Draparnaud's glass snail Oxychilus draparnaudi, copyright Michal Maňas.

Belongs within: Limacoidei.

The Oxychilidae are a group of snails and semi-slugs most diverse in the Holarctic region; a number of Oxychilus species have become widely distributed in association with humans.

<==Oxychilidae BR17
    |--Nastia Riedel 1989 BR05 [Nastiinae BR17]
    |    `--*N. viridula Riedel 1989 BR17
    |--Daudebardia Hartmann 1821 BR05 [Daudebardiidae BR17, Daudebardiinae]
    |    `--*D. rufa (Draparnaud 1805) [=Helix rufa] BR17
    |--Selenochlamys Boettger 1883 BR05 [Selenochlamydinae BR17]
    |    `--*S. pallida Boettger 1883 BR17
    `--Oxychilinae [Oxychilini] SS10
         |--‘Hyalina’ Férussac 1821 nec Schumacher 1817 nec Studer 1820 [Hyalininae] BR05
         |--Hyalinia Charpentier 1837 BR05, BR17 [Hyaliniinae, Hyalinoidea]
         |    `--‘Helix’ draparnaudi Beck 1837 [=Helix lucida Draparnaud 1801 non Müller 1774, *Hyalinia lucida] BR17
         `--Oxychilus Fitzinger 1833 SS10 [=Helicella Gray 1847 non Férussac 1821 BR05]
              |--*O. cellarius (Müller 1774) SS10 (see below for synonymy)
              |--O. alliarius (Miller 1822) [incl. O. tasmanicus McLauchlan 1954] SS10
              |--O. draparnaudi (Beck 1837) [incl. Helix nitida Draparnaud 1805] SS10
              |--O. investigatus Riedel 1993 O03
              `--O. moussoni (Kobelt 1878) O03

*Oxychilus cellarius (Müller 1774) SS10 [=Helix cellaria SS10, *Helicella cellaria BR17; incl. Helix sydneyensis Cox 1864 SS10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[BR17] Bouchet, P., J.-P. Rocroi, B. Hausdorf, A. Kaim, Y. Kano, A. Nützel, P. Parkhaev, M. Schrödl & E. E. Strong. 2017. Revised classification, nomenclator and typification of gastropod and monoplacophoran families. Malacologia 61 (1–2): 1–526.

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