, A. melanopus Lucas 1848, A. nigritaria Walker 1871, A. orichalceomicans Strand 1915, Parapsammophila retowskii Konow 1887] BM76

Hoplammophila aemulans (Kohl 1901) [=Ammophila aemulans, *Micadophila aemulans; incl. A. rhinoceros Strand 1913] BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

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