Vertigo pusilla, copyright O. Gargominy.

Belongs within: Pupilloidea.

The Vertigininae are a group of snails with reduced tentacles and a penis lacking an appendix and with a simple retractor.

<==Vertigininae [Vertigineae, Vertigini]
    |--Bothriopupa Pilsbry 1898 BP90
    |    `--B. variolosa BP90
    |--Sterkia Pilsbry 1898 BP90
    |    `--S. eyriese BP90
    |         |--S. e. eyriese BP90
    |         `--S. e. rhoadsi BP90
    `--Vertigo Müller 1773 BR17
         |--*V. pusilla Müller 1774 BR17
         |--V. californica BP90
         |--V. coloradensis PF15
         |    |--V. c. coloradensis PF15
         |    `--V. c. arizonensis PF15
         |--V. diversidens E99
         |--V. inserta WK12
         |--V. interferens (Deshayes 1863) TTE93
         |--V. meramecensis VanDevender 1979 NC01
         |--V. milium BP90
         |--V. nouleti E99
         |--V. ovata PF15
         |--V. oviformis Michaud in Deshayes 1863 TTE93
         |--V. parvula BP90
         |--V. pygmaea G59
         |--V. tridentata G59
         `--V. ventricosa G59

*Type species of generic name indicated


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