Agathis sp., copyright Marci Hess.

Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea.

The Agathidinae are a cosmopolitan group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on larvae of Lepidoptera, characterised by their distinctive wing venation (Achterberg 1993). Many species are black and orange or yellow in coloration (Naumann 1991).

Characters (from Achterberg 1993): Marginal cell of forewing extremely narrow and rather long; vein m-cu of forewing more or less diverging posteriorly, from direction of anterior half of vein 1-M; vein CU1b of forewing absent; trace of vein 2-CU of hind wing nearly always present and nearly always situated at or above level of vein cu-a.

<==Agathidinae [Vipioninae] A93
    |  i. s.: Cremnops N91
    |         Disophrys N91
    |         Zelomorpha N91
    |--Vipionini A93
    |    |--Pseudocremnops atripennis A93
    |    `--Vipio A93
    |         |--V. algiricus Lucas 1849 E12
    |         `--V. schewyrewi MS01
    `--Agathidini A93
         |--Aneurocentron [Mesocoelina] A93
         |    `--A. annulipes A93
         |--Bassus A93
         |    |--B. fastidiator [=Ichneumon (Bassus) fastidiator] G20
         |    |--B. flavipes Lucas 1849 E12
         |    |--B. laetatorius MS01
         |    `--B. melleus A93
         `--Agathis A93
              |--A. bovaei Lucas 1849 E12
              |--A. brevisetis MS01
              |--A. brullaei Lucas 1849 E12
              |--A. malvacearum [=Bracon (Agathis) malvacearum] G20
              |--A. rufipalpis MS01
              |--A. thoracica Lucas 1849 E12
              `--A. tibialis MS01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A93] Achterberg, C. van. 1993. Illustrated key to the subfamilies of the Braconidae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea). Zoologische Verhandelingen 283: 1–189.

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