Zethus slossonae, copyright Bob Peterson.

Belongs within: Vespidae.
Contains: Ischnocoelia.

The Zethinae are a group of mostly solitary (rarely communal) wasps that may construct nests out of plant material (Hines et al. 2007).

<==Zethinae HH07
    |  i. s.: Australozethus Giordani Soika 1969 HH07, C85
    |           |--*A. tasmaniensis Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |           |    |--A. t. tasmaniensis C85
    |           |    `--A. t. montanus Giordani Soika 1969 [=Pseudozethus tasmaniensis montanus] C85
    |           |--A. continentalis Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |           `--A. occidentalis Giordani Soika 1969 C85
    |--Calligaster cyanopterus OK99
    `--+--Elimus Saussure 1852 OK99, C85
       |    |--*E. australis Saussure 1852 C85
       |    `--E. mackayensis Meade-Waldo 1910 C85
       `--+--Ischnocoelia OK99
          `--Zethus OK99
               |--Z. biglumis OK99
               |--Z. (Zethoides) binodis CC85
               |--Z. coeruleopennis OK99
               |--Z. diminutus OK99
               |--Z. favillaceus OK99
               |--Z. fuscus OK99
               |--Z. garciai HH07
               |--Z. guerreroi CC85
               |--Z. haywardi OK99
               |--Z. holmbergii Brèthes 1906 B06
               |--Z. miniatus HH07
               |--Z. miscogaster CC85
               |--Z. missionus Brèthes 1906 B06
               |--Z. montezuma CC85
               |--Z. rhodesianus OK99
               |--Z. rugosiceps [=Discoelius rugosiceps] B06
               |--Z. sessilis B78
               |--Z. slossonae CC85
               `--Z. spinipes HH07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B78] Bohart, R. M. 1978. Tachytes of South America (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae, Larrinae). Transactions of the American Entomological Society 104 (3–4): 435–505.

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[HH07] Hines, H. M., J. H. Hunt, T. K. O'Connor, J. J. Gillespie & S. A. Cameron. 2007. Multigene phylogeny reveals eusociality evolved twice in vespid wasps. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 104 (9): 3295–3299.

[OK99] OConnor, B. M., & J. S. H. Klompen. 1999. Phylogenetic perspectives on mite-insect associations: the evolution of acarinaria. In: Needham, G. R., R. Mitchell, D. J. Horn & W. C. Welbourn (eds) Acarology IX vol. 2. Symposia pp. 63–71. Ohio Biological Survey: Columbus (Ohio).

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