Oriental latrine fly Chrysomya megacephala, copyright Muhammad Mahdi Karim.

Belongs within: Calliphoridae.

The Chrysomyinae are a group of blow flies characterised by the presence of a row of hairs along the posterior margin dorsally of the stem vein (the basal section of vein R), together with a haired posterior margin on the hind coxa (Vargas & Wood 2010).

<==Chrysomyinae VW10
    |--Hemilucilia [Hemiluciliini] VW10
    |    |--H. fuscanipennis CH37
    |    |--H. segmentaria VW10
    |    `--H. semidiaphana VW10
    `--Chrysomyini S87
         |--Chloroprocta S87
         |    |--C. idioidea [incl. C. fuscanipennis] VW10
         |    `--C. semiviridis CH37
         |--Paralucilia wheeleri S87
         |--Cochliomyia [Cochliomyiini] S87
         |    |--C. aldrichi VW10
         |    |--C. americana CH37 [=Callitroga americana A71]
         |    |--C. fontanai VW10
         |    |--C. hominivorax VW10 [=Callitroga hominivorax A71]
         |    |--C. laniaria CH37
         |    |--C. macellaria WT11
         |    `--C. minima VW10
         `--Chrysomya Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 [incl. Cyaneosomyia Séguy 1928] F92
              |  i. s.: *C. (Chrysomya) regalis Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 F92
              |         C. albiceps VW10
              |         C. defixa Walker 1857 [=C. (Compsomyia) defixa] F92
              |         C. incisuralis W01
              |         C. latifrons W01
              |         C. mallochi CM70
              |         C. saffranea CM91
              |         C. varipes W01
              |--C. rufifacies (Macquart 1843) KP10
              `--+--C. putoria KP10
                 `--C. (Compsomyia Rondani 1875) F92
                      |--C. (C.) bezziana Villeneuve 1914 F92
                      |--C. (C.) chani Kurahashi 1979 F92
                      |--C. (C.) phaonis (Séguy 1928) [=Cyaneosomyia phaonis] F92
                      |--C. (C.) megacephala (Fabricius 1784) F92, KP10, F92 [=Musca megacephala F92]
                      |--C. (C.) pinguis (Walker 1858) [=Lucilia pinguis] F92
                      `--C. (C.) thanomthini Kurahashi & Tumrasvin 1971 F92

Chrysomyinae incertae sedis:
  Compsomyiops VW10
    |--C. callipes VW10
    |--C. fulvicrura KP10
    `--C. wheeleri CH37
  Ceylonomyia Fan 1965 F92
    `--*C. nigripes (Aubertin 1932) [=Chrysomyia (Microcalliphora) nigripes] F92
  Achoetandrus Bezzi 1927 F92
    |--*A. albiceps (Wd. 1819) [=Musca albiceps] F92
    |--A. rufifacies (Macq. 1843) [=Lucilia rufifacies; incl. Chrysomyia pingi Hsieh 1958] F92
    `--A. villeneuvii (Patton 1922) [=Chrysomyia villeneuvii] F92
  Microcalliphora Townsend 1916 F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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