Scymnomorphus fulvus, from CSIRO.

Belongs within: Coccinellidae.

The Sukunahikonini are a circumtropical group of minute ladybird beetles with long, geniculate maxillary palps (Ślipiński 2007).

Characters (from Ślipiński 2007): Body minute (1–3 mm), moderately to strongly convex with head in repose deflexed and fitting closely under prosternum; dorsum usually with apparent dorsal vestiture. Head transverse, ventrally flattened, often with clypeal and frontal regions prominent anteriorly; clypeus emarginate around exposed antennal insertions, ventral side with short antennal groove accomodating scape and pedicel along inner margin of eye. Mandible small, triangular with single apical tooth and no mola; maxillary palp long, geniculate; terminal palpomere elongate and conical; labial palps slender, narrowly separated at base, inserted on distal end of prementum. Antenna 8- to 10-segmented with 1–3-segmented club. Pronotum almost always with line or ridge separating anterior corners from pronotal disc, often extending along lateral edge. Prosternum strongly reduced and narrow; prosternal process reduced to short triangular piece or narrow carina. Winged or wingless; wing with reduced venation, never with anal lobe. Elytral punctures sometimes in apparent rows; epipleuron narrow, usually incomplete apically, without cavities; lateral part of elytron often with carina parallel to lateral margin. Abdomen with five or six ventrites; ventrite 1 distinctly longer than 2. Abdominal postcoxal line incomplete, usually with associated oblique dividing line, pits and pores. Tegmen asymmetrical, parameres short to reduced with one or more setae apically. Ovipositor triangular, elongate, lightly sclerotised bearing short styli; spermatheca small and well sclerotised, multi-cameral.

<==Sukunahikonini S07
    |--Hikonasukuna Sasaji 1967 S07
    |--Orculus S07
    |--Pharellus Sicard 1928 S07
    |    |--*P. minutissimus Sicard 1928 S07
    |    |--P. glabratus Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
    |    `--P. popei Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
    |--Paraphellus Chazeau 1981 S07
    |    |--*P. pacificus Chazeau 1981 S07
    |    |--P. magnopunctatus Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
    |    `--P. rostratus (Lea 1929) [=Scymnus rostratus] S07
    `--Scymnomorphus Weise 1897 [=Scotoscymnus Weise 1901; incl. Sukunahikona Kamiya 1960] S07
         |--*S. rotundatus Weise 1897 [=*Scotoscymnus rotundatus] S07
         |--S. fulvus Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
         |--S. hirtus Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
         |--S. japonicus (Kamiya 1960) [=*Sukunahikona japonica] S07
         |--S. ker Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
         |--S. luteus Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
         |--S. storeyi Ślipiński & Tomaszewska 2005 S07
         `--S. subevanidus (Blackburn 1895) [=Scymnus subevanidus] S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[S07] Ślipiński, A. 2007. Australian Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): Their biology and classification. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra.

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