Holotype of Oviparosiphum jakovlevi, from Żyła et al. (2015). A: body, ventral view; B: body, dorsal view; C: original reconstruction.

Belongs within: Sternorrhyncha.
Contains: Phloemyzidae, Greenideidae, Aphididae.

The Aphidoidea are a diverse group of plant-sucking bugs that often exhibit an alternation of generations between alate, sexual and apterous, parthenogenetic forms. Alate forms have wings in which the bases of veins R, M and Cu are fused into a thick longitudinal vein near the costal edge terminating in a large stigma, from which the M and Cu veins diverge basally (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). In members of the modern families Phylloxeridae and Adelgidae, both parthenogenetic and sexual generations are oviparous.

<==Aphidoidea [Aphididoidea] GE05
    |--Grimmenaphis magnifica GE05
    |--Juraphis crassipes GE05
    |--Shaposhnikoviidae RJ93
    |    |--Tinaphis sibirica Vengerek 1989 GE05, RJ93
    |    `--Shaposhnikovia electri RJ93
    `--+--Phylloxeroidea SP02
       |    |  i. s.: Palaeophylloxera seilacheri Heie & Peñalver 1999 WP02
       |    |--Phylloxeridae GE05
       |    |    |--Daktulosphaira vitifolii CGW91 [=Viteus vitifolii CGW91; incl. Phylloxera vastatrix WEE70]
       |    |    |--Phylloxerina salicis CGW91
       |    |    |--Phylloxera quercus RD77
       |    |    `--Moritziella Börner 1908 CGW91, CS91
       |    |         `--M. corticalis CGW91
       |    `--+--Mesozoicaphididae GE05
       |       |--Taymyraphididae [Tajmyraphididae] GE05
       |       |    |--Tajmyraphis beckermigdisovae RJ93
       |       |    |--Jantardakhia P92
       |       |    |--Khatangaphis P92
       |       |    `--Retinaphis P92
       |       |--Elektraphididae GE05
       |       |    |--Antonaphis brachycera RJ93
       |       |    |--Schizoneurites RJ93
       |       |    |--Tajmyrella P92
       |       |    |--Antiquaphis P92
       |       |    `--Elektraphis P92
       |       `--Adelgidae [Chermesidae] GE05
       |            |--Pineus pini CGW91
       |            `--Adelges S07
       |                 |--A. cooleyi RD77
       |                 |--A. piceae S07
       |                 |--A. pseudotsugae SS96
       |                 `--A. tsugae WP99
       `--+--Greenideidae WP02
          |--Cretamyzidae GE05
          |--Aphididae GE05
          |--Thelaxidae SP02
          |    |--Palaeothelaxes setosa RJ93
          |    `--Thelaxes P92
          |--Anoeciidae [Anoeciinae] SP02
          |    |--Berendtaphis cimicoides RJ93
          |    `--Anoecia RD77
          |--Mindaridae SP02
          |    |--Mindarus abietinus R13
          |    `--Nordaphis sukatchevae RJ93
          |--Canadaphididae GE05
          |    |--Nuuraphis gemma Vengerek 1991 RJ93
          |    |--Canadaphis carpenteri RJ93
          |    |--Alloambria P92
          |    `--Pseudambria P92
          `--Oviparosiphidae SP02
               |--Bajsaphis Shaposhnikov 1985 HW11
               |--Acanthotrichaphis Shaposhnikov & Wegierek 1989 HW11
               |--Vitimaphis Shaposhnikov & Wegierek 1989 HW11
               |--Sinoviparosiphum Ren 1995 H02
               |    `--*S. lini Ren 1995 H02
               |--Expansaphis Hong & Wang 1990 H02
               |    |--*E. ovata Hong & Wang 1990 H02
               |    `--E. laticosta Hong & Wang 1990 H02
               `--Oviparosiphum Shaposhnikov & Wegierek 1989 HW11 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--*O. jakovlevi Shaposhnikov 1979 H02
                    |--O. laturn Hong & Wang 1990 H02
                    |--O. malacum (Zhang et al. 1989) (see below for synonymy) H02
                    `--O. opimum (Zhang et al. 1989) (see below for synonymy) H02

Aphidoidea incertae sedis:
  Longistigma caryae SP02
  Casimira AY04
  Eulachnus tauricus Bozhko 1961 MF05
  Drepanochaitophorus Zhang & Hong 1999 [Drepanochaitophoridae] H02
    `--D. fushunensis Zhang & Hong 1999 H02
  Phloemyzidae H02
  Dataiaphis Lin 1995 H02
    `--*D. conferis Lin 1995 H02
  Chaitophoridae [Chaitophorinae] RD77
    |--Sipha elegans RD77, PS96
    |--Periphyllus CGW91
    |    |--P. californiensis CGW91
    |    `--P. lyropictus PS96
    `--Chaitophorus R96
         |--C. niger R96
         |--C. populeti RD77
         |--C. populicola PS96
         `--C. utahensis PS96

Oviparosiphum Shaposhnikov & Wegierek 1989 HW11 [incl. Mesoviparosiphum Zhang et al. 1989 H02, Paroviparosiphum Zhang et al. 1989 H02]

Oviparosiphum malacum (Zhang et al. 1989) [=Mesoviparosiphum malacum; incl. M. tuanwangense Zhang et al. 1989] H02

Oviparosiphum opimum (Zhang et al. 1989) [=Paroviparosiphum opimum; incl. P. camptotrophum Zhang et al. 1989] H02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 30 April 2022.

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