Amber snail Succinea putris, copyright Charles J. Sharp.

Belongs within: Heterobranchia.

The Succineoidei are a group of terrestrial molluscs whose members have optic tentacles that retract that do not invert, and elasmognathous jaws with lateral winged processes and a greatly enlarged attachment plate (Stanisic et al. 2010). The cosmopolitan Succineidae are thin-shelled, conical snails whereas the Australasian Athoracophoridae are brightly coloured slugs.

<==Succineoidei [Elasmognatha, Heterurethra, Succineida, Succineiformes, Succineoinei]
    |--Athoracophoridae [Athoracophoracea, Athoracophoroidea, Tracheopulmonata] SS10
    |    |--Aneitella virgata T84
    |    |--Triboniophorus Humbert 1863 SS10
    |    |    `--*T. graeffei Humbert 1863 (see below for synonymy) SS10
    |    |--Vomanus Iredale 1915 P61
    |    |    `--*V. marmoreus (Hutton 1879) [=Konophora marmoreus] P61
    |    |--Amphiconophora Suter 1897 P61
    |    |    |--*A. gigantea (Suter 1909) P61
    |    |    `--A. verrucosa (Simroth 1889) P61
    |    |--Aneitea Gray 1860 [Aneiteadae, Aneiteidae, Aneiteinae] BR05
    |    |    |--*A. macdonaldii Gray 1860 BR17
    |    |    `--A. simrothi T84
    |    |--Athoracophorus Gould 1852 (see below for synonymy) BR05
    |    |    `--*A. bitentaculatus (Quoy & Gaimard 1832) P61 [=Limax bitentaculatus P61, *Janella bitentaculata BR17]
    |    |         |--A. b. bitentaculatus P61
    |    |         `--A. b. rufovenosus Suter 1909 P61
    |    `--Pseudaneitea Cockerell 1891 P61
    |         |--*P. papillata (Hutton 1879) [=Athoracophorus papillatus] P61
    |         |--P. dendyi (Suter 1897) P61
    |         |--P. huttoni (Suter 1909) P61
    |         |--P. martensi (Suter 1909) P61
    |         |--P. schauinslandi (Plate 1897) P61
    |         |--P. simrothi (Suter 1896) P61
    |         `--P. sorenseni Powell 1955 P61
    `--Succineidae [Diplotrema, Succineacea, Succineoidea] BR05
         |  i. s.: Quickia FGN07
         |         Spirancinea Iredale 1945 SS10
         |           `--*S. norfolkensis (Sykes 1900) (see below for synonymy) SS10
         |         Papyrotheca G88
         |         Omalonyx matheroni T84
         |--Catinella Pease 1870 [Catinellinae] BR05
         |    |--*C. rubida Pease 1870 BR17
         |    `--C. avara BP90
         `--Succineinae BR05
              |--Hyalimax Adams & Adams 1855 [Hyalimacidae, Hyalimacinae] BR05
              |    `--*H. perlucidus (Quoy & Gaimard 1832) [=Limax perlucidus] BR17
              |--Austrosuccinea Iredale 1937 [incl. Arborcinea Iredale 1937] S88
              |    |--*A. australis (Férussac 1861) [=Succinea australis] SS10
              |    |--A. macgillivrayi (Cox 1864) [incl. Succinea nortoni Cox 1864] SS10
              |    `--A. strigillata (Adams & Angas 1864) W08
              |--Oxyloma Westerlund 1885 [Oxylomatinae, Oxylominae] BR05
              |    |--*O. dunkeri (Pfeiffer 1865) [=Succinea dunkeri] BR17
              |    |--O. elegans (Risso 1826) CP06
              |    |--O. pfeifferi (Rossmässler 1835) V09, CP06
              |    `--O. retusa BP90
              `--Succinea Draparnaud 1801 SS10 [incl. Papusuccinea Iredale 1941 S88; Succineae]
                   |--*S. putris (Linnaeus 1758) SS10 [=Helix putris SS10, Bulimus putris PB27]
                   |--S. aperta Lea 1838 F27
                   |--‘Papusuccinea’ archeyi (Powell 1933) P61
                   |--S. avara B59
                   |--S. baumanni Sturany 1894 V07
                   |--S. boissyi (Deshayes 1863) TTE93
                   |--S. caducca Mighels 1845 J49
                   |--S. chudeaui [incl. S. chudeaui var. leyneni Dupuis & Putzeys 1923] PB27
                   |--S. congoensis PB27
                   |--S. coxi Finlay 1927 [=S. aperta Cox 1868 non Lea 1838] F27
                   |--S. grosvenori B59
                   |--S. ovalis BP90
                   |--S. propinqua T84
                   |--S. rotundata Gould 1845 [incl. S. patula Mighels 1845 non Lamarck in de Blainville 1827] J49
                   |--S. strubelli [=*Papusuccinea strubelli] P61
                   `--S. wilsoni Lea 1864 BF89

Athoracophorus Gould 1852 [=Janella Gray 1850 non Grateloup 1838; Athoracophorinae, Janellidae, Janellinae] BR05

*Succinea norfolkensis (Sykes 1900) [=Succinea norfolkensis; incl. Su. humerosa Preston 1913, Su. nepeanensis Preston 1913] SS10

*Triboniophorus graeffei Humbert 1863 [incl. T. brisbanensis Pfeiffer 1900, T. krefftii Keferstein 1865, Aneitea graeffei rosea Hedley 1893, T. schuttei Keferstein 1865] SS10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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