Female Ornithonyssus bursa, copyright Marcelo de Campos Pereira.

Belongs within: Gamasina.

The Macronyssidae are a group of mites mostly ectoparasitic on reptiles, birds and mammals, in which the deuteronymphal stage of the life cycle is inactive and non-feeding (Evans & Till 1979).

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Chelicerae elongate, edentate; tritosternum well developed, with laciniae; corniculi membranous, usually lobate. Palptrochanter often with raised medioventral keel. Leg coxa II with large anterior non-setigerous spur (rarely minute or absent), other coxae without spurs but occasionally with small ridges; genu and tibia I each with two anterolateral setae; genu IV typically with two ventral setae.

<==Macronyssidae [Macronyssinae] LKW09
    |--Mitonyssoides stercoralis Yunker, Lukoschus & Giesen 1990 SLH18
    |--Lepronyssoides LKW09
    |--Draconyssus LKW09
    |--Cryptonyssus desultorius M-M96
    |--Pellonyssus Clark & Yunker 1956 H98
    |    `--P. reedi (Zumpt & Patterson 1952) [=Steatonyssus reedi] H98
    |--Macronyssoides M-M96
    |    |--M. conciliatus M-M96
    |    `--M. kochi M-M96
    |--Radfordiella WK09
    |    |--R. anourae M-M96
    |    |--R. desmodi M-M96
    |    `--R. oricola M-M96
    |--Chiroptonyssus M-M96
    |    |--C. haematophagus M-M96
    |    |--C. robustipes M-M96
    |    `--C. venezolanus M-M96
    |--Parichoronyssus M-M96
    |    |--P. crassipes M-M96
    |    |--P. euthysternum M-M96
    |    |--P. radovskyi M-M96
    |    `--P. sclerus M-M96
    |--Steatonyssus Kolenati 1858 [incl. Ceratonyssus Ewing 1923] ET79
    |    |--*S. periblepharus Kolenati 1858 ET79
    |    |--S. (Steatonyssus) leptus M-M96
    |    |--S. murinus KK54
    |    |--S. musculi (Schrank 1803) [=Acarus musculi] E57
    |    `--S. patriciae Domrow 1969 H98
    |--Ophionyssus Mégnin 1884 (see below for synonymy) ET79
    |    |--*O. natricis (Gervais 1844) [=Dermanyssus natricis] ET79
    |    |--O. arnhemlandensis (Womersley 1956) [=Neoliponyssus arnhemlandensis, Sauronyssus arnhemlandensis] H98
    |    |--O. ehmanni Donrow 1985 H98
    |    |--O. galloticolus Fain & Bannert 2000 BKW00
    |    |--O. saurarum ET79
    |    |--O. scincorum Domrow et al. 1980 H98
    |    `--O. setosus BKW00
    |--Trichonyssus Domrow 1959 H98
    |    |--T. australicus (Womersley 1956) [=Chiroptonyssus australicus, Ichoronyssus australicus] H98
    |    |--T. caputmedusae Domrow 1986 H98
    |    |--T. lukoschusi Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98
    |    |--T. nixoni Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98
    |    |--T. solivagus Domrow 1986 H98
    |    |--T. streetorum Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 h98
    |    `--T. womerleyi Domrow 1959 H98
    |--Macronyssus Kolenati 1858 (see below for synonymy) ET79
    |    |--*M. longimanus (Kolenati 1857) [=Caris longimana] ET79
    |    |--M. aristippe (Domrow 1959) [=Ichoronyssus aristippe] H98
    |    |--M. crosbyi M-M96
    |    |--M. flavus Y91
    |    |--M. kolenatii ET79
    |    |--M. longisetosus M-M96
    |    |--M. leucippe (Domrow 1959) [=Ichoronyssus leucippe] H98
    |    |--‘Liponyssus’ sternalis Hirst 1921 [=*Hirstesia sternalis] E57
    |    `--M. unidens M-M96
    `--Ornithonyssus Sambon 1928 H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*O. sylviarum (Canestrini & Fanzago 1877) H98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--O. acrobates Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98
         |--O. bacoti (Hirst 1913) [=Leiognathus bacoti, Bdellonyssus bacoti, Liponyssus bacoti] H98
         |--O. bursa (Berlese 1888) (see below for synonymy) H98
         |--O. campester Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98
         |--O. dasyuri Domrow 1983 H98
         |--O. latro Domrow 1963 H98
         |--O. petauri Michedzinski 1980 H98
         |--O. praedo Domrow 1971 H98
         |--O. stigmaticus Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98
         `--O. taphozous Micherdzinski & Domrow 1985 H98

Macronyssus Kolenati 1858 [incl. Allonyssus Buitendijk 1945, Hirstesia Fonseca 1948, Lepronyssus Kolenati 1858] ET79

Ophionyssus Mégnin 1884 [incl. Neoliponyssus Ewing 1929, Oudemansiella Fonseca 1948 non Speg. 1881 (ICBN), Sauronyssus Sambon 1928, Serpenticola Ewing 1923] ET79

Ornithonyssus Sambon 1928 H98 [incl. Bdellonyssus Fonseca 1941 H98, Fonsecaonyssus Radford 1950 ET79, Leiognathus Canestrini 1884 (preoc.) H98]

Ornithonyssus bursa (Berlese 1888) [=Leiognathus bursa, Bdellonyssus bursa, Liponyssus bursa; incl. Le. morsitans Hirst 1915] H98

*Ornithonyssus sylviarum (Canestrini & Fanzago 1877) H98 [=Dermanyssus sylviarum H98, Fonsecaonyssus sylviarum H98, Leiognathus sylviarum E57]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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