Golden trumpet Allamanda cathartica, copyright Ngocnk2.

Belongs within: Apocynaceae.

The Plumerieae are a group of flowering plants united by molecular phylogenetic analysis. Most members of the clade possess infrastaminal as well as suprastaminal appendages (not present in Anechites and Plumeria) and winged seeds (not present in Anechites) (Sennblad & Bremer 2002).

<==Plumerieae [Plumerioideae]
    |  i. s.: Cerberiopsis candelabra SB02, StKa02
    |         Skytanthus SB02
    |--+--Cameraria latifolia SB02
    |  `--+--+--Anechites nerium SB02
    |     |  `--Thevetia peruviana SB02
    |     `--Cerbera SB02
    |          |--C. manghas H03
    |          `--C. venenifera SB02
    `--+--Plumeria SB02
       |    |--P. acutifolia KAA-W00
       |    |--P. alba SuKu02
       |    |--P. inodora SB02
       |    |--P. obtusa LK14
       |    `--P. rubra K03
       `--Allamanda SB02
            |--A. blanchetii S-SR09
            |--A. calcicola Souza-Silva & Rapini 2009 S-SR09
            |--A. cathartica SB02
            |--A. laevis S-SR09
            |--A. martii S-SR09
            |--A. polyantha S-SR09
            |--A. puberula S-SR09
            `--A. schottii S-SR09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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