Orussus abietinus, copyright Evgeny Komarov.

Belongs within: Hymenoptera.
Contains: Proctotrupomorpha, Ichneumonidae, Braconidae, Aculeata, Megalyridae, Aulaciformes.

The Vespina are a major clade of wasps united by a number of synapomorphies including loss of thoracic legs in the larvae, reduction of the larval antenna to a single segment, and accomodation of the adult mesocoxae into metepisternal depressions (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Members of the clade are ancestrally parasitic as larvae. The greater part of the Vespina are included in the Apocrita, a clade of wasps characterised by the development of a narrow waist between the first and second abdominal segments, with the first abdominal segment being incorporated into the mesosoma as the propodeum (Grimaldi & Engel 2005).

Major groups within the Apocrita include the Ichneumonoidea, a diverse group of parasitoid wasps. The two living families of ichneumonoids, Ichneumonidae and Braconidae, each include both ectoparasitic and endoparasitic representatives; endoparasitic ichneumonoids carry symbiotic polydnaviruses that affect their host's immune system and allow survival of the parasitoid larva.

<==Vespina [Ephialtitoidea, Euhymenoptera, Evaniales, Evaniomorpha, Parasitica] HR11
    |  i. s.: Foenus assectator L02
    |         Karatavitidae R02
    |         Ephialtitidae R02
    |           |--Stephanogaster magna GE05
    |           |--Karataus R02
    |           `--Cratephialtites kourios GE05
    |--Orussoidea [Idiogastra] PK17
    |    |--Paroryssidae GE05
    |    `--Orussidae HR11
    |         |--Mesorussus taimyrensis GE05
    |         |--Minyorussus luzzii GE05
    |         |--Guiglia sericata N91
    |         |--Orussobaius wilsoni N91, R70
    |         |--Orussonia N91
    |         `--Orussus Latreille 1802 L02
    |              |--*O. coronatus Latreille 1802 L02
    |              |--O. abietinus HR11
    |              |--O. occidentalis HR11
    |              `--O. unicolor PK17
    `--Apocrita PK17
         |--Parasitoida PK17
         |    |--Proctotrupomorpha PK17
         |    `--+--Ichneumonoidea [Ichneumonides] PK17
         |       |    |  i. s.: Cedria paradoxa A71
         |       |    |--Praeichneumon [Praeichneumonidae] GE05
         |       |    `--+--Ichneumonidae GE05
         |       |       `--+--Eoichneumonidae GE05
         |       |          `--Braconidae GE05
         |       `--+--Stigmaphronidae GE05
         |          `--Ceraphronoidea PK17
         |               |  i. s.: Libanophron astarte PK17
         |               |--Megaspilidae GE05
         |               |    |--Lagynodes Forster 1841 GM79 [Lagynodinae N91]
         |               |    `--Megaspilinae N91
         |               |         |--Megaspilus luscipennis MH11
         |               |         |--Conostigmus N91
         |               |         `--Dendrocerus carpenteri N91, M83
         |               `--Ceraphronidae [Calliceratidae] GE05
         |                    |--Lygocerus A71
         |                    |--Aphanogmus A71
         |                    `--Ceraphron Jurine 1807 GM79
         |                         |--C. achilles Dodd 1914 GM79
         |                         |--C. bispinosus MH11
         |                         `--C. javensis Girault 1917 G17
         `--+--+--Aculeata PK17
            |  `--+--Megalyridae HR11
            |     `--Trigonalidae [Archiglossata, Trigonaloidea] HR11
            |          |--Mimelogonalos N91
            |          |--Orthogonalys pulchella HR11
            |          |--Pseudogonalos hahnii PK17
            |          `--Taeniogonalos HR11
            |               |--T. gundlachii HR11
            |               `--T. venatoria R70
            `--+--Stephanidae [Stephanoidea] HR11
               |    |  i. s.: Megischus HR11
               |    |--Stephanus PK17 [Stephaninae GE05]
               |    |    `--S. serrator PK17
               |    `--Schlettererinae GE05
               |         |--Archaeostephanus corae GE05
               |         `--Schlettererius cinctipes N91
               `--Evanioidea PK17
                    |--Praeaulacidae GE05
                    |    |--Praeaulacus ramosus R02
                    |    `--Westratia R02
                    `--+--Aulaciformes GE05
                       `--Evaniidae [Cretevaniidae, Evaniiformes] GE05
                            |  i. s.: Andrenelia [Andreneliidae] GE05
                            |         Szepligetella AY04
                            |         Acanthinevania AY04
                            |         Protoparevania lourothi PK17
                            |--Brachygaster minuta HR11
                            `--+--Evaniella semaeoda HR11
                               `--Evania HR11
                                    |--E. albofascialis HR11
                                    `--E. appendigaster L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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