Bembecinus tridens, copyright Pierre Bornand.

Belongs within: Bembicidae.
Contains: Stizus, Stizoides.

The Stizini are a group of rather stout wasps that prey on Orthoptera, mantids or Auchenorrhyncha (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Eyes converging below (sometimes only slightly), ocelli well developed. Labrum exserted but exposed area broader than long, palpal formula 6-4. Scutum with admedian lines well separated, notauli absent or faint, oblique scutal carina present, scutellum with lamelliform edge overlapping metanotum. Omaulus absent, acetabular carina and sternaulus absent, episternal and scrobal sulci forming a continuous arc, the episternal-scrobal sulcus (absent in Bembecinus), thus defining a hypoepimeral area. Metapleuron consisting of upper metapleural area only, separated by a sulcus from propodeum; upper lateral surface of propodeum not spined nor dentate, propodeal enclosure extending far onto vertical slope. Midcoxae slightly separated, midtibia with two apical spurs (except a few Stizoides), arolia equal on all legs (except some female Bembecinus), female with a foretarsal rake, plantulae absent. Forewing with media diverging close to or before cu-a, prestigmal length of submarginal cell I much more than length of wing beyond marginal cell, stigma small, three submarginal cells, II not petiolate (except some Bembecinus), receiving both recurrent veins. Hindwing costa well developed, media diverging before cu-a, jugal lobe about half as long as anal area. Gaster sessile, tergum I nearly as broad as II, sternum I with a median ridge toward base, male with seven visible terga, VII with laterobasal spiracular lobes, male sternum VIII with three distal prongs, male genitalia with volsella differentiated into cuspis and digitus, female pygidial plate often absent or weakly indicated.

<==Stizini [Stizina] BM76
    |--+--Stizus BM76
    |  `--Stizoides BM76
    `--Bembecinus Costa 1859 (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--*B. meridionalis Costa 1859 C85
         |--B. acanthomerus (Morice 1911) [=Stizus acanthomerus] BM76
         |--B. aemulus (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus aemulus] BM76
         |--B. agilis (Smith 1873) B96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--B. alternatus van der Vecht 1949 BM76
         |--B. angustifrons (Arnold 1940) [=Stizus angustifrons] BM76
         |--B. anthracinus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus anthracinus] BM76
         |    |--B. a. anthracinus BM76
         |    |--B. a. mukodzimaensis Tsuneki 1970 BM76
         |    `--B. a. ogasawaraensis Tsuneki 1970 BM76
         |--B. antipodum (Handlirsch 1882) [=Stizus antipodum] C85
         |--B. argentifrons (Smith 1856) [=Larra argentifrons] BM76
         |--B. asiaticus Gussakovskij 1936 BM76
         |--B. asphaltites Beaumont 1968 BM76
         |--B. assentator (Arnold 1945) [=Stizus assentator] BM76
         |--B. asuncionis (Strand 1910) [=Stizus asuncionis] BM76
         |--B. ater Bohart 1996 B96
         |--B. atratus (Arnold 1936) [=Stizus atratus] BM76
         |--B. barbarus (Beaumont 1950) [=Stizus barbarus] BM76
         |--B. barkeri (Arnold 1940) [=Stizus barkeri] BM76
         |--B. berlandi Willink 1952 BM76
         |--B. bernardi Beaumont 1954 BM76
         |--B. bicinctus (Taschenberg 1875) [=Larra bicincta] BM76
         |--B. bidens (Arnold 1933) [=Stizus bidens] BM76
         |--B. bimaculatus (Matsumura & Uchida 1926) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. bishoppi Krombein & Willink 1951 B96
         |--B. boer (Handlirsch 1900) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. bolivari (Handlirsch 1892) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. borneanus (Cameron 1903) [=Stizus borneanus] BM76
         |--B. braunsii (Handlirsch 1894) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. bredoi (Arnold 1940) [=Stizus bredoi] BM76
         |--B. bridarollii Willink 1949 BM76
         |--B. buyssoni (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus buyssoni; incl. S. flavitarsis Arnold 1960] BM76
         |--B. bytinskii Beaumont 1954 BM76
         |--B. caffer (Saussure 1854) [=Stizus caffer] BM76
         |--B. carinatus Lohmann 1942 BM76
         |--B. carpetanus (Mercet 1906) [=Stizus carpetanus] BM76
         |--B. cinguliger (Smith 1856) [=Larra cinguliger; incl. Stizus clavicornis Handlirsch 1892] BM76
         |--B. clypearis Bohart 1996 B96
         |--B. comberi (Turner 1912) [=Stizus comberi] BM76
         |--B. comechingon Willink 1949 BM76
         |--B. consobrinus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus consobrinus] BM76
         |--B. corpulentus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus corpulentus] BM76
         |--B. crassipes (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus crassipes] BM76
         |--B. cyanescens (Radoszkowski 1887) [=Stizus cyanescens] BM76
         |--B. cyprius Beaumont 1954 BM76
         |    |--B. c. cyprius BM76
         |    |--B. c. creticus Beaumont 1961 BM76
         |    `--B. c. rhodius Beaumont 1960 BM76
         |--B. dentipes (Gussakovskij 1933) [=Stizus dentipes] BM76
         |--B. dentiventris (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus dentiventris] BM76
         |--B. diacanthus Beaumont 1967 BM76
         |--B. discolor (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus discolor] BM76
         |--B. distinctus (Arnold 1955) [=Stizus distinctus] BM76
         |--B. egens (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus egens] C85
         |--B. escalerae (Turner 1912) [=Stizus escalerae] BM76
         |--B. facialis (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus facialis] BM76
         |--B. fertoni (Handlirsch 1908) [=Stizus fertoni] BM76
         |--B. flavipes (Smith 1856) [=Larra flavipes] BM76
         |--B. flavopictus (Arnold 1936) [=Stizus flavopictus] BM76
         |--B. flexuosefasciatus (Mantero 1917) [=Stizus flexuosefasciatus] BM76
         |--B. floridanus Krombein & Willink 1951 B96, BM76 [=B. nanus floridanus BM76]
         |--B. fraterculus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus fraterculus] BM76
         |--B. gazagnairei (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus gazagnairei] BM76
         |--B. gorytoides (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus gorytoides] C85
         |--B. gracilicornis (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus gracilicornis; incl. S. barrei Radoszkowski 1893] BM76
         |--B. gracilis (Schulthess 1893) [=Stizus gracilis] BM76
         |--B. gusenleitneri Beaumont 1967 BM76
         |--B. gynandromorphus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus gynandromorphus] BM76
         |--B. haemorrhoidalis (Handlirsch 1900) [=Stizus haemorrhoidalis] BM76
         |--B. haplocerus (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus haplocerus] BM76
         |--B. hebraeus Beaumont 1968 BM76
         |--B. herbsti (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus herbsti] BM76
         |--B. hirtiusculus (Arnold 1945) [=Stizus hirtiusculus] BM76
         |--B. hirtula (Smith 1856) [=Larra hirtula] C85
         |--B. hoplites (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus hoplites] BM76
         |    |--B. h. hoplites BM76
         |    `--B. h. minor (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus minor] BM76
         |--B. hungaricus (Frivaldsky 1876) [=Larra hungarica] BM76
         |    |--B. h. hungaricus BM76
         |    |--B. h. amamiensis Tsuneki 1965 BM76
         |    |--B. h. formosanus (Sonan 1928) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--B. h. japonicus (Sonan 1934) [=Stizus japonicus; incl. S. hirsutus Sonan 1934] BM76
         |    |--B. h. sibiricus (Mocsáry 1901) [=Stizus sibiricus] BM76
         |    `--B. h. verhoeffi Tsuneki 1965 BM76
         |--B. hyperocrus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus hyperocrus] BM76
         |--B. inermis (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus inermis; incl. S. pacificus Turner 1917] BM76
         |--B. innocens Beaumont 1967 BM76
         |--B. insularis (Handlirsch 1892) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. jacksoni (Arnold 1955) [=Stizus jacksoni] BM76
         |--B. javanus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus javanus] BM76
         |--B. kachelibae (Arnold 1960) [=Stizus kachelibae] BM76
         |--B. karooensis (Arnold 1936) [=Stizus karooensis] BM76
         |--B. kobrowi (Arnold 1936) [=Stizus kobrowi] BM76
         |--B. kotschyi (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus kotschyi] BM76
         |--B. kuehlhorni Willink 1953 BM76
         |--B. lateralis (Bingham 1897) [=Stizus lateralis] BM76
         |--B. latericaudatus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus latericaudatus] BM76
         |--B. laterimacula (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus laterimacula] BM76
         |    |--B. l. laterimacula BM76
         |    |--B. l. euteles (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus euteles] BM76
         |    `--B. l. fraudulentus (Arnold 1951) [=Stizus fraudulentus] BM76
         |--B. laticinctus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus laticinctus] BM76
         |--B. latifascia (Walker 1871) [=Larra latifascia] BM76
         |--B. littoralis van der Vecht 1949 BM76
         |--B. lomii (Guiglia 1945) [=Stizus lomii] BM76
         |--B. loriculatus (Smith 1856) [=Larra loriculata] BM76
         |--B. maior (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus maior, S. major Dalla Torre 1897] BM76
         |--B. mattheyi (Beaumont 1951) [=Stizus mattheyi] BM76
         |--B. mayri (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus mayri] BM76
         |--B. mexicanus (Handlirsch 1892) B96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--B. mirus (Arnold 1945) [=Stizus mirus] BM76
         |--B. mitulus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus mitulus] BM76
         |--B. modestus (Smith 1860) [=Larra modesta] BM76
         |--B. moneduloides (Smith 1856) [=Larra moneduloides] BM76
         |--B. monodi (Berland 1950) [=Stizus monodi] BM76
         |--B. monodon (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus monodon] BM76
         |--B. multiguttatus (Arnold 1951) [=Stizus multiguttatus] BM76
         |--B. mutabilis (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus mutabilis] BM76
         |--B. naefi (Beaumont 1951) [=Stizus naefi] BM76
         |--B. nambui Tsuneki 1973 BM76
         |--B. nanus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus nanus] BM76
         |--B. neglectus (Cresson 1872) [=Monedula neglecta; incl. Stizus xanthochrous Handlirsch 1892] BM76
         |--B. nemoralis (Arnold 1960) [=Stizus nemoralis] BM76
         |--B. nigriclypeus (Sonan 1928) [=Stizus nigriclypeus] BM76
         |--B. nyamadanus Tsuneki 1974 BM76
         |--B. nyasae (Turner 1912) [=Stizus nyasae] BM76
         |    |--B. n. nyasae BM76
         |    `--B. n. robustus (Arnold 1951) [=Stizus robustus] BM76
         |--B. oxydorcus (Handlirsch 1900) [=Stizus oxydorcus; incl. S. johannis Cameron 1905] BM76
         |--B. ‘pacificus’ Tsuneki 1968 non Stizus pacificus Turner 1917 BM76
         |--B. pallidicinctus van der Vecht 1949 BM76
         |--B. papuanus (Cameron 1906) [=Stizus papuanus] BM76
         |--B. penpuchiensis Tsuneki 1968 BM76
         |--B. peregrinus (Smith 1856) [=Larra peregrina; incl. B. erberi Mocsáry 1881] BM76
         |    |--B. p. peregrinus BM76
         |    `--B. p. biarmatus Mocsáry 1883 BM76
         |--B. podager (Beaumont 1949) [=Stizus podager] BM76
         |--B. polychromus (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus polychromus] BM76
         |--B. posterus (Sonan 1928) [=Stizus posterus] BM76
         |--B. prismaticus (Smith 1858) [=Larra prismatica] BM76
         |--B. proteus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus proteus] BM76
         |--B. proximus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus proximus] BM76
         |--B. pulchellus (Mercet 1906) [=Stizus pulchellus] BM76
         |--B. pusillus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus pusillus] BM76
         |--B. quadristrigatus (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus quadristrigatus] BM76
         |    |--B. q. quadristrigatus BM76
         |    |--B. q. dubiosus (Guiglia 1945) [=Stizus dubiosus] BM76
         |    `--B. q. somalicus (Arnold 1940) [=Stizus somalicus] BM76
         |--B. quinquespinosus (Say 1823) (see below for synonymy) B96
         |--B. rectilateralis (Arnold 1945) [=Stizus rectilateralis] BM76
         |--B. reversus (Smith 1856) [=Larra reversa] BM76
         |--B. revindicatus (Schulz 1906) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--B. r. revindicatus BM76
         |    `--B. r. anatolicus Beaumont 1968 BM76
         |--B. rhopaloceroides (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus rhopaloceroides] BM76
         |--B. rhopalocerus (Handlirsch 1895) [=Stizus rhopalocerus] BM76
         |--B. schwarzi Beaumont 1967 BM76
         |--B. semperi (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus semperi] BM76
         |--B. signatus (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus signatus] C85
         |--B. simillimus (Smith 1859) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |--B. sipapomae (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus sipapomae] BM76
         |--B. solitarius (Arnold 1936) [=Stizus solitarius] BM76
         |--B. spinicornis (Saussure 1887) [=Stizolarra spinicornis] BM76
         |--B. spinifemur (Beaumont 1949) [=Stizus spinifemur] BM76
         |--B. strenuus (Mickel 1917) [=Stizus strenuus, B. nanus strenuus] B96
         |--B. suada (Smith 1864) [=Larra suada] BM76
         |--B. sudanensis (Arnold 1951) [=Stizus sudanensis] BM76
         |--B. tanoi Tsuneki 1971 BM76
         |--B. tenellus (Klug 1845) [=Larra tenella] BM76
         |--B. touareg Beaumont 1954 BM76
         |--B. trichionotus (Cameron 1913) [=Stizus trichionotus] BM76
         |--B. tridens (Fabricius 1781) (see below for synonymy) BM76
         |    |--B. t. tridens BM76
         |    |--B. t. caesius (Compte Sart 1959) [=Stizus caesius] BM76
         |    |--B. t. errans Beaumont 1950 BM76
         |    |--B. t. insulanus Beaumont 1954 BM76
         |    `--B. t. mongolicus Tsuneki 1970 BM76
         |--B. turneri (Froggatt 1917) [=Stizus turneri] C85
         |--B. validior Gussakovskij 1952 BM76
         |--B. varians (Arnold 1945) [=Stizus varians] BM76
         |--B. veniperdus (Lohrmann 1942) [=Stizus veniperdus] BM76
         |--B. versicolor (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus versicolor] BM76
         |--B. wheeleri Krombein & Willink 1951 BM76
         |--B. witzebergensis (Arnold 1929) [=Stizus witzenbergensis] BM76
         `--B. zibanensis (Morice 1911) [=Stizus zibanensis] BM76

Bembecinus Costa 1859 [incl. Gorystizus Pate 1937, Lavia Rayment 1953 (n. n.) non Gray 1838, Stizomorphus Costa 1859] BM76

Bembecinus agilis (Smith 1873) B96 [=Larra agilis B96; incl. L. cingulata Smith 1856 non Fabricius 1798 B96, Bembidula ornaticauda Cameron 1912 B96, Bicyrtes ornaticauda BM76]

Bembecinus bimaculatus (Matsumura & Uchida 1926) [=Stizus bimaculatus; incl. S. okinawanus Sonan 1928, Bembecinus ryukyuensis Tsuneki 1968] BM76

Bembecinus boer (Handlirsch 1900) [=Stizus boer; incl. Stizus rufipes Arnold 1929 non Liris rufipes Fabricius 1804, S. willowmorensis Arnold 1936] BM76

Bembecinus bolivari (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus bolivari; incl. S. arechavaletai Brèthes 1909, Larra dubia Smith 1856 non Panzer 1806-1809, S. excisus Handlirsch 1892, S. nectarinoides Ducke 1910, S. spegazzinii Brèthes 1909] BM76

Bembecinus braunsii (Handlirsch 1894) [=Stizus braunsii; incl. S. pruinosus Cameron 1910, S. pulchritinctus Cameron 1912] BM76

Bembecinus hungaricus formosanus (Sonan 1928) [incl. Stizus kotoshonus Sonan 1934, S. quadrimaculatus Sonan 1928, S. quinquemaculatus Sonan 1928] BM76

Bembecinus insularis (Handlirsch 1892) [=Stizus insularis; incl. B. sarawakensis Parker 1937, S. socius Handlirsch 1892, B. stenaspis Parker 1937] BM76

Bembecinus mexicanus (Handlirsch 1892) B96 [=Stizus mexicanus B96; incl. Stizus chichimeca Saussure 1892 B96, Stizolarra chichimeca BM76, Stizus guttulatus Handlirsch 1892 B96]

Bembecinus quinquespinosus (Say 1823) [=Nysson quinquespinosus; incl. Nysson cressoni Cameron 1904, Stizus flavus Cameron 1890, S. godmani Cameron 1890, S. lineatus Cameron 1890 non Bembex lineatus Fabricius 1793, S. flavus subalpinus Cockerell 1898] B96

Bembecinus revindicatus (Schulz 1906) [=Stizus revindicatus; incl. S. houskai Balthasar 1954, S. schmiedeknechti Handlirsch 1900 non Handlirsch 1898] BM76

Bembecinus simillimus (Smith 1859) [=Larra simillima non Larrada simillima Smith 1856 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.); incl. Stizus magrettii Handlirsch 1892] BM76

Bembecinus tridens (Fabricius 1781) [=Vespa tridens, *Gorystizus tridens, *Stizomorphus tridens; incl. Crabro cinctus Rossi 1790, Mellinus repandus Panzer 1800, Stizus satsumanus Sonan 1934, Stizus sinuatus Latreille 1804-1805] BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B96] Bohart, R. M. 1996. A review of Bembecinus (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae: Stizini) in North and Central America. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 98 (3): 517–526.

[BM76] Bohart, R. M., & A. S. Menke. 1976. Sphecid Wasps of the World. University of California Press: Berkeley.

[C85] Cardale, J. C. 1985. Vespoidea and Sphecoidea. In: Walton, D. W. (ed.) Zoological Catalogue of Australia vol. 2. Hymenoptera: Formicoidea, Vespoidea and Sphecoidea pp. 150–303. Australian Government Publishing Service: Canberra.

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